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This dead German paratrooper belonged to the Luftlande Sturm

This dead German paratrooper belonged to the Luftlande Sturm



German troops of 5 Gebirgs-Division boarding a Junkers 52 at a Greek airfield, before flying to Crete, 20 May 1941. On that morning 3000 German paratroops ...

Luftlande-Sturm-Regiment. Bundesarchiv Billd 146-1971-011-27, Belgien, Eben Emael, Fallschirmjäger

British soldiers taken prisoner by German paratroopers on Crete, 1941 Paratrooper, Luftwaffe, Warfare

Military Art, Military History, German Soldiers

Captured German paratroopers carry a British soldier who has lost a foot to a mine, May 1944.

Another pile of German dead on the eastern front, brutality.

DKiG - Fallschirmjager of LuftLande-Sturm Rgt - IV. Battalion (PART I of 3 - KRETA - MALAME SECTOR - Hill 107 and Airfield) - Album on Imgur

Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-166-0525-12, Kreta, Kondomari, Erschießung von. Cretan Greek civilians confronting German Fallschirmjäger paratroopers ...

... Luftlande-Sturm-Regiment 1 execute male civilians from the village of Kondomari, Crete, in response to Cretan civilians who attacked and killed German ...

A Fallschirmjäger mortar crew firing the 8 cm Granatwerfer 42 "Stummelwerfer".

WWII Pictures on Twitter: "This day in 1941, Fallschirmjäger from Luftlande- Sturm-Regiment 1 execute male civilians from the village of Kondomari, Crete, ...

German Fallschirmjäger on the Italian Front

Airborne service[edit]

The 67% casualty rate experienced by the Sturm-Regiment at Crete nearly effectively "destroyed" this formation.

The massacre[edit]

Grave of fallen falschirmjager Battle Of Crete, Paratrooper, Luftwaffe, German Army, Ww2

Battle Of Crete, Paratrooper, German Army, Military History, World War Two,

German paratrooper of the PK XI Flying Corps carrying a MG 42 machine gun in the Soviet Union in 1942

We depict the fifth company, second battalion, fifth parachute regiment, rendered in German as 5./II./Fallchirm-Jäger-Regiment 5. This particular unit was ...

While the Fallschirmjager had had some success with airborne assaults in the Low Countries and in

History of the Fallschirmjager

German paratroopers invade Crete in 1941

Walter Koch (Fallschirmjäger)

Fallschirmjäger landing on Crete in 1941.

In April 1944 the regiment moved to Normandy (Lessay-Mont Castre-Carentan area) and was attached to the 91st Luftlande Division, under LXXXIV Corps.

German Paratroopers Vol.II: Helmets, Equipment and Weapons

German paratroopers prepare to be flown to the Greek island of Leros in 1941.

In April 1944 the regiment moved to Normandy (Lessay-Mont Castre-Carentan area) and was attached to the 91st Luftlande Division, under LXXXIV Corps.

Africa – Axis and Allied

Operation Mercury: The Battle for Crete - Welcome to the ... Pages 1 - 14 - Text Version | FlipHTML5

German Paratrooper during the invasion of Crete.

Here is an idealized painting of the event in the style of socialist realism. Just for illustration.

Mass murder of Cretan Greek male civilians in Kondomari, Crete by Fallschirmjäger paratroopers in 1941

The bodies of two dead german ordinary soldiers and Obergefreiter from the 1st company of the

Luftlandesturm Platoon (GE767) ...


Luftlandesturm Platoon (GE767), Luftlandesturm Platoon (GE767)

Fallschirmjaeger resting during a lull in Italy. These elite troops were part of the Luftwaffe rather than the Army during WWII. The one in the foreground ...

World War II Pictures In Details: German Fallschirmjäger on the Italian Front

Conceived as a demonstration of the capabilities of the German airborne forces and largely the result of relentless lobbying by GEN Kurt Student it was so ...

Except for pistols, grenades and the occasional submachine-gun, German paratroopers had to rely on containers for their main combat equipment.

