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The HarperTrudeau NEB is about to issue another oil tanker approval

The HarperTrudeau NEB is about to issue another oil tanker approval


The Harper-Trudeau NEB is about to issue another oil tanker approval. Here's what

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Will Big Oil's lobby succeed in reversing Trudeau's North Coast tanker ban?

It was March 24, 1989, nearly 30 years ago, that the Exxon Valdez came to grief in Alaska's Prince William Sound. Ten million gallons were spilled.

I realize that I am feeding the monster myself. I am letting the oil companies fleece me while at the same time they are polluting and warming our earth.

Handmade anti-pipeline signs are seen on the side of a road in the First

High angle view of an oil tanker Lyons Creek Canvas Art - (18 x 24

Kinder Morgan and the 'Rule of Law'

OPINION: Why Liberal MPs in BC should resign if the Kinder Morgan pipeline is approved

Are arguments for the pipeline expansion based on actual respect for legal procedure?

You ...

Raising anchor of your oil tanker only to realize you've hooked an unexploded torpedo

Trudeau Said to Plan Pipeline Approval, Favor Kinder Morgan

... Canada, France, Norway and Sweden express support for ban on heavy fuel oil in the Arctic ...

Canada's Trudeau Likely to Approve Pipeline Project

#164 of 218 articles from the Special Report: Trans Mountain

Pipeline politics: where the parties stand

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Ottawa has no one to blame but itself for the Trans Mountain saga : canada

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“The way we've approached this project and the degree of engagement that we've undertaken has always kept me hopeful — in fact, confident,” Kinder Morgan ...


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks before a meeting on the deadlock over Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain

Super Tanker

... the amazon in Ecuador. It was an interesting story and illustrates how if Chevron can get away with not cleaning up their own mess – they will.

... briefs and talked to government officials, Indigenous leaders and academics. The also gathered testimony in Canada's eastern Arctic territory of Nunavut ...

altagas b.c. plant

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Trudeau reportedly close to approving a pipeline, favouring Kinder Morgan | The Star

If Cuba exploits is oil riches, the unspoilt nature of its waters could come under threat

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a news conference on the Paris Agreement in April 2016

Federal government approves Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline

Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs speaks to reporters before heading into a parliamentary committee meeting in Ottawa on Sept. 4, 2018. Photo by Alex Tétreault

Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion: Is Trudeau clearing approval path? | Calgary Herald


They indicated that the National Energy Board (NEB) had been gathering information about environmental groups, in partnership with the federal spy agency, ...

Fuel Markets Confirm Global Growth Slowdown: Kemp

Workers walk to a jet fuel barge at Kinder Morgan's Westridge Terminal on Burrard Inlet in

Harper, Trudeau, Mulcair, Embrace, Hug, handsign, masonic, freemasons,

Chantal Hébert: Pipeline politics ensures Ottawa and Alberta will remain divided : CanadaPolitics

Trudeau government clearing way for Kinder Morgan pipeline


BC Needs To Use Full Toolbox to Stop Kinder Morgan

Whatever Voting Systems Wins, BC Needs to Make Politicians More Accountable

Emma Davie/CBC. “

S'associer à de présumés criminels, faire la chasse aux passeurs, fournir de l'équipement de surveillance à des régimes corrompus, voilà autant de moyens ...

101 Impeachment Odds: Donald Trump Presidency On Brink Of Disaster, Might Resign First Before He Gets Impeached

NDP MP and committee member Richard Cannings in Ottawa on Sept. 4, 2018. Photo by Alex Tétreault

Pope: Abortion is never OK, equates it to 'hiring a hitman'

During this heated election race between Harper, Trudeau, Mulcair, and May there has been much debate over reengaging the mandatory, long-form census.

Trudeau Clears Path for Canada to Approve Kinder Morgan Pipeline

(PDF) Canada as a selective power | Marcin Gabryś and Tomasz Soroka - Academia.edu

Chinese solar company Suntech at the Bird's Nest stadium

Protestors outside Canada's National Energy Board hearings last ...



... to cut emissions that cost less than $20/t, then those that cost between $20/t and $30/t, and so on. The 450 ppm scenario:pic.twitter.com/EuaH3JFO3C

... seconds ago More Replying to @jkenney I agree with @ElkeBabiuk Please keep demonizing @JustinTrudeau and thereby encourage hate of the sort we're seeing ...

Politics has finally recognised the depression trifecta: too much labour, too much stuff, too much capital!

President Trump still won't say whether he believes the Russian government meddled in the presidential election. But his top intelligence and homeland ...

Justin Trudeau-Just another Con man Justin Trudeau addresses a progressive think tank ...


I ...

The biggest and largest ship (oil tanker) ever built (Japan, Scrapped in IMO: Names: Seawise Giant Happy Giant Jahre Viking Knock Nevis Mont

Human Relationships


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Cartoon by Greg Perry

Rueben George, left, project manager for the Tsleil-Waututh Nation Sacred Trust Initiative, and lawyer Eugene Kung, of West Coast Environmental Law, ...

Federal Court of Appeal quashes Trans Mountain approval, calling it 'unjustifiable failure,'

Rona Ambrose says Trudeau's pipeline decisions are political, arbitrary

Speeders, stolen signs irk Telegraph Road residents

The 2016 Ford Fiesta ST is powered by a turbocharged, direct-injected four-

The sidewalks of Toronto's Beach are typically clogged with SUV-sized baby carriages and purebreds on leashes.


In March 2017, a 28-year-old white man from Baltimore traveled to New York City with the explicit aim of killing black men. He stabbed 66-year-old Timothy ...


“Go ahead Sheriff, Raven, Chips and #9 are listening”.

"Made in America" week is coming to a close, but Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross faces a deadline to deliver a blueprint for one of the administration's ...

Now be good little Whores and use sex as a weapon on all of Society (COINTELPRO) as people will spill everything to you when you have slept with them.

The Detroit News

All Politics is Local: The Campaign to Put Urban Issues on the Election Agenda | Angelia Wagner - Academia.edu

Oilmart- Low, low prices!

Federal Liberals have lost ground to the Conservatives, new poll suggests : canada

Charts: Bloomberg

That we are talking about an expansion? I met an Albertan who thinks it does not exist yet, probably due to how its spoken about in media.pic.twitter.com/ ...


However, some (Jewish) Traders on Wall Street WANT a WAR and BLOCKADE of Strait of Hormuz, as “only means to save U.S. dollar” – from the American public ...


Child like bomb drawing is used by Netanyahu ???? Why not use a real drawing of a real bomb the Iranians

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Alex van der Zwaan, Paul Manafort, Robert Mueller, Russia Probe, Freemasons, ...