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The traits I admire about the Affectionate Great Dane Puppy

The traits I admire about the Affectionate Great Dane Puppy


The traits I admire about the Affectionate Great Dane Pups #greatdanepuppies #greatdanesofinsta #greatdanetraining

The traits I admire about the Affectionate Great Danes Pup #GreatDanePics #greatdanesofig #greatdanefunny

The traits I admire about the Affectionate Great Dane Puppy #greatdanefun #greatdanesrule #greatdaneblue

Great Dane

The traits we admire about the Affectionate Great Dane Puppy #greatdanerescue #greatdanemix #greatdanefacts

harlequin great dane laying on grass

Personality of the Great Dane

Great Dane

Great Dane Puppy (Brindle, Fawn)

Great Dane Training Tips

The traits I admire about the Affectionate Great Danes Pup #greatdaneworld #greatdanesunleashed

blue great dane puppy playing with a black great dane puppy

Great Dane temperament


... and color purity, as well as offers a few off-colored litters, specializing in breeding fawn, brindle, harlequin, blue, and black Great Danes.

Great Dane

The Typical Great Dane Temperament

Great Dane Lying on Floor

Great Dane

The traits we admire about the Affectionate Great Danes Pups #greatdanelover #greatdanesunleashed #greatdaneblue

Colors of the Great Dane

great dane puppy training

An eleven-month-old male Bully Kutta.

brindle great dane being petted

A large brown brindle Great Dane wearing a black collar is sitting on a black top


dog: external features

Chow Chow Dog Breed Picture

He is available to the right great home. His Mantle brother that we are calling SPOOK is also available. These two boy Danes have the sweetest temperments.

Well, it's been a little over 24 hours since we picked up our sweet, goofy Bailey. I can honestly say that he is the same sweet, goofy, loving pup but only ...

Read on to find a full breed description for Great Danes to help determine whether this “gentle giant” is the right breed match for your family.

The traits I admire about the Fun-Loving Boxer Pups #boxerdogsofnewyorkcity #boxerdogsaregreat #

A strong, rugged dog, the Belgian Malinois exhibits a wide range of temperament and aggressiveness. This breed is not suitable for households with small, ...

Harlequin male Great Dane puppy with a family in his future!

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Photo of Olympic Dogs - Port Townsend, WA, United States. Nala and Drax

Great Pyrenees

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Akita is a very old breed. The first information originates back in the 1600s. Akita was a royalty guard and a hunting dog. They were popular because of ...

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Ben Fogle with his new puppy, Storm

Callie – passed away week of March 25, ...

Great Danes: The Complete Owners Guide. Includes Information on Height, Health, Temperament

UKC Breed Standards: Great Dane

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Suzie .

An Olde English Bulldogge puppy—this breed originated in the United States in the 1970s

History of The German Shepherd

Despite its name, the Great Dane is a German breed.

Dog Breed Profiles: Small Chihuahua on the shoulder of a woman

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Photo of adult Bullmastiff

Crate Pad Nesting TUFF Dog Bed Black img ...

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This distinctive-looking dog breed has a proud, independent spirit that some describe as catlike. He can be aloof — if you're looking for a cuddle buddy, ...

Yellow lab splashing through vibrant blue water


Blue great dane standing on snow

What Is The History Of Dogfighting?

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This snorting, wrinkly-faced little character with a cinnamon-roll tail is one of my favorite toy dog breeds. He'll grow to be about 18 lbs (unless you over ...

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Photo of Lhasa Apso In Chair Min

Great Dane

When you get to the point that “the Chiweenie wagging the cat” seems normal, you will have become a full-fledged devotee of this tiny dog.

The traits I admire about the Great Danes Puppy #greatdanesleeping #greatdanelove #greatdanefunny

VIVVI - ADOPTED is a very affectionate girl who loves to be with people and loves to play! She would be great in an active home, as a playmate to kids or ...

The Great Dane is a German breed known for its giant size. Their large and large and imposing appearance goes in contrast with their friendly nature.

Allie took a stab at showing.

The Great Dane is nothing short of “great.” They are massive dogs with a surprisingly calm and friendly demeanor, often referred to as gentle giants.

Dog Internet Jargon Explained

The Irish Wolfhound Dog Breed

Huge yet beautiful, strong yet very loyal, the Cane Corso is a formidable breed, impossible to miss, and impossible not to admire.

Their name derived from their creator Friedrich Louis Doberman. Ever since being bred during the 1800s, and especially after the breed's exposure at the dog ...

Purebred dog vs mutt

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We'd love to introduce everyone to the fun loving Francis! Francis is a

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Great Weimar (Weimaraner / Great Dane)

On Dogs, Walking and the Countryside.

Check out the list below of giant dogs, which are well admired for its height, length, and weight. 1. Great Danes: ...

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Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love

These dogs are majestic creatures famous by the big size and the beautiful appearance. The personality of this pet is unforgettable, Great Dane is also ...

Flat-faced dogs like pugs, bulldogs, and boxers may be known for their squished features and loud snorting but these characteristics that are affectionately ...

Pit Bull Behaviors

BREED: Pit Bull GENDER: Female, spayed. AGE: 2-3 years old. WEIGHT: 55 pounds. Good with older children. Louisville-Area Adoptions/

Daniff Dog For Adoption near 77302, Montgomery, TX, USA