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Why do riddles and wordplay appear so often in folklore

Why do riddles and wordplay appear so often in folklore


Riddles and wordplay appear in a lot of folklore. But what's the fascination with words, spells, charms and riddles in these oral stories?

Why are riddles and wordplay so important to folklore?

Riddles and wordplay appear in a lot of folklore. But what's the fascination with words

Riddles and wordplay appear in a lot of folklore. But what's the fascination with words


Fairies are actually tricksters, not the sweet cherubs of Disney. So what happened when a midwife in Northumberland was hired to deliver a fairy baby?

Fears around premature burial were very real in earlier centuries. But how many of the stories are true, and how many mere folklore?

We've all seen images of witches astride a broomstick, zooming through the night sky. Click here to read more folklore about this strange mode of transport!

Can You Stop Faeries Swapping Your Kids for Changelings?

The Exeter Book: the principal manuscript of medieval Germanic-language riddles.

Proverb. folk literature

Riddles in Folktales

Numbers in folklore: Why are 7 and 9 important in superstition?

A fabulous feast, much like this one would have been.

What are changelings?

If you know where to look in Venice, you'll find a special brick heart. But what does it have to do with a fisherman and a mermaid? Click here to find out.

What is the fabled Witching Hour and does it actually exist?

In modern literature[edit]

There are plenty of superstitions involving numbers. But what about numbers in folklore? Read

Crossroads legends occur all over the world, but as well as witches, ghosts and…

Foolproof: A Sampling of Mathematical Folk Humor Pages 1 - 11 - Text Version | FlipHTML5

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These are monsters indeed, as monstrous as the Sphinx herself, and being startled by them sends riddle-solvers on a quest through the metaphorical system, ...

Word Play

Tanuki (狸) are Japanese raccoon dogs. You may recognize the word if you've played Super Mario Bros. 3. They make many appearances in Japanese folklore as ...

The Great North Museum is stuffed with altars dedicated to Roman gods - but what was the fascination with Neptune and Oceanus?

Word Play by Gyles Brandreth | 9781473628373 | Audio CD | Postscript Books by Mail - New & Remainder Books

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Cover image for Unriddling the Exeter Riddles By Patrick J. Murphy

Tolkien blends the two endings, making Gollum acquiesce at first, then physically attack Bilbo for his unfair riddle. Folklore ...


Russian folk riddles, Folklore, Puzzle, Drawings, Soviet Vintage Children's Book, USSR, 1984

An older traditional example is Samson's riddle from the Hebrew Bible: “out of the eater came something to eat, out of the strong came something sweet” ...

Attic red-figure pelike, Oedipus solves the riddle of the Sphinx and frees Thebes

Puns, Puzzles, and Wordplay: Fun and Games for Language Lovers by Skyhorse Publishing

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The trickster figure Reynard the Fox

In both reality and fantasy, then, riddles can test the depth of a person's understanding of the principles necessary for a good marriage.

Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady by Selina Hastings (Author) and Juan Wijngaard (Illustrator). It tells she story of Gawain's solution to a riddle .

This is a review of The Magpie & The Wardrobe: A Curiosity of Folklore,


But, even knowing all that, the rest of the puzzle wasn't a doddle, and not until I had about 20 of the 28 countries did I make a list of the IVR ...

What Underwear Does a Zebra Wear?: Illustrated Jokes: Especially Great For Very Young

Zoomed details of Tinker Tailor piece. See FOLKLORE LOVE for more

Trickster - Mythological Intelligent Character in Folklore | Mythology.net

A Mayan Textile from San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas

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The Bible as Literature: History, Poetry, and Drama

1:25 AM - 24 Dec 2018

Meet Charon: the legendary ferryman of Greek myth! | Wonderfully Weird | Mythology, Greek, Movie posters

More generally, there is a strong association between riddling and courtship in myths and fantasy stories, including many that I have already mentioned.

Riddles of Amir Khusrow

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Agrandir ...


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Puns Spooken Here: Word Play for Halloween

Sure enough, peeling off the bubble wrap, I found my latest wordplay adventure, Riddledom, all 300 handsome pages, ...

1597 engraving of Poggio Bracciolini

Ghostly Tales from Folklore (I Can Read Book Series: Level 2

Crossword Challenge Book 2: 200 quick crossword puzzles

The Riddle and the Knight: In Search of Sir John Mandeville, the World's Greatest


Help Atlas Obscura Solve a Curious 18th-Century Riddle Menu

This Week in Fiction: Shirley Jackson

Find on the ART OF WORDPLAY page.

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And when it comes to solving the New York Times crossword puzzle, the old cliche does apply: practice ...

Autumn WordPlay

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Autumn WordPlay

14 Riddles Many riddles use wordplay metaphors the meaning of words is used in an unusual amusing way comparison between two unlike things

... I Saw You in the Bathtub and Other Folk Rhymes (An I CAN READ Book

Many people own a deck of playing cards. While they're often a plaything, they can also divine the future! Click here to learn about their folklore.

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Foolproof: A Sampling of Mathematical Folk Humor Pages 1 - 11 - Text Version | FlipHTML5

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100+ MEGA Crossword 2: A Unique Presentation Of Mega Crossword Puzzles With Tons Of

1,001 Pearls of Life-Changing Wisdom (Insight on Identity, Truth, and Success

And the Green Grass Grew All Around: Folk Poetry from Everyone

Word Play

18-2367 Wordplay - Pumpkin Pussy by Hinzeit

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