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Years ago I belonged to this little country Norwegian Lutheran

Years ago I belonged to this little country Norwegian Lutheran


Church of Norway - a brief history

Little Norway Church in Fertile, Minnesota Old Country Churches, Old Churches, Bride Of

There was a single church serving the entire predominantly Norwegian Lutheran community. The old building, a typical white country church, was far too small ...

Norwegian-American Lutheranism

The Lutheran Church is the country's largest, with nearly three-quarters of the population registered as members.

Two Sami congregants pose with the new edition of the New Testament along with The Lutheran

Hauge Lutheran Church in Norway

At one time, there were two Lutheran churches in Moose Lake: Bethlehem - a Swedish Lutheran Church, and Zion - a Norwegian Lutheran Church.

Work on the new church was started in 1905 and completed in 1906. The new building was 4 times the size of the old church. A bell tower was located in the ...

10 fundamentals of religion in Sweden

Our Savior's Luthern Church, organized by Norwegian settlers in Bosque County, Texas. Photo

The Lutheran Church - 15 Facts To Know About Martin Luther, Lutheran History and Beliefs

Written by Malcolm Rosholt in 1972 at the occasion of the dedication of the new church building. Click on the history button to open the link in a new page.

Religion in Norway

On the cross: (Norwegian) People's Church. Illustration Ole Johnny Hansen for afroginthefjord

Mindekirken - The Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church

... country during the height of the depression by a group of immigrant Norwegians. Even though money was scarce they realized that they had a need for ...

An art installation welcoming new students at the Norwegian School of Arts and Design (KHS) in Oslo, Norway. Image by: Christel Marie Blunck

NTNU in Trondheim, Norway

Participants in the AALC-SELK fellowship talks.

Urnes Stave Church

Confirmation in Norway – from childhood to adulthood

Norwegian Lutheran Church[edit]

10 Countries With the Most Religious Freedom,…


Sons of Norway

Archbishop Vanags presents Hans Jönsson with the pectoral cross of a bishop. (Photo:

Guest and church leadership at the anniversary celebrations of MLC. Photo: LWF

Bethel Church had its beginning one hundred thirty years ago, on Tuesday, May 11, 1869 when a group of seven men gathered at Nortan's Hall to discuss the ...

10 Surprising Things About Parenting in Norway

Languages. The Norwegian language belongs ...

Catholicism in Norway is a small ...

The Downsides of Living in Norway: The weather, the cost of living, the

To the Ends of the Earth - 1000 Norwegian-American Missionaries

Norwegian christmas traditions include decorating the tree, as in most countries.

Poulsbo's historic First Lutheran Church is still an important gathering place for the community.


This is why Norwegians love the sun

Once again, the Norwegian Lutheran Mission is familiar with Concordia Seminary as some of their ...

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The wonder of Under — Norway's new sub-sea restaurant

I rarely met Norwegians who endured the same amount of stress that I had seen many of my American friends go through, including myself.

The Vikings played a big part in the history of Norway

Chorus of singers forming the Norwegian Flag for the Norwegian Centennial Celebration

Dr. Jeff Kloha Provides An Overview of the Campus


Norway … the nice side, at least.

... Beef River Young Women's Club][Sunshine Club]; 48 [L.D.R.][79'ers Club] End of Story Narrative. Appendix Pages & Pictures: a | b | c | d | e | f | g.

For our Motherhood Around the World series, our first interview is with American photographer Rebecca Zeller, who lives in Oslo with her husband and three ...

Wisconsin's Early Norwegian Press Was A Cohesive Force For Immigrants

With that being said, you will run into Norwegians all over the world if you travel. They will usually be the gorgeous ones… taking advantage of cheap ...

How soon after birth should a child be christened in Norway?

P1030269 (002).JPG

Start tracing your ancestry in Norway

hand drawn map of Lutheran sites in S. Minneapolis

LEIF Minnesota

Photograph of girl in Norwegian Costume

Our children lit the way into the church for St. Lucia (Lucy) today

Norway Marriages 1716-1763.jpg

Charter members of this new church came from 12 Norwegian families. The constitution and bylaws were approved and officers were elected.

... A Look Into South Brooklyn's Norwegian Past- ...


... will actively save up for the deposit at really young ages. And when they build or buy a place, they invest a lot into turning it into what they want.

Norway: police uncover more than 150 rapes and sexual assaults in Lapland

Lutheran Colportage Service

Nordic Countries Banner.jpg

The Norwegian National Gallery's chairman called the investigation into what happened to the painting "a small crime thriller". https://nyti.ms/2FEnNOW ...

Norway: Urban-rural

Why Norway is hitting the right notes on LGBTI rights

Explore the Region

Min lille side / my little page



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The Best Way to See Norway's Fjords

The Norwegian founding group purchased the lot on which the present Methodist Church is built (Third and Adams streets) in1902 and planned to construct a ...

When I visited Johann in his new house in Deal in Kent a few years ago I had a memorable time. On the second day Johann invited me to his daily morning ...

Hove church with trees around

6. Roman Emperor Charles V declared Luther a notorious heretic.

... A Look Into South Brooklyn's Norwegian Past- ...

Den Norske Lutherske Mindekirken

Lodge of the month: Solvang Lodge 5-457

Little Norway Lutheran Church

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Norwegian Table Prayer (Translated to English) Short but sweet.

The Downsides of Living in Norway: One American in Norway tells the other side of

We deliver to them “the faith once delivered to the saints”. You'll sing along with Lutheran youth and young adults from around the country ...

St Olavs Ways stave church

Here are a few photos from our daughters confirmation, that took place a year ago in Norway. © Little Scandinavian