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The natural veg tan leather on my OperatorWallet is tanning up

The natural veg tan leather on my OperatorWallet is tanning up


The natural veg tan leather on my #OperatorWallet is tanning up nicely alongside my double

Natural Veg Tan Patina Port Wallet

Operator Wallet Handmade Horween Dublin Leather Wallet Billfold Tall Wallet Heritage Quality Northwest Craft and Lore

Enfold Field Notes Leather Notebook Cover, Hand dyed and handmade leather journal

The #InsiderWallet built from natural veg tan leather, and showing the beautiful patina wear

Handmade Insider Wallet by Craft and Lore Quality Heirloom handstitched bifold minimal

Surf's up, to my dude @jonnnyblue with some good stuff heading your way.

Operator Wallet in Horween Natural Shell Cordovan. 👌🏻👌🏻

Leather Valet Tray for Everyday Carry items and desks

The Insider Wallet, built from natural vegetable tanned leather and awaiting its patina journey with

The Operator in Horween Dublin.

Horween Shell Cordovan Wallets, Reversed Patina Handmade Quality Heritage Heirloom Minimal Card Unique Alternative

Fully prepped Operator Wallets now in need of some stitching and they are ready to head

What is it about aged leather that is so great? #OperatorWallet (at Craft

Enfold Wallet Natural Veg Patina

Belts for Wedding Party 🎉 "customize your leather goods" ※ ※ ※ #leatherbelt

Craft and Lore ReportShareDownload3563. Natural Veg tan leather ...

Well worn full grain veg tan leather sure beats every other material that they tend to

Minimalist business card holder in hickory finished vegetable tanned leather. . Will fit 12-

Our 3 favorite minimal card wallet designs. Enfold Card, Port Wallet, and Insider

ENFOLD WALLET from @craftnlore - Aged and patina'd to perfection. Hand stitched

GIVEAWAY CLOSED Winner: @robmbiv . GIVEAWAY TIME •••••••

THE PORT WALLET - Shown in reversed Black and reversed Natural. Horween Shell Cordovan is

Latest #bravestarselvage Posts

May your adventures never cease, and may your future consist of completed log books

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For the real patina warriors out there, the veg tan Operator Wallet with a pair of fresh raws is a match made in heaven

Our 3 favorite minimal card wallet designs. Enfold Card, Port Wallet, and Insider Wallet. | Craft and Lore | Card wallet, Wallet, Cards

A month and a half of daily wear on these Collab boots with @nickshandmadeboots -

No photo description available.

We now have the Key Kedge available in the same leather as our Mountain Belts.

Insider Wallet$ 65.00. Natural Veg Tan ...

Have a great weekend and Stay Raw Denim Heads... * * * * * #bravestarselvage #stayraw #bluecollarluxury #madeint… http://bit.ly/2WHMbZr pic.twitter.com/ ...

New vs Worn - The Key Kedge in russet with a couple months of daily wear

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The #operatorwallet in some great color choices. 👌🏻 Use coupon SAVE10

Enjoy your #RedwingWednesday friends.

Ltd. release and available exclusively for all our Regular Taper Die Hards. • • • • • #bravestarselvage #stayraw #selvedge #selvedgedenim #bluecollarluxury… ...

Currently stitching up a bunch of our recent Horween Shell Cordovan orders. I still have

Craft and Lore Handmade Heritage Leather Goods North Idaho

The Weekender Duffel Bag is open for pre-order over at the @folk.

The Product Spotlight for the Thorogood 1892 Indigo Dyed Chromexcel Beloit Boot is Up! 😱 Link in BIO⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ Pictured here with other great indigo dyed ...

All made out of sweet vegetable tanned Leather from one of the last Tanneries here in northern Germany. Support your local,support the Knowlege they have.

Leather business card case. #nabistrita #vegtan #leather #handmadegifts #handmadeaccessory #

a stack of 🔥🔥🔥 #edcguide #everydaycarry #edcgear #gunsdaily #gunsofig # #knivesofig #badass #america #carry #love #instagood #me #cute #nofilter #tbt ...

