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This beautiful form of Calcite which features soft to deep blue

This beautiful form of Calcite which features soft to deep blue


This beautiful form of Calcite which features soft to deep blue colours and natural textures and

Rare 1250ct 2.75" Translucent Deep Blue Skeletal Elestial Fluorite Cube Cluster w/White Calcite

Geology IN: Gorgeous specimen featuring golden Calcite crystals clustered atop deep blue Fluorite! Ambre

Calcite is used as a fertilizer, cement, chalk, building stone, and for the manufacture of optical instruments.

Andrew Alden photo

Rare 1130ct All-Transparent Blue Cube Fluorite w/Clear White Calcite Blades Crystal Cluster

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Blue Calcite, including associated Chakra, Zodiac and Element, along

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Blue apatite mineral on a white background.

Tucson2015-112CalciteAnhydrite-MantosMixtosNaicaMineNaicaChihuahuaMexico.jpg (159699 bytes)

This beautifully coloured Calcite, known as Citrine Calcite, is believed to be a stone

Slate is composed mainly of quartz, feldspar, carbonates, chlorite and micas. Slate may be found in a variety of colors.

Blue kyanite mineral on a white background.


Blue Calcite can be used to heal a broken heart. Discover how…

Calcite for protection

Cordierite mineral rock on a white background.

An excellent specimen of rare blue- green and bright blue lustrous Liroconite…

2150ct 2.9" Large Translucent Deep Blue Cube Fluorite Cluster w/White Clear Calcite Crystals Natural Sparkling Gemstone Crystal Mineral Geode Rough Cubic ...


Limestone is the most abundant of the non-clastic sedimentary rocks. Limestone is produced from the mineral calcite (calcium carbonate) and sediment.

lapis lazuli rock

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Featuring a beautiful latte colour, Cafe Calcite is a mixture of reds, greens,

Ten crystals with weird properties that look like magic

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Cinnabar with Calcite.

Calcite is a Carbonate mineral that is most widely distributed on the Earth's surface. It is a common constituent of sedimentary rocks with Limestone in ...

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Behind the Stone: Labradorite & Lemurian

Azurite with Malachite Nodule: A specimen of nodular azurite sawn and polished to reveal its beautiful blue structures. A specimen like this would be a ...

Another photo

Cobalto Calcite features an absolutely incredible bright pink colouration and amazing natural shapes and patterns.

The second image shows the deep blue fluorescence of fluorite under

The most valued lapis contains little or no pyrite and no calcite, and is an intense, uniform, medium-dark, slightly violetish blue. This quality is known ...


Aria Stone Gallery Iceberg Blue Calcite Bathroom

This rock is a medium gray, fine- to medium- grained, limestone with fossil fragments. The rock is mainly composed of calcite. Fossil fragments, most less ...

Purple quartz, known as amethyst, and clear quartz are the same

Healing Crystal Handbook: Calcite

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dolomite, celestite

Another photo

Lapis lazuli, or lapis for short, is a metamorphic rock with an incredible, deep blue color. Because of its intense color, this rock is collected as a ...

Rock Lesson - Milky Quartz

Calcite (variety cobaltoan Calcite).

Green and blue minerals are often Malachite or Azurite.

Lapis Lazuli as a "Conflict Mineral"?

Example of Optical Calcite, also known as Iceland Spar.

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This stunningly coloured type of Calcite features bright greens with the classic soft texture of Calcite

Tucson2016-168HaliteSearlesLakeCalifornia.jpg (602097 bytes)

Rhombohedral calcite crystals perched on delicate mesolite/natrolite needles.

Iolite is the gem variety of Cordierite. Iolite can be light to deep blue and usually has a purplish tinge to it. The name "iolite" comes from the Greek ...

Alexandrite, a chrysoberyl, shows an effect where it is green under natural light (which contains a lot of blue wavelengths) and red under incandescent ...

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The Needles.jpg

See How a Massive Supernova Released the Building Blocks of Life

Behind the Stone: Labradorite & Lemurian

fluorite. Fluorite: This photo shows several beautiful blue ...

Crystalline minerals are most often quartz.


Pyrite Crystal on Quartz

Amethyst, Osilo, Sassari Province, Sardinia, Italy

Magnetite (black) brownish green (olivine and garnet), and quartz (white) naturally sort by density.

16. Dolostone, Ludlow and Milton, VT

The block on the right will sell at a much lower price than the one on the left due to its high calcite ...

Image source: Jeff Schmaltz / Nasa Earth Observatory.

When first collected, a specimen could be turned upside down with a resulting show of small calcite crystals falling to the ground.

Bright blue tanzanite crystals are rarely found in sharp crystals like this.

Persian or Afghan—Intense, uniform, medium dark, slightly violetish blue. Contains little or no pyrite, and no calcite ...

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Proustite with Calcite.

Luck Ganymede Calcite Sphere

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Encrusted calcium carbonate (lime) deposits on faucent

Soaking calcite in copper sulfate can turn the crystals green, as to mimic a pseudomorph of malachite after calcite.

Iceland spar is a special form of calcite (Credit: Natural History Museum, London/SPL)

Orange Calcite

8 Tips on How to Identify Stones and Crystals

MIN#Keystone-3. Rare specimen featuring light blue Celestine crystals sitting atop bright ...

“Lazurite (lapis-lazuli), Pyrite, Calcite,” Badakshan Province,

This beautifully coloured Calcite, known as Citrine Calcite, is believed to be a stone

Lapis Lazuli is powerful