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You never know what you will meet in an abandoned building

You never know what you will meet in an abandoned building


You never know what you will meet in an abandoned building.

flickr/Ray Dumas

Beauty in ruins: the wonder of abandoned buildings – a photo essay

Photo by Andre Govia

Exploring the Abandoned Monte Palace Hotel in Sao Miguel


Beauty in ruins: the wonder of abandoned buildings – a photo essay | Art and design | The Guardian

The old Packard Plant on Detroit's east side has sat abandoned and neglected for decades, one of the city's icons symbolizing Detroit's former economic ...

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Room in an abandoned building with big windows, dark painted walls and broken wood and. As long as you remain ...

Dirty corridor of an old boarding school building with big windows and natural light and cute

Urban explorers have photographed the subterranean dry docks at the Richmond shipyard, the world's center


Beauty in ruins: the wonder of abandoned buildings – a photo essay | Art and design | The Guardian

The Eerie Innards of America's Abandoned Sanitariums. 19

exploring abandoned places - Tskaltubo

I have the urge to buy an old abandoned mansion and slowly fix it, one room at a time.


Abandoned building in Rabat Malta This is the kind of building that I would want to live in over there!!

Abandoned lime works factory in Cocking

Wanna Live in an Abandoned House in Japan? Here's Why It's Not Really Free. We are ...

8 Abandoned Brutalist Buildings—Soon to Be Demolished Despite the Architectural Style's Trendy Comeback

Trump's Russia real estate project: Everything to know about the abandoned Moscow deal

creepiest abandoned places in NYC

So you like abandoned places? – he asked while helping me to jump over the rusty fence. – Yes, very much! -I replied jumping on the ground a bit more clumsy ...

They know they should never have trusted men in uniform but like everyone else they couldn't help but get caught up in it all, the frenzy of development, ...

The motel has been abandoned for 17 years (Image: BOB THISSEN / CATERS NEWS)

19 Abandoned Movie Sets You Can Still Visit

Now they want to know how the good faith donations of others could go to such waste when the need is still so strong.

Cape Romano Dome House


you get what photographer Alice Van Kempen calls "Furbex." Taking photos of her dog Claire in abandoned buildings around Europe, Alice scouts locations ...

One popular urban explorer target was the S.S. Independence, a ship built in 1951 and

Creepy abandoned home

10 Haunted Houses YOU CAN'T ESCAPE From

Beauty in ruins: the wonder of abandoned buildings – a photo essay | Art and design | The Guardian

When you focus on the windows of this abandoned building you see something frightening - Wales Online

2017-02-09-1486648604-8351930-DSC47221024x683.jpg. Exploring a huge abandoned steel factory in Belgium. 4. Never run. If you are ...

The Eerie Innards of America's Abandoned Sanitariums

Interested in high-performance Akiya (空き家, unused house or abandoned house) investment in Japan ? Here are what you should know.

None of the Russians hung around too long after Mauerfall and the end of that Cold War. The area's military days were over. “I never thought I would ...

Photo: toshihikoyamamoto.jp An abandoned ...

DO NOT Go To This House In Red Dead Redemption 2 Or You Will Get A Terrifying Surprise! (RDR2)

Amid Trump's Mideast push, an abandoned building reminds Palestinians of past failures

James Bond fans might recognise Hashima

Do you still remember that abandoned house on Victoriei Avenue? Home Is Where My Tired Eyes Meet the Starry Night – the echo distorted the sound infinitely ...

Abandoned building from the inside, two windows looking out to a ruined rooftop and a

Discover some of the best hidden gems in Bucharest Romania

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click to enlarge According to the Detroit Land Bank Authority, these houses are not blighted. The agency

Monte Palace Hotel is creepy

Urban Exploration Berlin – There are no trains at the Güterbahnhof Pankow-Heinersdorf but they

I love abandoned houses because they allow you to imagine the lives that previously existed inside of them, lives of people that you will probably never ...

The Eerie Innards of America's Abandoned Sanitariums

Rumors of hauntings abound with claims that ghosts traveled from Europe along with the parts of the house that were originally salvaged from castle ruins.

Demolition begins on the abandoned Dolphinarium building in Tel Aviv on May 15, 2018.

Another popular spot for urban exploration is this towering rocket-testing facility off Highway 101

Photo by Andre Govia

Old forgotten house taken over by a tree! Micoley's picks for #AbandonedProperties www.Micoley.com

Abandoned building #4. The old nursing home. I can't remember which high school class it was but we adopted someone from the nursing home and would walk ...

The 26 Most Haunted Places in the U.S.

Abandoned St. Peter's Seminary Cardross. Picture Robert Perry .

Buffalo Central Terminal

Inside the old Packard Plant. Between WWI and WWII, Packard was considered America's premier maker of luxury cars. Roughly 40,000 people worked at the ...

You never know what you'll discover. Perhaps it'll be a railing laden with locks overlooking the old town and the Cathedral of the Assumption.

Image courtesy of [Jeff Turner via Flickr]

Flickr/Airman Magazine. If you've ...

Garloch Hospital, formerly Gartloch Asylum.

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visiting abandoned places - Kotor

Photo by rachaelvoorhees, via flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

But while there are lots of true stories and tall tales about getting a house for


If you bump into someone doing damage to the building, it's your call as to if you want to report it. Just think about how you are going to explain your ...

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1. I.M. Cooling Tower, Belgium

This Abandoned Melbourne Wildlife Park Features a Decaying Shark

At some point during your Urbex career you are fairly likely to bump into someone up to no good. Unfortunately a lot of society see derelict buildings a ' ...

Belgrade Sugar Mill

Is My House Haunted? 5 Signs You're Not Alone (And How To Fix It)

Northampton County, North Carolina abandoned plantation, Please my passion to restore and live in.


Lighting many of the abandoned houses with fake LED candles which he purchases in bulk, Attrell credits the popularity of his photography to these little ...

Expiatory Temple of the Sagrada Família