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The best affordable DIY open baffle loudspeaker Ive listened to so

The best affordable DIY open baffle loudspeaker Ive listened to so


OK, trying to post a few pictures of the Ultra to help fill out the project. The views are self explainatory.

Pic of the backside, from our DIY in 2009.

It's a good project.

I have a pair of John's Manzanitas and once I tamed the newer Vifa's hotter upper end, they have been marvelous. I listen to a lot of live recordings from ...

OK, trying to post a few pictures of the Ultra to help fill out the project. The views are self explainatory.

Thank you so much John for sharing this exciting and elegant design with the diy community! \Hans in Holmsund, Sweden.

If so what are your thoughts on these, or Open Baffles's in general?

PureAudioProject Trio15 Voxativ open baffle speakers Review

Review: PureAudioProject Trio15 TB Loudspeakers

The best affordable DIY open baffle loudspeaker I've listened to so far.

Now we come to the part of the story where doubt, bias, and “speaker bigotry” enter the scene. Open baffle speakers have a history of being either A) a DIY ...

If you've been following along, I have been engaged in a fun and educational project involving building an active biamplified open baffle loudspeaker.

Speaker Projects by Zilla

Quintet15 Line

Eminence Beta 12LTA on open baffle

... open baffle speakers so they offer a richer and more room-friendly sound for your average, imperfect acoustic - that is to say hard or live rooms.

My real OB speaker project

IMG] Click the image to open in full size.

Eminence Alpha 15A Experimental Open Baffle Design

Front and rear of the prototype open baffle


Such a room is still only a dream but more or less two years ago, at my friend's house I had a chance to listen to one of the first versions of Alter – open ...

Audio Nirvana open baffle full-range speakers--the world's best sound! 25

Click image to go to website

Contributor: Lance A. aka Chopper 87 on the forums. This is the second chapter of a report whose first chapter can be read here.

Waaayy to bright with the 5.0uf. So far I've been listening to music friendly to this set up; Chet Atkins/Mark Knopfler, Steely Dan, Santana, Dire Straits, ...

New Open Baffle design starting Q&A.

DON'T Build These Speakers... Yet! || DIY Open Baffle Speaker Build - YouTube

Discussionhow do open baffle speakers stay in phase?

PureAudioProject Stellar12 Loudspeakers with Holton Audio Ex Nihilo Amplfiers

from $3,490 excl.

OBs (with a horn on top) for a listen. From what I'd read I was expecting to be disappointed with them from the perspective of bass performance – regular ...

Ever since I started building loudspeakers with cone-type drivers on open baffles several decades ago, I tried to find the optimum shape for those baffles ...

FS: DIY Open Baffle Troels Gravesen OBL-15 Speakers

A journey through no-brand loudspeaker land - Part II

Dual 18" powered subs (One shown on the left) and the 2x 15" Eminence Alpha 15" drivers provided coverage from 170 hz on down. The Subs were crossed at 50hz ...

DIY Open Baffle Loudspeaker for Non DIYers

TRIO10 Product Line Overview


beautiful decor audiophile listening room audiophile woods and room

I heard and read somewhere that Audiophiles who like full range single driver speakers' sound also prefer Open Baffle sound……True its the same with me too.

DIY Open Baffle loudspeakers

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Review of the PureAudioProject Stellar12 Loudspeakers

2: Building a Simple 2'x2' Distributed Mode Loudspeaker

Quintet15 Horn1 ...

Review: The Stunning Xavian Perla Esclusiva Loudspeakers

Best Full Range Speakers For Open Baffle

Speakers: open baffle Phy, Fostex, Seas and Stentorian single-driver designs. Cables: silver-coated copper. Room size: 4.5m x 7m. Review component retail: ...

PureAudioProject Trio 15TB speaker Review

Let me start by saying that these speakers are still very much an experiment. I did quite a lot of research before building them, but unfortunately, ...

Search for “H-frame” and you will find many wonderful Alpha 15A projects accompanying even the most expensive ...

Dipole hi-end open baffle speakers “Daydream”

Then ...

Trio10 Voxativ

[Open baffle with Audio Nirvana driver]

S11 OB - Desktop Open Baffle with Seas 8" and Tangband Full-range

PureAudioProject Trio15 Voxativ Open Baffle Speakers (pair). Back to List

Audience's A3; full range line array loudspeaker. Open Baffle Speakers, Hifi Speakers,


... 2009 turned his ears and eyes to making very distinctive speakers, using the full range Enviee drivers from Alman Galm coupled with a ribbon top end.

A ...

I have small clip taken using my mobile phone in YouTube.

[ IMG]

Mark Schifter of Emerald Physics contacted me about reviewing the company's latest loudspeaker, the KCII. Rarely do I receive introductory letters written ...

open baffle rookie

PureAudioProject Trio15 Speaker System. I've had the ...

Open Baffle – JD Edition 1

"So, I've spent a while listening to my speakers with the new crossovers and can say that I now have an understanding of what a really nice crossover can do ...

Full Range Drivers For Open Baffle Subwoofer

What's the point of having a driver in an open baffle? Some would say that it eliminates any "coloration" caused by cabinet resonances.


As I said, all for under £200 and yes they look rubbish but boy do they sound good.

SD Acoustics OBS Open Baffle Speakers.

10 Things Speakers

PureAudioProject Trio15 Voxativ open baffle speakers Review

I have been looking around for a while to buy a open baffle pair. Due to the lack of availability in market, i decided to make one and finally ended with ...

It's a good project.


They suggest, for example that customers have found good synergy with the modestly powered (and endlessly popular) ...

Image result for open baffle line array speakers

DIY Open Baffle loudspeakers

Vifa PC9 on Open Baffle

Here my main criterion was low harmonic distortion. I am listening to these speakers in an ordinary apartment living room, so I do not need a lot ...

I think that there are two elements that significantly contributed to this success. The first one is the, so important for music playback, perfect timing.

Click the image to open in full size.

Tri-Art Audio Open Baffle Speakers, Audio Speakers, Loudspeaker, Audiophile, Top

Is Kyron Audio's Kronos the Best Sounding System You Will Ever Hear?

High-end build techniques applied to a truly desktop size, bluetooth enabled, fully


ReMusic Spark Award Intro I have always appreciate the basical principle of open baffle speakers.

Here is the Vifa WT3 plot mounted on the Ultra baffle. No crossover with the Vifa or the previous GRS 15 post.