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Using poles to get your horse bending and watching where is feet are

Using poles to get your horse bending and watching where is feet are


Using poles to get your horse bending and watching where is feet are going!

Watch how to strengthen your horse at home using polework

The stronger your base of support is, the straighter you'll be able to

Setting up the Pattern

Staying with Your Horse Over Jumps

To determine what is causing a horse to have difficulty learning to jump, enlist the

Credit: © Bob Langrish John Whitaker'stwo-time FEI World Cup winner Milton

Improve your horse's rhythm and suppleness with pole work

Pole Bender Tennessee Walking Horse Lacy's Desert Storm, ridden by Sharon Tondreau. Paul Pedersen. The pattern for pole bending ...

(Credit: Elaine Olsen)

Improve your horse's rhythm with poles

Remember to always build up slowly when it comes to polework. Even walking poles can be strenuous and though your horse may not seem to be puffing, ...

The more correctly you use your aids to communicate with your horse, the better he

The Pole Drill

Horse on longe line.

Rehabilitating Sport Horses

If your horse has trouble staying straight down the centre line, or falls out on circles, try these simple exercises.

bringing it home, pole bending race The ...

Nervous Horse--Relaxed Rider. Have ...

The critical “kindergarten years,” from six months to 3 years, can determine

How to Do a Flying Lead Change

Diagnosing Gait Irregularities in Horses

Hands-on Help for Arthritis in Horses

8 Targeted Strengthening Exercises for Horses

Use this simple exercise to help strengthen a horse's back and hindquarters, and to help him learn to use his hind end.

Charro Riding: Cruelty Behind The “Dancing”

Re-Schooling a Corner Cutter. Have you discovered that your horse ...

How to ride Circles , Bend and Flexion with Kirstin Kelly Equestrian


Pole Bending

It's no wonder then that pain originating in any structure of the back can have effects throughout a horse's body. And vice versa: Any injury in the body ...

While I have found that all my horses respond well to the pole, I have also seen a few horses quite troubled in ...

Pole Bending Tips

Dropped Shoulder Problem. Here is how the concept of straightness relates to the horse's shoulders: In ...

Really the maneuvers and ways in which the Garrocha pole can be used is limited only by your imagination. I've seen some amazing performances with the ...

Bend is where the whole of your horse's body is uniformly bent

Three Groundwork Exercises That Will Change the Partnership You Have With Your Horse

Credit: Celia Cadwallader

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When it comes to options to help your horse develop a better, more functional posture and increased strength as well as improving their awareness of where ...

When you introduce your horse to ditches patiently and systematically, he'll learn to

Image titled Do a Flying Lead Change Step 1

After a lot of work in hand, Peaches can now stay attentive to her handler when being lead around the farm. With some practice, Peaches now lifts all four ...

Lunge work can be useful for developing the muscles that go under the saddle without the weight of a rider, and you can add poles or transitions to keep the ...

... in the stride rhythm. jogging over ground poles

Cross-training is good for all athletes, including horses, and there are numerous

For your first session with the pole in the saddle it is useful to have a helper to hand you the pole and to take the pole should the horse display some ...

The key to the first pole is turn preparation, and yes, that includes rate, but there is more to it.

riding a pole bending course. “

Watch how Laura Tomlinson can control her horse — just using her body

Horse Farrier Tips and Tactics

Kylie Weast riding horse up to pole

Horseback Riding

Raise the ends of the outside poles by about 2ft to give your horse the illusion

Pole bending pattern is to be run around six poles positioned in a straight line. Each pole is to be twenty-one feet apart and the first pole is to be ...

Using Poles in Training Sessions. Cavaletti exercises with 4 poles


Quick-Fix Tricks to Improve Your Riding on the Barrel Pattern. In ...

Molly O'Brien rides Telurico, a 17-year-old Lusitano stallion owned

Those particularly proficient in performing with the Garrocha pole are called “Garrachista”, a term of respect and honor for the Doma Vaquero.

Horse negotiating uphill bank

Jeff Cook demonstrates the two-point position he recommends.

5. Gymnastics and Poles

Image titled Get Your Horse to Trust You Step 1

To hit the center mark on these poles, Susan has to have a mental picture

7 Horse Conformation Flaws

horse body language

Shoulder-in is one of the best exercises to get them to accept leg – and when they do, they are not tense to the leg. Watch my tact with this horse ...

Photo by David Classen/iStockPhoto.com

Ground Games for Kids – Turning serious horsemanship into kid-sized fun

Kylie Weast taking horse through pole drill

Eventing legend and horse recovering well after cross-country fall

By teaching her how to move her body around and by directing where her feet go, we can help Peaches to stay more relaxed and focused when presented with any ...

Hilda Gurney works with Luminence, her 12-year-old Oldenburg gelding by her

The pole exercises Heather has designed were innovative and enjoyable for both horse and rider! They really helped improve my horses strength, ...

Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images. Free jumping with a jump chute gives your horse confidence ...

Supple your horse - Here's how with poles

As with anything, it's important to build up to long, fast rides gradually but even at a walk an hour of hacking can make a huge difference to an unfit ...

“Poles are always great because they don't concuss the horse and they don't scare the rider. You can even with a beginner first time on a horse, ...

Identifying behavioral pain indicators in your horse

Horse - Dirt Rider Magazine

Palomino Pole Bending

Why Horses Stumble

pole bending | Pole Bending More

Gymnastic Exercise to Soften Your Horse's Jaw - Expert advice on horse care and horse riding

Engaging the Hind End

Welsh Pony Mare with few week old Foal at spring pasture

A thoughtful, patient training program is key when starting a young horse over fences.

Stuck Stifles: Upward Fixation of the Patella