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The Corgi disapproves of all the affection she gets from the new

The Corgi disapproves of all the affection she gets from the new


Diggory disapproves of us finding a tiny corgi figurine splooting and making him pose with it on his head.

Corgis Have a Lifespan of 12 to 15 years

How Big Do Corgis Get?

Tofu the Corgi on Instagram: “I can't stop staring at my butt either. 🍑🍑🍑 #whatwhatcorgibutt”

corgi disapproval

Loki, Bear, & Momo on Instagram: “The plumpest drumstick of all time 🍗 #tbt #LokiForever - Wishing all of our American friends a happy Thanksgiving! ❤ ”

corgi puppy looking over a fence

Mia The Corgi on Instagram: “Mia wants you to remember that your authentic self

Queen Elizabeth and Her Corgis: A Love Story

Mocca & Cappu🐾 on Instagram: “We sleep and wake up for this

topi the corgi valentines day video

Tofu the Corgi on Instagram: “You're making my dinner right, Dad? If not, can you make my dinner? 🤤🤤🤤 #feedmenow”


Cora's Story

corgi mom teaches puppy to sit

7 Things All Corgi Owners Know | The Dodo

Claiming new items as their own

Instagram/ Cora The Corgi Explorer

Mayble "Leaf" Canadian Corgi

red and brown corgi

The Queens corgis — First nap in his new home. at.

corgi sploots with broom viral video

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... LimitedSkills in r/corgi

A Corg disapproving of all he surveys Corgi Rescue, Corgi Funny, Corgi Mix,

You’ve Got Mail. Instagram/ Cora The Corgi Explorer

Photo Gallery

St. Elmo Corgi Parade shared a post.

Angry dog

Aggressive at Night in Dogs

When Pudge derps… he derps so ...

Noodles disapproves of her new raincoat! ☔ 🌧💦 #rain #raining #

What a Deer! Orphan Gets a Lick from a Dog

#corgisofinstagram #corgi #puppies #dog #dogsofinstagram #memes #

Instagram/ Cora The Corgi Explorer

4 Surprising Ways Your Dog Says “I Love You” (Including Yawning)

Aggression Toward Familiar People in Dogs

Orso the Corgi 🐻 on Instagram: “That face you make when bae tells you

Great puppies do not have to be purebred.

10400799_1048096481599_8614_n She stood atop of the ...

She really disapproved of the cone ... but she managed

Instagram/ Cora The Corgi Explorer

Lately we've been grading Pudge on his nightly walk performance. Our grades are

DAWG always goes above and beyond for all of the dogs in our care, but especially our medical dogs!

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New dishes for Ollie #JustGimmeTheFood I think #Disapproves his new dishes haha We

Nine-Nine humor is not appreciated in other subreddits (i.redd.it)

Dodger airing smallest DeGioia

Sid is a very funny little dude! He is an all around fun and social

Scared and Shaking in Dogs

We all get old. We all get rickety and we all experience aches as we age. And guess what, our pets get old too. Senior pets require much love and attention.

Diana, Princess of Wales, trailed by a corgi on the occasion of the Queen

Toasted Corgi on Toast?! 😂😂 Yoshi likes to steal Stu's bed spot all the time!

Olivia the Corgi on Instagram: “Sunny Sunday by Gio 🐶❤ 👧🏻

She's a dog lover

Instagram/ Cora The Corgi Explorer

He #disapproves that we left our #protest gear at home #disappointed #resist

Science Proves Dogs Lose Sleep Over Bad Days, Too

This made me realize, it's not something you see every day, it was a reassuring presence when the power and intensity of your contractions began

glamour shot

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A Lovely Coincidence

Ugh laundry #corgi #disapproves #shibainu

Courtesy photograph

10400799_1048096521600_8958_n …

... with a new family where he is the one and only dachshund. Wobbles enjoys being the centre of attention and the receiver of all the love and affection.

Milawish - Welsh Corgi Pembroke Portugal

Valentine's Day 2012

To maintain a pedigree for so long — the current dogs, Holly and Willow, appear to be the 14th generation of Susan's descendants — is remarkable, ...

DAWG always goes above and beyond for all of the dogs in our care, but especially our medical dogs!

Serving the Rutgers community since 1869. Independent since 1980.

How And When To Give Healthy Dog Treats

The #rotten is #begging for #cheese. He #disapproves when i make

Fortunately though, Bennie has landed on all paws and he has made himself at home like a duck to ...

It was so nice that I could capture that for her and now she can look back and see things that she would not otherwise have noticed

Looking for more insight into your dog's thoughts and feelings? Start with Dr. Stanley Coren's indispensable How Dogs Think ...

Interview: Keira Soleore chats with Georgette Heyer biographer Jennifer Kloester | Happy Ever After

Harlan the Corgi on Instagram: “Aren't I the cutest? Thanks @longdogclothing for the new outfit! 😁”

#cats are the ' #realism ' #balance to the eternally #optimistic #

I know how to fool a dog trainer.

Four wiener dogs standing next to each other to show the color differences

Pyrenean Shepherd Dog Breed

The most dangerous dog breeds is a very subjective thing to say or even put in the title of an article from a website that loves dogs. We love dogs!

Confessions of a once-reluctant cat owner

15 Popular Dog Breeds We Wish Were Allowed In HDB Flats

Bob & Lola Corgi