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Hey there alyems its us ya boys XFiles Ancient Aliens

Hey there alyems its us ya boys XFiles Ancient Aliens


TRUMP VS ALIENS (Watch Before It's Deleted Again!)

hey there alyems its us ya boys X-Files Ancient Aliens #ancientaliens #x- files #xfiles #mulder #scully

Alien Interview Part 1 | Project Blue Book

Should You Watch … History Channel's UFO Show?

'The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat' is my X-Files series finale. '

'The X-Files' Top Five Alien Episodes | Popular Science

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4. "Folie a Deux" (Season 5, Episode 19)


Philip K. Dick, the Matrix, Aliens and Alternate History: My Conversation with Tessa B. Dick

The X-Files

4. "The Erlenmeyer Flask' (Season 1, Episode 24)

Cowboys & Aliens. A man wearing a metal bracelet glowing a blue light on his left wrist, with

'The X-Files' Top Five Bug Episodes

Every generation gets the abduction fantasy it deserves. Ours is ET versus Trump. Illustration: Zohar Lazar/New York Magazine

Chris Carter created The X-Files and wrote the series pilot, along with several other episodes.

Never mind Star Trek's Squire of Gothos; what if we really found an alien civilization at a 16th-century level of technological development?

'The X-Files' Top Five Alien Episodes


The X-Files

The 18 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows Set In Space, Ranked

Immortality of the Gods: Legends, Mysteries, and the Alien Connection to Eternal Life: Nick Redfern: 9781632650757: Amazon.com: Books

Ancient Aliens Get season 11 on YouTube


The X-Files episode. Closure

Anderson portrays Dana Scully for the entire eleven seasons of the series; she also made The X-Files history in 2000 by becoming the first female writer and ...

21 Questions We Still Have After Watching Alien: Covenant

Project Blue Book

UFOs are suddenly a serious news story. You can thank the guy from Blink-182 for that. - The Washington Post

The 50 best alien life forms in the Star Trek universe

From The Twilight Zone to Penny Dreadful, Doctor Who and more, Den Of Geek's writers revisit the TV episodes that truly terrify them…


If this were true can you imaging what would they think? Scary thought. Understandably, you're probably too busy to consider such hypotheticals.

Barney and Betty Hill. Photo: Bettman Archive/Getty Images

Betty and Barney Hill with their dog, Delsey.

Every relationship, every sentiment, every memory could have been generated by banks of supercomputers

In Henry Slesar's 1958 story The Delegate from Venus, an alien robot cautions Earth that it will be destroyed if its people do not learn to live in peace

That Aliens Meme Guy

The titular alien ...

Getty*YouTube. Paul Hellyer is convinced aliens ...

Winston Churchill

A rock star mustered a team of credentialed experts to put mysterious incidents on your radar. But does Tom DeLonge really have the goods?

Graham C.L. Davey Ph.D.

Here's the Truth About the Bizarre 'Alien Spacecraft' That Buzzed Our Solar System

A fan cosplaying as Agent Scully. As The X-Files saw its ...

How Area 51 became the center of alien conspiracy theories

The X Files Season 11 PHotos

Illustration for article titled The X-Files: "Apocrypha"/"

Forget little green men – aliens will look like humans, says Cambridge University evolution expert

A News of the World headline about the event (right) which has been compared

'Lost in Space': What Happened to Earth and Why Are Humans Leaving?

How to launch an interstellar probe using a laser lightsail. The tech doesn't exist yet, but it's all near-term realistic. (Credit: Breakthrough Starshot)

David Duchovny. '

Ancient Aliens

3. "Duane Barry" (Season 2, Episode 5). The victims of X-Files' alien ...

It's like the shortest but sweetest meme

The X-Files

On ...

The X-Files

The X-Files Chris Carter GIllian Anderson Leaving SEason 12

A human silhouette wearing a thick coat and hood stands against a white background. Beams

Ancient Aliens®: The Official Companion Book: The Producers of Ancient Aliens: 9780062455413: Amazon.com: Books

Alien: Covenant Poster · Trailer

The Ancient Alien Question: A New Inquiry Into the Existence, Evidence, and Influence of Ancient Visitors 1st Edition

Camille: A beam of solid blue light came through her ceiling and transported her onto a table where she was surrounded by beings in white robes with high ...

Are Aliens Secretly Studying Life on Earth from Afar? The Zoo Hypothesis Says Yes

Gillian Anderson (left) and William B. Davis (right) wrote their first—and only—episodes of The X-Files during the seventh season.

Bruce: An alien woke him from his bed to show him the moons of Saturn. Photo: Courtesy of Steven Hirsch

Your baby looks like your ex? This research is scarier than Alien

The Great American Puerto Rico | Teaser: Where Are The Aliens?

Is 'unidentified mystery man' in White House snap an alien stood behind JFK?

This is the plan for NASA's upcoming WFIRST space telescope and its starlight-blocking coronagraph. (Credit: NASA-JPL/G. Blackwood/Noecker et al)

10 things i hate about you


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NASA will crash Cassini into Saturn in September, to make sure the probe doesn't contaminate one of the planet's potentially habitable moons.

These ancient aliens, telekinetic teens, dystopian soldiers and time travelers may not have lasted long, but they set the mold.

Scully-as-Judas is actually a pretty powerful idea (even if it means you have to briefly consider the thought of Mulder as Jesus), and the episode's best ...

Blade Runner and Man in the High Castle — based on books from Philip K. Dick

Rita: She has been visited by a golden reptilian alien throughout her life. Photo: Courtesy of Steven Hirsch

David Duchovny: 'I can't play Mulder the way I did. That would be obscene' | Television & radio | The Guardian

Ex-UFO program chief: We may not be alone

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Promotional poster for the 1950 film 'The Flying Saucer.'