Just a killer #flatlay from our own @selvedgeson

EDC Daily @edcguide

by @mtselvedge - A little bit of everything for #redwingtuesday . - -

The Key Kedge built from heavy duty Hermann Oak Harness leather.

Creasy Wallet, cash fold money clip handmade hand sewn durable quality artisan wallet card minimal

Size range from 28 thru 42. Pre orders are shipping out starting today! Can't wait to see how this one fades... #bravestarselvage #stayraw #bluecollarluxury ...

"Simplicity and functionality are the two initial words that come to mind. Holds my

Sometimes I end up rocking both the Brass Key Hook and the Key Kedge. But

100% Handmade-stitched Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather Card Case

Are you looking for a high quality natural tan leather belt? . Take a look to these beauties from @tender_co and The Strike Gold. Both belts are extra thick ...

When it comes to your everyday carry items, make it gear that wears in and


Hello, fadefriday! 😉 Some fade on Brave Star selvage 17oz Slubsessive .

Next up on this #redwingwednesday of #rangermonth , my second pair of Iron Rangers #8116 in Charcoal Rough & Tough leather with cork nitrile soles.

चित्र में ये शामिल ...

Another detail for special custome. . . Simpel elegan and classic make your different.

This year has been about improving our process and making sure things are running efficiently behind

The beginnings of an Operator. These wallets take a good chunk of time to finish

Latest Instagram Photos. ♤ Black & Silver everyday carry gear. #PortWallet

craftnlore. Today only 15% off coupon. The blank canvas of natural veg tan leather ...

Glock 19 Range Series holster paired up with a Double Mag Carrier in #flatdarkearth.

this balancing face oil is the real deal ☀ I'm ALL for

Handmade thick leather tote bags for women who want quality.

#edcguide #everydaycarry #edcgear #gunsdaily #gunsofig # #

Media by craftnlore: We've got thick leather straps for a watch, or

The unique beauty of aged natural leather is our lasting favorite

There's a solid combination. #PortWallet (at Craft and Lore) https:/

EDC Daily (@edcguide) - Fact: Life is better with leather on your

Card wallet in veg.tan soon online

Smokin' Aces 😎🔥 —————-//——-

@levis Type 3 Leather Trucker Jacket @bravestarselvage 15oz Cone Mills

leatherwallet #leather#craftsman #craft #handmade #vegtanpullup

Media by craftnlore: Natural veg tan Insider. Still breaking this one in for the


James Bond wallet ;) #PocketMonkey #ChaosCard #OperatorWallet #EDC

Leather Tool Bag, Handmade Heirloom Durable Heritage Minimal Leather Bag Craft and Lore

@instruments_of_freedom Keep your friends close, but keep your tourniquets closer 🤘😎🤘 I

NEW Women's Ankle Rain Boots Briley - Merona Red Size 8 NWOB: $10.10 (0

KUSTOMKRAFT BAGS muss man einfach haben 👍💪👊 #kustomkraft #kiel #bag #

This weekend I finally got to kick back and do what I love. Create.

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Here's some matching leather for today. Currently my favourite accessories. Special shoutout to my

Great Western Inspired Look My Buddy Rahul @theshoenerd : Two Shades Of Brown .

Lace upgrade: ☑ - - - Boots: @redwingheritage #8859 Laces:

100% Handmade-stitched Vegetable Tanned Leather Card Case

Compact leather wallet, veg tanned leather, chocolate color. Gorgeous patina 😍🤗 #vercorsnative #portefeuille #cuirnaturel #cuirvintage #heritage ...

Here is what 30 days of carrying a Natural leather Port Wallet can look like.

Fuelin' up. Which way to adventure? Actually, which way to a drink

Stay Rugged #OperatorWallet

【Butler Veruner Sails】 Big Suede Tote Bag #butlervernersails #totebag #LeatherBag #

Some of us still run a checkbook. But only because I have to 😐.

The Port Wallet in the limited run of Scotch Moss 🌲 We have this one Port