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These Abandoned Spanish Villages Are Eerily Beautiful And Theyre

These Abandoned Spanish Villages Are Eerily Beautiful And Theyre


These Abandoned Spanish Villages Are Eerily Beautiful — And They're For Sale | News/History | Wtf funny, Interesting history, Love only

These Abandoned Spanish Villages Are Eerily Beautiful — And They're For Sale | Photography And Humor | Landscape Photography, Photography Poses, ...


The village ...

These Abandoned Spanish Villages Are Eerily Beautiful — And They're For Sale

Abandoned Places in Asia

It made for an eerily beautiful scene. The village was abandoned in the 1990s.

The village of Barrerios, near Pontevena is just one of 2,900 villages which lie abandoned

Houtouwan sits on a hill, now covered in climbing ivy and brambles.

It's ...

These Abandoned Spanish Villages Are Eerily Beautiful --- And They're For Sale

A built abandoned set for the movie "Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters". The film was shot at a studio in Potsdam, Germany

Similar villages in the same region are being sold for as little as £50,000 which

12 abandoned places worth seeking out. Eerily beautiful ...

... The entrance to the abandoned fictional town of 'Spectre,' built for the 2003


Abandoned house Cercedilla, Madrid, Spain [OC] [1542 x 2056]

Abandoned Places in America

Eastern State Penitentiary pennsylvania

Abandoned Places Photography

39 Stunningly Eerie Abandoned Places Around the World

This beautiful, abandoned Villa, is in the Village of Bellagio, Northern Italy.

Inside the drug capital of Spain – and the 'gateway' for illicit substances entering the EU

Rodalquilar, Spain


San Andres village. '

sanzhi pod city taiwan holiday resort ufo

Abandoned Ghost Town Doel, Belgium

Kayak, Turkey (Abandoned Places – Richard Happer)

Kilchurn castle loch awe. KENNETHBARKERGetty Images. There's something simultaneously eerie and beautiful about abandoned ...

Visiting deserted Imber Village, Wiltshire

Imber Village, Salisbury, England

The Viking village from 'Vikingr'

7 of the world's creepiest abandoned holiday resorts

Theme Stark: Inside Niigata Russian Village

Dome Homes, Marco Island, Florida

Photo: Ed Carreon jeff corwin


Ligonia Village


These six European-style towns are actually in Shanghai

San Andrés de Teixido

Beautiful Abandoned Places

beautiful!! Abandoned water tower in the Polish village of Lubne, Lesko County. It serviced the village until the 1930s when it was converted into a home.

Places of worship CATERS. Photographer Matthias Haker has captured these eerie images of abandoned ...

9 uniquely annoying spite houses

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are back on the road in Spain

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#visitspain / Belchite (Zaragoza)

Colorado: These western storefronts in St. Elmo

Belchite, Spain

Abandoned Ghost Town Doel in Belgium

Fuerteventura mountains Spain

Michigan Theatre, Detroit

Who Will Save These Dying Italian Towns?Who Will Save These Dying Italian Towns?

It was one of thousands of such institutions that now stand abandoned – yet surely not forgotten by the youngsters who went there.

You can stay at this Airbnb located in Hawaii at the base of the world's most

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The supposedly haunted Hachijo Royal Hotel

Visiting deserted Imber Village, Wiltshire

Kinmel Hall was named among the 10 most endangered Victorian and Edwardian structures by the Victorian Society (Image: Fragelhunter/PA)

A wander near Ronda: Spain's empty quarter

A photographer visited the abandoned towns around Chernobyl more than 20 times over the past 25 years, and the captivating photos show just how suddenly ...

Peaceful and secluded camping in a lush Galcian forest of pine and eucalyptus trees.

Matavenero village transformed by Spanish hippies into eco-friendly idyll | Daily Mail Online

Stonehenge - England - One of the oldest and best preserved prehistoric monuments in the world

Abandoned structure in Kolmanskop, Namibia

#visitspain / Graveyard (Granada)

The 40 Most Beautiful Countries in the World

Slide 4 of 56: Vegetation has all but consumed the remains of the the island

Houtouwan lies 40 miles east of Shanghai.

I'm wrong.

100km northwest of Seville, in the province of Huelva, this is where the cross Spain ridges of the Sierra Morena finally run out and the Atlantic weather ...

Georgiana Cemetery

Abandoned Ghost Town Doel in Belgium

Ok, now they're just taking the piste.

John Maher's photos help save abandoned Scottish island cottages

Ani, Turkey (Abandoned Places – Richard Happer)

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Belchite, Spain


Canfranc International Railway Station, Spain

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Garnet Montana creepiest abandoned buildings

Shenzhen's history didn't start in 1979 – it goes back hundreds of years, to another golden age | South China Morning Post

Visiting deserted Imber Village, Wiltshire

10 Eerie, Abandoned Islands Around the World (PHOTOS)

More than 40 years later, they're still waiting. If you love to scare yourself silly on holiday, why not check out the world's nine creepiest ghost towns?

3 Needles

It's eerily quiet. View from my window