Fallschirmschützenabzeichen der Luftwaffe.jpg

Massacre of Kondomari - Paratroopers with Horst Trebes in front being prepared to open fire.

German Paratroopers Vol.

Thanks TSgt Joe C. for reminding us about the German takeover of Crete on May 31, 1941. Operation mercury began on may 20, 1941.

German Paratroopers Vol.1: Uniforms

101 men

Axis Powers: Germany - Luftflotte IV

Luftlandesturm Platoon (GE767), Luftlandesturm Platoon (GE767)

The Massacre of Kondomari

The Schmeisser Myth - German Submachine Guns Through Two World Wars

Paratrooper's badge Heer (Army) and Waffen-SS

Walter Koch (Fallschirmjager) wwwallworldwarscomimage118DesReichesSoldaten3

On the 20th of May 1941, a paratrooper strengthen platoon of the 2nd battalion Luftlande Sturm Regiment, under the command of Leutnant Mürbe, was dropped in ...

The history of the Fallschirmjäger begins on May 11, 1936 when Germany began developing its airborne forces with the opening of the first Fallschirm ...

Hermann-Bernhard Ramcke

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German Paratroopers Vol.III: Campaigns and Combat Operations, Decorations, Ephemera

After the fall of Sicily during the summer of 1943, the Germans grew more and more suspicious of an Italian defection to the Allies. To counter this event ...

... discusses this engagement makes it clear that Merkur was Student's baby, and if it had failed - and when it proved costly - Student was the one with the ...

Alfred Sturm

German World War II camouflage patterns

Interrogation sovjet partisan 1942.jpg

More Details

It was orchestrated by Generaloberst Kurt Student, in retaliation for the participation of Cretans in the Battle of Crete which had ended with the surrender ...

US medic ( as indicated by arm band and helmet insignia ) crouching over body of dead German soldier with another medic on right and American infantryman on ...


Kreta, Kondomari, Erschießung von Zivilisten

Luftlande-Sturm-Regiment 1 (also known as Sturmabteilung Koch) was a German

German troops line up to execute hostages in Kondomari, Crete, 2 June 1941 (Franz Peter Weixler, Federal Archive).

Here I leave many recolored images from German Federal Archive (Deutsches Bundesarchiv) and two versions of the same original colour video on the ...

\"Three German soldiers returning from training exercise, France, ...

German Prisoners at Enfidaville Tunisia

Colonel Hermann-Bernhard Ramcke (24 January 1889 – 4 July 1968) was a German officer of paratroop forces during World War II. He led units in Crete, ...

Heavily laden with personal weapons and equipment, men of 5 Gebirgsjäger (Mountain) Division

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Osprey Publishing Catalogue Jul-Dec 2015

After the initial fighting, Crete involved a lot of walking down dusty roads, here by Fallschirmjager 13./FjSR 3.

German Paratrooper during the invasion of Crete.

Kreta, Kondomari, Erschießung von Zivilisten

Kondomari massacre during battle of Crete

In summary, Sea Lion was the proposed German invasion of England in the late summer of 1940.

[ IMG]

Death from Above - The German FG42 Paratroop Rifle

86 innocent civilians were massacred. Additionally to that another 27 killed by the explosion more then likely caused by German grenades.


Wilhelm Süssmann (16 September 1891 – 20 May 1941) was a German general in the Luftwaffe (Air Force) during World War II who was killed in action during the ...

German Paratroopers following their victory at Eben Emael in 1940. Would you think any of these men are cowards?

... Κοντομαρί) refers to the execution of male civilians from the village of Kondomari in Crete by an ad hoc firing squad consisting of German paratroopers ...

On 2 June 1941, German.

German Panzer IV (Pz.Kpfw. IV)

Paratrooper Battalion 261 (Bundeswehr)

General der Flieger Freiherr Wolfram von Richthofen (10 October 1895 – 12 July 1945) was a German field marshal of the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) during ...

While the British defense of Crete in May 1941 was considered a military failure, it

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