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What to Watch Out for in Thailand Scams in Thailand Travel

What to Watch Out for in Thailand Scams in Thailand Travel


The Most Common Scams in Thailand

5 Tourist Scams to Watch Out for in Thailand

How to Avoid These Typical Tourist Scams on Your Trip to Thailand

Don't fall victim to the popular Thailand scam involving pricey tuk-tuks.

Thailand tuk tuks and palaces

Top 10 Scams in Bangkok and Thailand

9 scams in Thailand to watch out for and tips on how to avoid them. How to stay safe and secure during your travels to Southeast Asia with tips on ...

What to Watch Out for in Thailand : Scams in Thailand. Thailand is one of

Tuk-tuk scams in Thailand

Tuk-tuks in Chinatown, Bangkok, Thailand. (Photo by fototrav / Getty

Thailand's taxis are notorious for scamming.

Khlong scams in Thailand

Common Scams in Thailand - How to avoid them & staying safe. Image of busy

Thailand Streets at night

Scams in Thailand

Scams in Thailand are everywhere but if you make it to Tonsai, a chill beach in Krabi, you can get away from most of it.

A popular scam in Thailand is one that involves telling you the Grand Palace is closed

Avoid The TUK TUK SCAM in Thailand!

Thailand Scams – Tourist in Thailand

62 Things To Know Before You Travel To Thailand - Traveltomtom.net - Traveltomtom.net

Bangkok Thailand Taxi Tuk Tuk

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How to Deal With the Police in Thailand

thailand or vietnam

... avoiding scams in Thailand. (Photo by Evan Krause via Unsplash)

2017. Thailand » Bangkok » 13 common Bangkok scams/tourist traps and how to avoid them

Foreign Visitors Can Now Get Compensation from Tour Scams in Thailand

Backpacking Thailand Travel Guide for 2019

5 tips to avoid tourist scams on your Thailand vacation

Thai Taxis

Thai Scammers Leave British Teens For Dead On Snake-Infested Island After Taking Them 'Snorkelling'

he most popular scams in Thailand and how to avoid them.

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Watch Out For Scams. thailand tips and advice tuk tuk

Reclining Buddha Wat Pho, Bangkok

Thankfully, you're also the luckiest person on Earth, because they can take you to the Lucky Buddha Temple, a mega special temple that's only open once a ...

Most tourist destinations around the world have their scammers. Thailand is no different. However, what is more tragic here is that Thai people are ...

Before even going through the scams, the best advice to avoid these scams in Thailand is to avoid engaging strangers.

Common Scams in Thailand and How to Avoid Them

Private bus scams in Thailand

To help you be more street savvy on your next holiday in Thailand, I have decided to put together a top 10 of scams in Thailand.

Blue Tuk Tuk in Bangkok Thailand

Not getting scammed in Thailand

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Thailand Tourist Scams

Bangkok Khao San Road

Grand Palace in Bangkok

How to avoid getting scammed in Thailand

Travel Hacks: 10 Identified "Travel Scams" in Thailand and Learn How to Avoid It

Lucky Buddha Travel Scam and Fake Tourism Authority of Thailand

Frauds and Scams in Thailand

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Avoid these scams in Thailand #thailand #travel

Fisherman in Thailand

Travel in Cambodia – Border Bus Scam

Thailand TrueMove Tourist Prepaid SIM

Getting Scammed

taxi scams in Thailand

3 Scams at the Bangkok - Siem Reap Crossing (and how to avoid them)

The Lucky Buddha Scam Bangkok Thailand

Thailand Travel Guide

Tourist sitting on a longtail boat in Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Thailand 2016 - Common scams & how to avoid them

Scams in Thailand to Avoid at all costs.


To find out what's so convincing about these well-publicized scams, a friend and I set out to be led down the garden path. With Thai skills on mute and our ...

You should not get scammed when ordering food in Thailand, since most restaurants in Thailand–including street food and food vendors–clearly display prices ...

Bangkok Scooter Tour. With recent events giving Thailand ...

person driving a motorcycle

So let this article be a short guidebook to you on how to avoid transport scams in Thailand, The land of smile.


How we got scammed of 900€ by a shady travel agency in Bangkok. Thai ...

It was so obvious that he was in collusion with the Tuk Tuk drivers to scam people, so when we smelled a rat, we said thanks and walked away.

Tourists on Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi on April 9.

He said that the Thai suspects – including at least four Thai women - aided the gang by opening bank accounts and withdrawing cash for the foreign suspects.

10 Bangkok Scams for Tourists – What should You avoid in Thailand?

Tips to Avoid Travel Scams in Bangkok, Thailand

Getting Scammed By Tuk-Tuks In Bangkok

Tourist scams in Thailand with excerpt from Lonely Planets Thailand's Islands & Beaches

Thailand Trip Cost, Temple in Bangkok, Travel

SCAM FREE TRAVEL in THAILAND (Handy Thailand) by [Briard, William]

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Before even going through the scams, the best advice to avoid these scams in Thailand is to ...

Bike scams in Thailand are common- stay safe, ride safe

How To Avoid These 22 Common Travel Scams In Southeast Asia

travel scam. Thailand

Best Thailand Travel Scams

The popular Rod Fai market in Ratchada, Bangkok. (Photo by aluxum / Getty