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Why can the Travel Website Translation Accuracy be Challenging

Why can the Travel Website Translation Accuracy be Challenging


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For companies that prefer to store and control translated content internally (rather than with a translation vendor), it's possible to translate a website ...

How to Conquer the Challenge of Long-Term TravelHow to Conquer the Challenge of Long-Term Travel

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Effortless multilingualism has always been a sci-fi dream © MyManu

Why can the Travel Website Translation Accuracy be Challenging?

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How is translation different from localization?

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Broken Chinese "沒有進入" from machine translation in Bali, Indonesia. The broken Chinese sentence sounds like "there does not exist an entry" or "have not ...

1. Giving you a Yoda-like sentence structure

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Like so many in the travel and tourism industry, Air France has tremendous challenges with their global content management and localization.

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Machine translation could produce some non-understandable phrases.

For staff of multinational companies who want to translate a simple phrase or word, systems like Google or Microsoft come in just handy.

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So, if you dream big, instantly choose what you want to talk about, enter your details and we will get back to you shortly.

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When doing LQA, we found out that by clicking TransCheck function, a report will automatically be generated but it's all in English.


Screenshot of alternative instant translation in the Google Translate app.

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As part of the Communications team, you communicate scientific topics to the non-scientific public and are responsible for different publication and ...

The Best MTPE Service Just Got Even Better. Stepes has greatly simplified machine translation ...

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In fact, it is considered one of the most disruptive technologies of the 21st century. Its ability to present customer ...

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Our EnCompass System is built on modular technology that is custom-configured to best meet your specific needs. The various components can be employed ...

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