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User errors are top reason for EHRrelated malpractice claims

User errors are top reason for EHRrelated malpractice claims


User errors are top reason for EHR-related malpractice claims ... gastroenterologists –

Dr. David B. Troxel. The most common user errors ...

Medicine ...

Medical Errors and Leading Cause of Death in US

What are the advantages of maintaining a personal health record by MOS Medical Reviews - issuu

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Causes of EHR-related Pediatric Malpractice Claims

Errors in EHRs Playing Larger Role in Medical Practice Claims, Studies Indicate

EHR Medical Malpractice Ohio

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Comparing Adoption of EHR Systems by State Against the National Average

Malpractice claims for EHR-related errors have jumped in the US — and steps to prevent them

... Health Science Center in Houston. Also, in performing a self-assessment of your system, "you have to be really be honest with yourself" and perhaps ...

Do EHRs increase the risk of malpractice?

Errors in Electronic Health Records: A Growing Source for Medical Malpractice Claims | ABD

Category: Medical Malpractice

Increasing importance of EHR-related risk-mitigation strategies

Electronic Health Records and Medical Malpractice Claims

Diagnosis ...

Electronic Health Records Aren't the Cure They Were Supposed to Be


EHRs And Malpractice Risk: A Serious Concern For Hospitals

Analysis of EHR-Related Claims: Part I

ehr system factors in medical liability claims

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Comparing Adoption of EHR Systems by State Against the National Average

CRICO identified 147 cases (asserted over a five-year period) in which the EHR was identified as a contributing factor. Computer systems that don't “talk” ...

Have You Ever Asked Yourself These Questions Regarding EHR Implementation?

Medical errors Medication errors. EHR issues. Wrong site surgery. Falls/Restraints.

Electronic Health Records from a Doctor's Perspective

According to ...

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Electronic Health Records Increasingly Cited in Medical Malpractice Claims

Lessons learned from EHR-related medical malpractice cases | AAP News | AAP Gateway

Avoiding Electronic Health Record Hazards

Dr. Robert M. Wachter


System Dangers: How EHRs Can Contribute to Medical Malpractice Claims – Sopyla & Associates

Is Your EHR Harming Your Patients?

Errors Associated With Electronic Records

Copy and Paste: The EHR Documentation Gremlin

Both the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act of ...

Are Medical Organisations Doing Enough to Reduce Lawsuits

AHRQ Health IT Hazard Manager Report - Hazard Modes of Health IT (click to enlarge)

(Nicolas Rapp/Fortune)

Factors behind EHR errors

More from the North Bay Business Journal

Hospitals across Europe in general consider IT as an enabler to improve patient safety and care. And even though deployment... Read more · '

Nurse Looking at an Electronic Medical Chart


Dr. Oken

Malpractice Claims Analysis Confirms Risks in EHRs

During a presentation at the 2015 Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) annual meeting, Keith Klein, MD, a clinical professor at UCLA, ...

Health Care Renewal: Yet another observation that known health IT-caused injuries and deaths are "the tip of the iceberg"

Death by a Thousand Clicks: Where Electronic Health Records Went Wrong | Fortune

Frequency of Medical Errors

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January 2019



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Electronic health record


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Electronic Medical Records Malpractice

Malpractice Claims Involving Electronic Health Records on the Rise | Markets Insider


Why Doctors Get Sued: Malpractice Claims Trends (Episode 1)

Electronic records mess threatens patient safety, investigation finds

Rate of avoidable deaths in a Norwegian hospital trust as judged by retrospective chart review | BMJ Quality & Safety

Death By 1,000 Clicks: Where Electronic Health Records Went Wrong .

Malpractice Risk & EHRs — Should You Worry?

Figure 4 · Figure 5 · Figure 6

Nicolas Rapp/Fortune

User and System Failures: The Problems with Electronic Health Records

(Nicolas Rapp/Fortune)

7 key points on malpractice payment rates — Mean payment hits $329.6k

Doctor Using Tablet Computer Technology Telemedicine Telehealth

10 Mistakes That Can Lead to Lawsuits

3 “Errors ...


... Malpractice-Threat-Influence-Thinking-or-Action_IN_Dr.Patel

FDA Device Recall Notice. Click to enlarge; text below.

Failure to Rescue Measurement: What's the Latest?

Featured in the April issue of Fortune. Kaiser Health News and Fortune Magazine collaborated on this joint investigation for three months.