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The Grecian Costume Making a Chiton Crown and Girdle Eros

The Grecian Costume Making a Chiton Crown and Girdle Eros


Love the drape on this (apparently simple) Grecian inspired dress

The Grecian Costume : Making a Chiton, Crown, and Girdle | Eros (Visual) | Grecian dress, Persephone costume, Goddess costume

Doric Chiton- Ancient grecian clothing | Melek Uluk

How to make a Doric chiton: The Doric chiton is simpler and older than the Ionic chiton; it consists of a single rectangle of fabric folded around the body.

The Grecian Costume : Making a Chiton, Crown, and Girdle

(Left) Ionic chiton with girdle across the chest & (right) A woman wearing a Doric chiton

Ancient Greek inspired men's costume with Himation.

Peplos Greece Dress, Ancient Greek Clothing, Toga Party, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece

Ladies Greek Chiton Dress, beige linen and chocolate brown trim. Costume for LaRP

Greek Goddess Athena Costume

Couples Toga Costumes




Aphrodite was the goddess of love, as well as beauty and desire. There are two tales of how she was born; one is that she was born from the sea, ...

Roman Emperor Men's Halloween Costume Julius Caesar & Greek Toga King Robe

Adult Goddess Costume Update Main

California Costumes Men's Deluxe Classic Toga Set

Aphrodite Goddess Women's Costume

Greek travelling costume, incorporating a chiton, a chlamys, sandals, and a petasos hat hanging in the back.

Kids Grecian Toga Costume

Caryatid from the Erechtheion wearing a peplos. The blousing, or kolpos, is atop zone

Couples Greek Warrior Costumes

Jewelry in ancient Greece; 6.

Enlarge image. Limestone statue of Aphrodite holding winged Eros ...

Women's Aphrodite Goddess Costume Update Main

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How to Create a Greek Hero Costume

Making and Wearing a Peplos.

Forum Men's Black Tunic Costume


Statues at the "House of Cleopatra" in Delos, Greece. Man and woman wearing the himation

Womens Athena Costume

Vector image of ancient Greek goddess of victory Nike. Red-figure pottery style.

Head of Aphrodite

beautiful brazilian garota character


Dionysos-Sardanapalos statue in the British Museum at My Favourite Planet

Three-sided relief. Greek

Isolated vector illustration. Figure of a medieval knight in armor with sword. Black and

Ancient Greece clothing; 4.

Statuette of a woman leaning on a pillar. Greek

California Costumes Women's Roman Empress Costume

Flights of Fancy – Costumes Galore

Family Tree of Dionysos ...

One Thousand Years of Ancient Greek Vases II from Greece, Etruria, & Southern Italy featuring the Patricia Kluge collection


Girl wearing a Greek chiton (dress) ...

Roman Toga Men's Costume

Eros, the winged god of beauty and love, with his arrows of love causing mischief when they went awry! The son of Ares and Aphrodite, he was generally ...

Head of Aphrodite ("The Bartlett Head" )

Le Cortège de Dionysos à Florian . Moi et moi inspiration Tyche avec corne d'

Matrona ...

Marble Greek copy signed "Antiokhos", a 1st-century BC variant of Phidias' 5th century Athena Promachos that stood on the Acropolis

My little Poseidon for Greek day at school 😍 🌊 🔱 #greekmythology #greek #


Vector image of naked ancient Greek god of love Eros. Red-figure pottery style

Fearless Gladiator Girls Costume-update1

Zoom Original (jpeg, 60k)

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Marble statue of the goddess clothed in Greek dress, posed like the caryatids on the porch of the Erectheion on the Acropolis. She wears a murual crown with ...

Raven Queen Takes the Mantle

Le Cortège de Dionysos à Florian . Tyche avec corne d'abondance . #tyche

Download; PDF · JPEG; Drucken ...

Women's Olympian Warrior Costume

Her animal is the dove, her flower the rose and myrtle. The Romans knew her as Venus. I have dressed Aphrodite in a Doric Chiton.


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Cook, Arthur B.: Zeus: a study in ancient religion (Band 2,1): Zeus god of the dark sky (thunder and lightning): Text and notes (Cambridge, 1925)



Phi Ratio and the Ancient Greek Idea of Beauty

Helmeted head of the god Mars (Ares)

Artemis goddess of the hunt | Athenian red-figure lekythos C5th B.C. | State Hermitage

Costume designed inspired from greek era 😇 #doric_peplos #himation #chiton #brooch #

Ares, the god of war, bloodlust, manly courage, and terrible violence, delighting in blood and slaughter for its own sake. One of the second-generation ...

SIDE B Standing behind Hermes are the 3 Goddesses, waiting to be judged.

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Westropp, Hodder M.: Handbook of archaeology: Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan, Roman (London, 1867)

Agrandir ...

Ancient Greek winged goddes Nike with two vessels. Vase painting motif

Art of the Ancient World Greek, Etruscan, Roman, Byzantine, Egyptian, & Near Eastern Antiquities

Head of Aphrodite

Figure 4.19 Wall-painting showing Canace from the Villa of Munatia Procula. Vatican, Sala delle Nozze Aldobrandine inv. 79632.

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Ancient Greek and Roman Fabrics and Dyes

His animals are the eagle and bull. The Romans knew Zeus as Jupiter. I have dressed Zeus in a himation.

Athena, detail from a silver kantharos with Theseus in Crete ( c. 440-435 BC), part of the Vassil Bojkov collection, Sofia, Bulgaria

Isolated vector illustration of an ancient Greek woman. On black background.

Moirai (Fates), detail of the so-called François Vase, Attic black-figure volute krater by Kleitias and Ergotimos, ca. 570–560 bce, Museo Archeologico ...

Plate 98 Nicopolis-ad-Istrum, Eros, headless statue, ht. 1.40 cm.

Grecian dress. Feminine Greek chiton costumes worn by women of ancient Greece.