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When thinking about what business tasks and processes to automate

When thinking about what business tasks and processes to automate


There are a number of common mistakes small business owners make when they start thinking about

By thinking through key issues, automation projects are more likely to start on the right track, and deliver impressive returns while also holding down the ...

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Integrated Automation is not just about Technology. It is Technology + People + Process.

A revolution in business process automation

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In short, every siloed dataset restricts the analytical insight that makes process owners strategic contributors to the business.

Robotic Process Automation Streamline Repetitive Business Tasks Nnit Governance Rpa Rettet Improved Indexing Consistency Shorter Filing Time & Better User ...

The Five Senses of Intelligent Automation combine to create a solution that's similar to our perception of human intelligence – this isn't built on a single ...

About the author: Asavin Wattanajantra is Sage's dedicated expert in issues that impact large corporations worldwide. He has spent over ten years working as ...

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how to define workflow for your project

Understanding how RPA Bot Development Service can help your enterprise and steps to ensure a success

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Approval management workflow example

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Find the Time for Business Process Improvement

Do you really want these guys running your company?

What is RPA and why is it of interest for aviation

3 steps to automating Intelligently

Automation can free up time by taking over tasks. But turning that free time into time for innovation takes practice.

Eliminate repetitive tasks so you can focus on other parts of your business.

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Take a look inside automation and AI at Think 2019

The Promise of Intelligent Process Automation in Finance

6 Marketing Tasks Business Owners Should Delegate or Automate (& How to Not Screw It Up)

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Source: The Hackett Group

UiPath - Level 1 Robotic Process Automation

Could your administration processes be improved?

Do your business processes rely heavily on tedious, often repetitive tasks? Do your employees spend time on manipulating, entering, and reentering data?

Automate Processes: Get Spectacular Business Agility | Provisioning | Automation


KLST Business Process Automation

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Note - this post is about automating my business social media accounts. I think automating stuff on your personal accounts or using bots is bad.

Wouldn't it be convenient if we could find someone (or 'something') else to do the repetitive tasks while we can focus our workforce on something more ...

Companies are saving money and achieving better customer service by using software agents to automate core transaction. Bots are typically low-cost and easy ...

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... revolution in how we think and control task-ridden processes. RPA does not only bring about positive influences in business operation, but also bring ...

Once the IA function has considered how automation can reshape its operating model in terms of people, processes, and technologies, it should also consider ...

Robotic process automation: strategic or impulsive decision?

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Such AI will automate more menial, structured tasks (like data collection) while enhancing ones that require a human touch. “We will be able to process more ...


Deployment flowcharts are a top-down flowchart expanded to include who is performing each task. Detailed flowcharts are an expansion of both the top-down ...

Process vs. Work Instruction

PaperVision Automation Manager

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Automation Anywhere Bot Store Overview

Robotics enables the banking industry to integrate “the last mile” across business units like never before. RPA in banking use cases apply to a wide range ...

IBM Robotic Process Automation: Unlock greater value

Drag-and-drop web forms builder in Comindware Tracker

Moreover, if back-office, routine tasks are passed on to software robots, this would allow doctors to use their human skills in order to better address ...

We have successfully implemented several RPA projects and transformed several hundreds of business processes.

El mejor software RPA

Learn About InStream's Solutions for Business

Cognizant Named a Leader in Digital Process Automation Service by Forrester

Think of repetitive, manual tasks within your business processes as drips from a leaky faucet. If your sink drips all day long, you can lose buckets of ...

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Benefits of Implementing ERP Software Infographic


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Robotic Process Automation - What You Need to Know about RPA

"What's the right way to implement RPA? Instead of trying to build a program. "

Many IA organizations are familiar with the first part of the automation spectrum, having already established foundational data integration and analytics ...

Robotic Process Automation

3 Examples of Robotics Use Cases in Banking:


The optimist's guide to the robot apocalypse

Don't Worry So Much. Robots Are Mostly Doing the Work People Hate Anyway.

5 areas of impact for automation