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The wild garlic season has began here in Estonia For almost a

The wild garlic season has began here in Estonia For almost a


The wild garlic season has began here in Estonia. For almost a fortnight I see

Wild garlic season is almost over, but I wanted to share another simple recipe for that wild plant. Need something zesty on your grilled steak?

Spring Stinging Nettle Pasta with Vegan Parmesan - Very Vegan Val

Beet pizza is eye-catching and delicious. The vegan pizza crust recipe is bright

These quick and easy Lamb Chops with Homemade Mint Sauce and Asparagus make the perfect one

Wild Garlic Pesto

all about wild garlic

what to do with wild garlic

This Wild Garlic Chicken Stew with Cheesy Dumplings is packed full of veg & uses

Wild garlic

This collection of wild garlic recipes is a great place to start if you need some

what to do with wild garlic

Wonder plant

A flavorful WILD RICE SOUP that is packed lemon and garlic. It's nourishing, bright and makes the perfect cozy winter meal.

Tomato and Mozzarella Salad with Himalayan Pink Salt

The best restaurant ( juuni 2018)

cover by Estonian Design Team. Innovation is an ecosystem of ...

Mutton Stew with Minted Dumplings. This Mutton Stew with Minted Dumplings is slow cooked to

You may enjoy the visual treat of a sea of bluebells beginning to carpet a forest. wild garlic pesto

Plant of many names

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French bear garlic, ramps

Easy Greek Pasta Salad

what to do with wild garlic

We give our garlic a range of extra nutrients, from diluted seaweed fertilizer tea (how-to here) to worm juice, at a rate of about one application a month.


making wild garlic pesto

Resilient ground cover. Estonians have ...

A guide to Tallinn, Estonia for first-time visitors

And it is excellent, lovely quality moose from Saaremaa, which is all under this nice set of garden greens and herbs and crispbread.

Estonia is ...

... here's a list of sustainable accommodation in Estonia. Harvest your own food

This Rasmons Pesto Recipe will transform a glut of wild garlic into a delicious pesto that

Oh this is marvellous, the quality of this local beef is just spectacular. Almost perfect for this prep, with wonderful flavour and texture, with the wild ...

Plant Identification pages with Sample Recipe Template

Growing Delicious Homegrown Garlic (AKA Fall Is for Garlic!) Header and OG

In May it is ...

Garlic Poisoning in Dogs

Spring Foraging in the UK - Wild Garlic

Third Harvest – Garlic with a capital G

bear garlic

A Cycling Adventure in Estonia

I looked over the menu and ordered the set menu, as well as a cocktail. My server was surprised that I spoke Estonian…I guess she's too young to remember me ...

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Jerusalem Artichoke Garlic Soup at Leib Resto in Tallinn Estonia - Tallinn Food Guide


Posh UK Magazine Heralds “Modern Era” of “Truly Sophisticated” Glads

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Spreads: Muhamarra, smoky beetroot hummus, and cashew carrot with garlic ciabatta at Vegan

Transcaucasian Trail

Garlic gready for planting

View of Tallinn Estonia from Café Dannebrog Where to eat in Tallinn

Estonia has ...

Kubliaka at Cafe Moon in Tallinn Estonia - Tallinn Food Guide

Garlic Poisoning in Cats

Could the Baltic States Be the Next Scandinavia?

Janet Renouf-Miller explains how you can create a harvest of fresh, nutritious winter food throughout the cold months

A board is the garlic planters friend

Wild garlic infused vinegar is one of Burren Balsamics impressive range.

Hairy bittercress

Jägala Waterfall Estonia

[email protected] · Visit Estonia

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Estonia's coastline has hundreds of deserted beaches. Even in the height of summer you can find private space for yourself. The beach season in Estonia ...

Softneck garlics have soft, flexible stems — perfect for braiding.

On the GR 34As an inveterate hiker, I think any season is a good one for taking to the trails, particularly as a break from intense work, when the mind ...

#greenthumbs hashtag on Twitter

Out with the Old? Is Sustainability a Threat to Historic Gardens?

Some years ago, tired of the endless routines of digging, fertilizing and weeding (which I think is useless at the beginning of the season) I began to read ...

8 foodie experiences you can only have on Guernsey. This tiny island is a ...

The ...

Depeche Mode Baar in Tallinn Estonia

Canadian Florist - January 2018

A plaque at the First African Baptist Church (ExploreGeorgia.org)

Drying garlic by whatever means neccessary

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Then there's the gothic architecture taking influence from the Germans and architecture dating back to the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

It is moderately resistant to powdery mildew and susceptible to verticillium wilt. Plants do poorly in stressful conditions.

A Pakistani in Narva: “I'm Grateful to Estonia”

In addition to Norway spruce, valuable broad-leaved trees such as the English oak, European ash, mountain elm and Norway maple grow there with a ...

Acadian Summer Savory

Foraging & Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook

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The 52 Places Traveler: In Tallinn and Vilnius, the Complexities of Independence - The New York Times

Stepping off the train in Crawley, 30 miles south of London, you hear less English and more Romanian, Estonian, Portuguese and Polish. Crawley is an ...

Nature-friendly holiday homes in the wild

With your help that is just the start. Learn how you can help out here. Or - learn how you can get discounted trees for your downcounty property here.

Annas Hotel & Spa, in Latvia


Nick planting 'slips' - garlic cloves that self-germinated. A board is the ...

The Estonian Song Festival

Karulaugupesto - wild garlic pesto After a week or two of seeing posts about wild garlic

If you're a fellow beet lover, you may want to check out the Beautiful Beet Recipes Pinterest board, where you'll find 100+ great pins leading you to some ...

Aerial View of Tallinn Old Town in a beautiful summer day, Estonia

View of Tallinn Estonia from Tallinn Television Tower top 5 things to do in Tallinn

A bit of biking in the Baltics