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ZWO ASIair Review Astrophotography Setups Sky images Astronomy Sky

ZWO ASIair Review Astrophotography Setups Sky images Astronomy Sky


Images captured using the ASIair

Astrophotography using the ASIair

In March 2019, I photographed Thor's Helmet using the ZWO ASIair and the Celestron 8″ RASA.

ZWO ASI294MC Pro Review

Images captured using the ASIair

Portable Deep Sky Astrophotography Kit | Astrophotography Setups | Telescope, Camera, Sky

The Veil Nebula captured using the EQ6-R Pro telescope setup shown on the right.

A perfect examples of the technological evolution of astrophotography is the ZWO ASIair WiFi camera controller. It aims to provide the astrophotography ...

This was a spur-of-the-moment decision based on my limited amount of clear sky time, and its convenient location in the sky for this month.

The Trifid Nebula

ZWO ASI1600 PRO - First Light! Narrowband Cresent Nebula (NGC 6888)

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ZWO ASIair Review

ZWO Buyer's Guide

Here is an honest review of an amazing color camera for astrophotography - The ZWO ASI294 MC Pro.

Comet 46P | Part of image shows

31083362747_5ef19fc78b_k.jpg. Amateur Astrophotography Magazine

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Chris Morriss.jpg

DSLR Astrophotography - Let's Photograph the Trifid Nebula

ASIAir Information · ASIAir imaging setup

The Foundation of Every Great Deep Sky Astrophotography Rig

ZWO Buyers Guide

Jellyfish #jellyfish #nebula #asi1600 #ioptron #cem25p #optcorp #asi290mm #

telescopes for astrophotography #astronomytelescopes Telescope Drawing, Telescope Craft, Flip Camera, Star Photography

North America Nebula

Tim Morrill .jpg

SGP and ZWO ASI183MC split-screen workaround

How to Choose a Light Pollution Filter for Astrophotography

Captured with the ASIAIR and ASI294mc Pro on a

Deep Sky Astrophotography in Light Pollution

An evolution in portable astrophotography imaging. The ZWO ASIair is a WiFi camera control device that uses dedicated astronomy software for Android and ...

zwo asiair

Astrophotography Gear Update

Фото с обложки Astrophotography Equipment: Beginner Setup [Deep Sky]

An Introduction to Electronically-Assisted Astronomy

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Beginner Astrophotography: How to get started photographing the night sky.

Astrophotography Camera Review. Dslr Photography Tips, Camera Reviews, Long Exposure, Cameras,

In late April the 2018, NEAF and NEAIC exhibitions were held in Suffern, New York. Clear Skies, lovely weather, various products, vendors and astronomy ...

Crescent nebula in progress ! Red is hydrogen and blue is oxygen ! #crescent #

Description: The Astrophotographer's Journal is a portable notebook created for the purpose of recording observations, cataloguing photographs, ...

Summer Deep Sky imaging UK, Skywatcher EQ3 & Equinox 80ED. Astronomy & Sailing

An Introduction to Electronically-Assisted Astronomy

Field Rotator Support

Galaxia ...

Powering up my laptop computer inside of a weather-proof plastic bin has always been a part of my deep-sky ritual. It's a familiar and oddly comforting ...

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Home > Astrophotography > Controls & Shutter Release > Controls > ZWO > ZWO ASIAIR Astrophotography-Computer

... CC is a powerful way to edit selective areas of your astrophotography images. Whether you want to separate the stars from your deep sky target, ...

Telescope Equipment Basic Set Up & Walkthrough (Astrophotography)

Brilliant Deep Sky Galaxy for Early Spring | The Pinwheel Galaxy


deep sky astrophotography examples


zwo asiair

Say hello to the Iris Nebula (NGC7023). About 1,300 light years away and


A new milestone in ZWO history, astrophotography has never been easier!

M31 galaxy recorded with Canon EOS 800Da, 65mm f/6.5 app refractor and EAGLE CORE, sum of 10 expositions 600 seconds each with dithering

Leo Triplet #stellarvue #astrophotography #zwo #asiair #cem25p #leotriplet #galaxies

An Introduction to Electronically-Assisted Astronomy

IC 1795 in HaOiii bicolor palette. After 3 months of getting the new camera and

Let's Photograph the Andromeda Galaxy

The Eastern Veil Nebula captured using the Sky-Watcher Esprit 100 ED


EAGLE CORE comes with an astrophotography introduction user manual (in english and italian) that not only shows how to use EAGLE CORE but also teach the ...

Some good data on the Rosette Nebula #ioptron #asiair #astrophotography #nebula #

Amateur Astrophotography Magazine

Maybe ZWO could integrate other apps besides SkySafarie, e.g. Stellarium, which I like to use myself.

Canon EF 300mm F/4L Camera Lens

NGC6992 (6-15-2018)w-1j.jpg


Jupiter ...

Review of our $479 Astrophotography Telescope ...

... sky astrophotography images. The Select and Mask tool allows you to get very specific about each and every edit you make to your images.

M31 by Tolga

Shutter speed ...

The Eastern Veil Nebula

Debayer done! M42 Orion Nebula! . . . . #m42 #m42orionnebula #

Autumn & Winter deep sky imaging, Equinox 80ED, EQ3 Pro, Canon 1200D. Astronomy & Sailing

Canon Rebel DSLR. Sky ...

My astrobalcony from where i used to capture deep sky objects under brightest light pollution area

Q4: We know there are two directions in astrophotography, planetary and deep sky. May I ask why do you choose deep sky imaging as your major?

ZWO ASIair 120 Guide Camera Kit


The Bortle Scale!

QHY PoleMaster with Mount Adapter

ZWO ASiair, ASI120MM-Mini and Mini Guide Scope Bundle

zwo asiair

An Introduction to Electronically-Assisted Astronomy (EAA)

Images below are just stacked in Photoshop, no darks flats or biased frames used so far. The Horsehead is a 50% crop of the APS-C frame.

DSLR Astrophotography - A Night in the Backyard with my Camera