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Waving ant q quirky road trip Travel Road Trip Ants

Waving ant q quirky road trip Travel Road Trip Ants


Raising Camponotus Species Q & A

Driver ants (Dorylus subgenus Anomma) are among Africa's most visible insects. Here, a soldier shows off her impressive mandibles.

A small "acorn" ant queen found inside a small nut in the winter.

BioOrbis | Biologia - Unidade e Diversidade: Formigas gladiadoras

A Camponotus chromaiodes queen in a Mini Hearth formicarium from Tar Heel Ants.

Pictures Of Ants, Rockefeller University, Biomedical Science, Army, Ant, Military

Leptomyrmex darlingtoni

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Trap jaw ant (Odontomachus erythrocephalus) with prey Ants, Insects, Bee, Ant

Ants, Octopus, Dawn, Insects, Ant Insect, Ant, Octopuses, Bugs

Leafcutter Ants

Weaver ants (Oecophylla smaragdina) attacking termite (Macrotermes carbonarius) soldier. The huge slicing jaws of the termite already found one casualty, ...

Drawing 1 Great diversity There are wide variations not only in ants' ways of life but also in their size and morphology.

Photo by Ant Nest PH

Figure 2. Nymphalexuviae of Anax junius. Photograph taken by Catherine Giles.

I did a trip abroad to Australia several years ago with a government funded program called People to People. On this trip, I had the pleasure of meeting a ...

Male Dorylus are sometimes called "sausage flies" for their unique shape. Kibale Forest

No-see-um, 70 times life size. (Illustration by Lynn Kimsey)

Drawing 7 One genome, two phenotypes Pheidole ants have the same genome, but their genes, depending on how they are expressed, can produce different castes.

Drawing 3 Weaver ants (Oecophylla) Weaver ants live in the treetops, where they build nests out of layers of leaves. To glue the leaves together, ...

Spring brings odorous ants indoors. Control them with TERRO Liquid Ant Baits Pest Control Supplies

A giant crawling brain: the jaw-dropping world of termites | News | The Guardian

First is Dame Juliana Berner's “Dun Fly” –

Drawing 5 Invasive ants Fire ants, taken to different continents by human activity, can overrun and devastate their new habitat.

hiking Bwindi, safari ants

Image: View down long pillared hallway (towards a new generation of history keeping)

A Natural History Perspective



Or I might want to have my evil aliens living down there. Like maybe that's where the ants and/or the saucers come from.

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Image: Artist standing on their paddleboard in the forefront of their creation: a massive

History class trip ...


Figure 1. A pinned dragonfly, undetermined. Photograph taken by Catherine Giles.

All about beetles - terrestrial and aquatic ones. Lots of patterns on the blog this episode, so check it out at http://anglersentomology.libsyn.com/

How Ants Get a Taste for the Trail


ant colony

Bike/Birding hot spots in the Twin Cities Gateway area to enjoy

Wing: Hare's foot - from between the toes. A White Wulff is a standard fly to imitate a whitefly dun. I'm kind of partial to Wulffs because ...

I picked up some new walking companions along the way for a bit here, and that was fine. It was interesting doing this route a year on, when there's ...

Barber Ant barber

Border crossing at Xa Mat Vietnam

The extrafloral nectaries of Pachycereus gatesii appear as tiny red bumps just below the areole.

Rudy Jr. was visiting with his family for Labor Day weekend. And I was working on a painting that I'm calling Endless Road Trip.

Drawing 8 Ant robots Engineers are devising teams of mini-robots based on the social behaviour of ants.

Building a better ant castle

Researchers ...

South Africa - Horseback safaris


And then here are some pictures of a few flies that Selene and I experimented with last night using the new clinger mayfly heads:


Man and beast in eastern Ethiopia : From observations made in British East Africa, .

There was ants found on the premises. Pic: File

In 2004 a man with a lot of free time and of questionable sanity lugged a fridge from a hotel minibar 450 metres up the basalt cone of Nicaragua's Cerro ...

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Drawing 4 Raising aphids Some ants live in symbiosis with aphids, feeding on their secretions and caring for them.

Ants visiting the extrafloral nectaries covering the developing flowers of Pilosocereus gounellei .

The Extinction of Silence and the Man Who is Saving It

How Scientists Use Climate Models to Predict Mosquito-Borne Disease Outbreaks

A giant crawling brain: the jaw-dropping world of termites | News | The Guardian

Lewis's study of insects has taken him to over 40 countries to study and advise on insect infestations.

Photo credit: Stunning Free Images · Pixabay

a person holding a suitcase: Little girl with her luggage in Singapore


The lichen on this fallen tree trunk has provided a very detailed and interesting mosaic pattern. Rather than go for the closeup of the ants and lose this ...

Off to the election rally meeting we go …


Bicyclist with cages mounted on back selling beautiful birds.

The incorporation of ants provided a visceral demonstration on the ways in which nature, much of it small and difficult to see, is all around us in cities.

The ...

I had grand plans to tie lots of flies and take lots of pictures for you. I even purchased some extension tubes for my camera so I could take some really ...

Weaver ants have subdued a powerful predator, a hunting centipede (Scolopendra). Photo taken in Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Copyright Paul Bertner 2013.

It took me about thirty hours. I'm calling it Dangerous Passage, although it could also be called Mountain Pass, The Emigrants, The Immigrants, ...

Markus Sagebiel moving tweets into future

Backpacker had the worst trip of his life when island tribe attacked him with poop

It is wintertime and the Ant Hill kids are enjoying a snow day! They count snowflakes, throw snowballs -- and make snow ants! But most exciting of all,.

The Lives of Ants

A manual of zoology. Zoology. 170 GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF ZOO LOO 7.

Travel: The Hooker Valley Track, New Zealand



Figure 11: Tree of Life, Sketch 2


And my water penny imitation – Schenk's Water Penny – which is just ...

Drew Pendous Travels to Ancient Egypt (Drew Pendous #2)

35 K to my hotel

Mark Knopfler - Down the Road Wherever

Cartoon of Man Eating Hotdog and Drinking Cola While Ants Are Stealing Second Hotdog - Stock