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You have made mention of genetically engineered humananimal hybrids

You have made mention of genetically engineered humananimal hybrids


The birth of half-human, half-animal chimeras

Human-animal hybrids could one day allow us to grow human organs inside animals

Biotechnology / Genetic Engineering. Human-Animal Chimeras Are Gestating on U.S. Research Farms

First human-pig chimeras created, raising hopes for transplantable organs

Are these genetically engineered cows the future of medicine?


Scientists added human brain genes to monkeys. Yes, it's as scary as it sounds.


An illustration of monkeys on a red and orange background

Pigs at the Agropor facility in Spain are being used in the chimera experiments. No human-pig chimeras were allowed to develop past the fetal stage, ...


From Corgis to Corn: A Brief Look at the Long History of GMO Technology

Scientists are researching ways in which pigs and other animals could be genetically modified to allow them to be used for the growth of human organs.

Is it ethical to genetically modify farm animals for agriculture?

Should we engineer animals to be smart like humans?

8 Monsters Created By Genetic Modification

In Search For Cures, Scientists Create Embryos That Are Both Animal And Human

Injection of human iPS cells into a pig blastocyst. A laser beam (green circle with a red cross inside) was used to perforate an opening to the outer ...

Breakthrough over growing human organs in animals

Illustration for article titled Want to Stay Healthy? You'll Need to

Scientist Claims US Lab Engineered 'Humanzee' Human-Chimp Hybrid 100 Years Ago



Should we bring extinct species back from the dead?

Image. A genetically engineered ...

lab mouse mice rat

Challenging Evolution: How GMOs Can Influence Genetic Diversity

chimera sheep tongue

The AquaBounty AquAdvantage salmon is the first engineered animal to be approved for human consumption.

Could we bring back the woolly mammoth? (Flickr user Tyler Ingram)

An experiment ...

Chinese scientists insert human brain gene into monkeys, spark ethical debate

Genetically Modified Monkeys May Help Scientists Understand Brain Disorders Like Autism


First human-pig 'chimera' created in milestone study | Science | The Guardian

FDA regulates the safety of food for humans and animals, including foods produced from genetically engineered (GE) plants. Foods from GE plants must meet ...

Genetically Modified Pigs Could Ease Organ Shortage

You'll Need to Become a Human-Animal Hybrid.

Transgenic animals

Wild Speculation: Evolution After Humans

Scientists have grown hopeful over new DNA testing

More modern portrayals of fictional hybrids[edit]

Scientists have created genetically modified cattle that produce "human" milk in a bid to make cows' milk more nutritious.

'Grotesque, human-animal hybrid creatures' on display at B.C. art exhibit

This picture released by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Neuroscience shows five cloned macaques

Woolly mammoth on verge of resurrection, scientists reveal

Scientists say they have successfully kept a baboon alive with a pig's heart for six months. (Credit: Dusan Petkovik/Shutterstock)

Salmon the first genetically engineered animal to get FDA approval for human consumption

sheep-human hybrid

CRISPR gene editing explained: What is it and how does it work? Everything you need ...

If you want to avoid GMOs, read labels and purchase organic foods. Since the dawn of agriculture, humans have taken ...


Human-animal mutant creatures make great material for science fiction writers, but we aren

Growing human organs in pigs mean they're doing our dirty work for us.


Combinations of chromosome transfer and genome editing for the development of cell/animal models of human disease and humanized animal models | Journal of ...

Human-Animal Chimeras Are Gestating on U.S. Research Farms - MIT Technology Review

You have made mention of genetically engineered human-animal hybrids potentially being put to use

A zebrafish genetically modified to have long fins

A ...

The CRISPR machines that can wipe out entire species. The genetic- engineering ...

Today, there are more than 81 genetically modified foods approved for sale and use in our food products — but you'd never ...

GE rice may soon be approved for human consumption. Photo illustration/Photos from IRRI, WIkimedia Commons

They're genetically modified organisms (from a certain point of view)


A zonkey, cross between a donkey and a zebra, seen in Colombia.


FIGURE 5-3 Flow chart summarizing the weight-of-evidence approach for assessment of allergenicity of a newly expressed protein in genetically engineered ...

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

13/10/15 GM could make pig organs for humans

Figure 1 ~ The steps of CRISPR-mediated immunity. CRISPRs are regions in the bacterial genome that help defend against invading viruses.

How gene editing works

Two same-age salmon, one genetically modified and the other not

A female chimpanzee holds her baby

Scientist Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte wants to use gene editing to create human-animal hybrids that we can harvest for parts. What could go wrong?

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Cells derived from rat pluripotent stem cells were enriched in the developing heart of a genetically modified mouse embryo using CRISPR. Cell

Figure 4: Many plants and animals form hybrids in nature. Should these hybrids be considered separate species? Copyright 2013 by The University of ...

Enlarged, Hyperoxic Dragonflies

Genetically engineered Pterophyllum Scalara fish glow in a tank under a blacklight while

Genetically Engineering Yourself Sounds Like a Horrible Idea—But This Guy Is Doing It Anyway

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