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A photo of Crane Glacier Antarctic Peninsula from the 2 occasio

A photo of Crane Glacier Antarctic Peninsula from the 2 occasio


iceberg, glacier, Western Antarctic peninsula, Antarctica, Southern Ocean

Mountains surround Beascochea Bay.

A large refrozen lake of meltwater in the middle of Crane Glacier.

Zodiac trips on an antarctic cruise vessel

Ice Pillar Near Knud Rasmussen Glacier

Watts Up With That?

The helicopters ready for take-off.

Category: Alaska and Aleutian

The ship crosses the Scotia Sea, sailing ever closer to Antarctica and leading you perhaps to the South Orkney Islands or legendary Elephant Island, ...

Yacht at Port Lockroy

First data sets from ICESat-2 data now available through NSIDC DAAC

These glaciers are huge! Check out the boat which is about 1/2 mile

The calving front of Crane Glacier - 6 km wide. Note the glacier trim line


Antarctica's White Wilderness Antarctica 2019

Monumental Icebergs

Crane Glacier

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The East Antarctic Plateau is a windswept desolate expanse the size of Australia with few bases or instruments. Photo credit: Ted Scambos, NSIDC.

Tabular iceberg, Ross Sea, Antarctica [Credit: Marlo Garnsworthy]

These 2 penguins were having a great time playing on this iceberg in Antarctica. This

NASA satellite image of Larsen ice shelf

Thwaites Glacier front

Magic Palace

Polish Antarctic Arctowski Station on King George Island, Admiralty Bay and its sewage systems colonized

A side glacier about 2 miles across flows into Crane Glacier about 9 miles upstream of

Aerial view of Thwaites Glacier [Credit: NASA/OIB/Jeremy Harbeck].

Rift in Antarctica's Larsen C Ice Shelf

Edge of Thwaites Glacier

An outpost in Antarctica.

Starburst Reflection

Debra Tillinger.

Image of the Week – The Lost Meteorites of Antarctica…

View from Cape Disappointment

Maksim Balakhovskii, Category finalist 2016: Masterpiece

Antarctica, Antarctic Peninsula Adelie Penguins Square Sticker

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A ship tries to move through sea ice.

At the front of the glacier, the water is coloured red due to the glacier river entering the fjord. The fresh water forms a top layer on the salt fjord ...

Days 2-3 Gerlache Strait & Antarctic Peninsula

... antarctica (c) kjones crossing paths in commonwealth bay ...

“Bergy bit”, Ross Sea, Antarctica [Credit: Marlo Garnsworthy]

At the front of the glacier, the water is coloured red due to the glacier river entering the fjord. The fresh water forms a top layer on the salt fjord ...

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Overcast day over a frozen sea.

Antarctica Dr. Basil Stathoulis, South Africa. “

Exploring the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula by Zodiac on an excursion from a One Ocean Expeditions vessel. (Photo: Javier Frutos/Can Geo)

Iceberg from bow

Geologic Forces Fueling_Image 1.jpg

The snout of Arklio Glacier with its terminal moraine visible at the center of the image. An earlier study of the area's vegetation occurred at Moraine D. ...


Crane - Default

GeoBlogy, the name for the BGS blog, is a great way to get a flavour of what goes on at BGS and gives you a glimpse of the challenges and achievements of ...

... antarctica (c) kwells b9b iceberg

Figure 2: The 79°N glacier and its floating tongue respond to warm waters coming from the surrounding ocean, producing melt-water which circulates ...

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... Tabletop Icebergs; Antarctica Penguins ...

Northeast Glacier

Icebergs were a hazard for many weeks during the cruise, there was always somebody on


Crane puts boat in the water.

Antarctic Peninsula & South Shetland Islands

Crane Glacier Terminus Retreat

Ross Ice Shelf

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Antarctica's White Wilderness Our Fantastic Antarctica Adventure

They were sent to me and I thought to display them in the Arctic environment on a drying line with glaciers in the back, to bring it one step further.

I've ...

MC__4883 Quark passengers

Map of King George Island with scientific stations affected by T. maculipennis (M Potocki

Moraine at Dugdale Glacier, ca November 1899

In April 2013, the Chinese factory fishing ship Kai Xin caught fire and sank near Bransfield Strait at the Antarctic Peninsula.

ANTARCTICA - A large luxury French cruise ship, the L'Austral, heads through

The calving front of Mapple Glacier. Crane Glacier enters Exasperation Inletfar to the right of

Geologic Forces Fueling_Image 2.jpg

Figure 6.

Face of the Knud Rasmussen Glacier

Imaggeo on Mondays: The calm before the storm

Lyell, Charles. 1832. Principles of geology, being an attempt to explain the former changes of the Earth's surface, by reference to causes now in operation.

Danzenbaker Tour Journal: Antarctic Peninsula -- Day 2

Antarctic_Under_Ice_Industrial_Cities (2)

Figure 2: The Aqua spacecraft in launch preparation at VAFB (image credit: NASA)

Patrick Steiner, Category finalist 2016: Sequence

Antarctica, Antarctic Peninsula, Weddell Sea, 5 Jigsaw Puzzle

Chris Turbitt using the fluxgate-theodolite to take bearings of the sun. Photo Tony

Larsen Ice Shelf

A man's best friends: Shackleton's ship and his dogs on ice. Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales, SLIDES 22/13

I've ...

... Ross Island, northeastern Antarctic Peninsula. He was elected a Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales and an Honorary Member of the Quaternary Research ...

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