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Underwater robot reveals the mysteries of Antarctic ice innovation

Underwater robot reveals the mysteries of Antarctic ice innovation


Antarctic ice survey

The cartographic submarine at work. WHOI

Antarctica reseach

PowerVision Unveils PowerRay Underwater Robot

Members of the Lake Whillans drill team lived in yellow tents studding the Antarctic landscape. (Reed Scherer)

Robot submarine looks under Antarctic to find out why sea ice is getting thicker

Seaglider deployment

seabed underwater robot Antarctica

Deepest Dive Ever Under Antarctica Reveals a Shockingly Vibrant World

Science In The Extremes S3 • E10

Environmental changes in Antarctica have global repercussions. If all the ice stacked on top of Antarctica melted, global sea levels would rise by about 200 ...

Pierre Dutrieux and drone

Weddell Sea polynya 1976


Sledging songs, penguins and melting ice: how Antarctica has inspired Australian composers

Antarctic ice loss contribution to global sea level

The Larsen C Ice Shelf Collapse Is Just the Beginning—Antarctica Is Melting

Polynyas near Pine Island Glacier, Antarctica. NASA, CC BY

VIDEO: Protecting the heart of the Antarctic Peninsula

Underwater #robot reveals the mysteries of Antarctic ice #innovation Underwater Drone, Future Gadgets

Philip Samartzis in Iceberg Alley (Antarctic Sound), Antarctica, in March 2010. Photograph by Ian Aitkinson, used with permission .

Antarctica could help unlock mysteries of universe, Nasa scientist says | South China Morning Post

Research team on deck

Aboard the Akademik Ioffe, the team of scientists and 22 students will collect water, ice, and air samples to advance understanding of and document the ...

Robots to play "stork" and plant coral larvae around the Great Barrier Reef

Antarctic ice sheet

Floating ice shelf in the Halley embayment, East Antarctica [Credit: Céline Heuzé]

This Nasa image obtained on Tuesday shows a tabular iceberg floating among sea ice just off

Ocean-going gliders can collect data for months at a time in some of the most remote parts of the ocean Credit: SAMS. View Comments. Underwater robots ...

Robot subs are uncovering what makes underwater volcanoes blow | WIRED UK

Fiber optics in Antarctica will monitor ice sheet melting

Scientists Drill For “Oldest Ice On Earth” To Unlock Mystery Of Ancient Earth's Changing Climate

Autonomous underwater robot with intelligent 3D cameras for high precision search and tracking in deep seas

01_21_2014_anemones in antarctica.jpg

Our Argo float robots spent winter under the Totten Glacier. It's a fast-melting glacier in East Antarctica.

Stunning photos show what daily life in Antarctic research stations is really like

Innovation and collaboration in Antarctica

Previously stable zones of Antarctica are now falling victim to climate change

Incredible Drone Footage Solves Antarctic Penguin Island Mystery | Drone Below

Floes 1-5 from the Bellingshausen sector during IceBell; Floes 6-7 from the Weddell sector during IceBell; Floes 8-10 from Wilkes Land, East Antarctica ...


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Image of the Week — Quantifying Antarctica's ice loss

Halley Research Station

Millions of years of history, which can be found on the ocean floor, are

British Antarctic Survey scientist Ted Maksym studies an ice core taken through first year sea ice

Growth Of Antarctic sea ice due to fewer winter clouds, Chinese scientists find

Air bubbles in a thin section of an ice core (Photo: Mana Inoue)

Deployment of a CTD instrumentation from RRS James Clark Ross during the JR240 ICEbell science cruise

Boaty McBoatface being lowered into the sea

Ice on Fire: HBO trailer released for Leonardo DiCaprio-narrated climate change documentary - CBS News

The Birth of an Iceberg

Melting summer ice. [Credit: Mikhail Varentsov (distributed via imaggeo.egu.eu)]

Conservation work soars to help whales

alaska-flickr umnak-by-sa.jpg

Grand Canyon-Sized Rift Is Causing Antarctic Ice to Melt At a Faster Rate

Hidden Upside-Down Canyon Revealed on Underside of Antarctic Ice

... Under Water Robot · Top 5 Robotic Explorations of 2016

NASA scientists report thinning of the Antarctica Larsen B Ice Shelf

In some places along the Antarctic coast, ice formation causes seawater to grow saltier and therefore denser, so that it sinks to the sea floor.


Watch how timelapse footage revealed the secrets of penguin huddling

Antarctic landscape

Antarctic sea ice is still expanding [image credit: BBC]

Iranian media said the 'anti-ship cruise missile' was launched from a Ghadir

What the pilot sees when driving the ROV by a sea ice pressure ridge [Credit: Katlein et al. (2017)].

Subsea Intervention & Survey

Title slide title: Navigating The New Arctic

Week 37 at the Pole

Giant hole in ice reappears in Antarctica after 40 years

Aerial view of Thwaites Glacier


Narwhal in the Arctic Ocean

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Antarctica could help unlock mysteries of universe, Nasa scientist says | South China Morning Post

Some researchers focus on the sea, studying marine macro-algae and invertebrates in the water.

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With Ocean Noise Increasing, Scientists Explore Relief for Marine Life

Polar bears

Satellite tracking reveals crucial Antarctic feeding zone for humpback whales


This is an AUV also a unmanned vehicle. It is used to stay in the water for a certain amount of time. this machine does need require an operator to guide it ...

The H.M.S. Terror, a British warship converted for Arctic exploration in the 1840s, lies

Diamond #4 (Greenland 2015)


Ice mapped by NASA's Operation IceBridge. Picture: Getty Images

The expanding array of robotic ocean-observing technologies is providing a means for us to study storm interactions in the coastal ocean just before ...

Week 14 at the Pole

Diving drones are mining the ocean depths for data – and they could soon predict the weather