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Tactile feedback patent filing hints at Macs with touchscreens

Tactile feedback patent filing hints at Macs with touchscreens


Apple patents MacBook with key switches underneath a flexible touchscreen keyboard

Dual-Screen MacBook Concept Shows Why Apple's Patent Would Work Great | Inverse

Kasap's concept in action.

Apple's latest touchscreen keyboard patent suggests a squishy, keyless future

Apple patent hints at new touchscreen Macbook sans keyboard

Apple's 2018 MacBook Air didn't come with the touch bar, and some fans have justified that decision saying that its primary use is in professional ...

apple patent touchpad configurable touch surface v2

The application filing for "Keyless keyboard with force sensing and haptic feedback" was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on August 31 last ...

Apple Patent Reveals MacBook Key-Free Keyboard, and It Sounds Great

MacBook laptop keyboard close-up with reflection

MacBook touch bar.

Future Macs could sport health monitoring features

Laptop patent.jpeg

A new patent filed by Apple could offer a glimpse into the future of MacBook design, and it would be a much less tactile experience.

Lenovo Yoga Book

The Macbook Pro (2018)'s keyboard.

Back in February last year two patents were revealed regarding touchscreens replacing the keyboard, then another regarding haptic feedback to simulate a ...

Apple's new fingerprint patent hints at a future iPhone with no home button

The company has been toying around with the concept of haptic feedback for a while now, at least so far as patent applications ...

AR patent big.jpg


Patent would keep the Apple Watchs Digital Crown from performing accidental actions

Apple hardware, smart clothing could guide the blind and deaf

Apple patent hints at the amazing future of Force Touch


touchscreen interface for iMac touch

The proposed solution is the adoption of "haptic" display technologies which allow for some tactile feedback from touch screen displays.

MacBook Touch

Tactile feedback patent filing hints at Macs with touchscreens | Apple News | Patent filing, Apple news, Mac

Apple Exploring New Glass Panel MacBook Keyboards That Could End Sticky Key Problems

MacBook's have been a neglected in Apple's product line-up over the last few years. But a new patent filing does offer a hint of what Apple might have in ...


Taptic, haptics, and the body fantastic: The real Apple Watch revolution

An Apple patent application published Thursday details a so-called "thin" portable hardware accessory that boasts the components necessary to act as a ...

Apple's touchscreen MacBook keyboard will possible be no longer like the relaxation we now have considered

The 2018 MacBook Pro keyboard might be hinting towards the future

glass keyboard

Nintendo Switch Touchscreen Technology Powered by Immersion Corporation

Virtual Keyboard and Magic Mouse with Integrated Display Shown in Apple Patents

Apple Patent Reveals One Huge Touch Surface for Notebooks | Digital Trends

Apple's iPhone 6 will feature a new haptic feedback technology when it ships later this year, claims Chinese mobile phone information site Laoyaoba (Google ...

Apple Touchscreen Keyboard Patent

with a force touch keyboard the next macbook could be even slimmer trackpad If a recent Apple patent filing ...

Haptic feed back patent.jpeg

US Patent and Trademark Office

Originally filed in 2012, this newly public Apple patent allows the backside of a MacBook's display enclosure to double as a touch-sensitive, ...

Apple shows continued interest in haptic touchscreen fingertip feedback

1 cover - apple may consider new tactile feedback technology for iOS devices

Apple Patents a Desktop Touch-Screen Computer

Credit: USPTO

macbook pro late2016 review adam touchbar colors 100693222 orig

From 2006 to 2012, I have — on average — been buying a new MacBook Pro every year.

Why you really do NOT want to buy an Apple Macbook any time soon

Apple Touchscreen keyboard patent

Future Mac laptops could sport an iPhone-docking trackpad

Apple wins 27 patents .

What Apple's Vibrating Pen Tells Us About the Future of Everything

The touchscreen keyboards on Apple's iOS devices are great space savers, as they're never around when you don't need them. For all the great leaps forward ...

As a byproduct, the use of a software-defined keyboard layout opens up the possibility of simplifying localization of Apple's hardware, as the same keyboard ...

New MacBook 2019 release date, price & specs rumours

If issues are found, admins can fix them with a single click by upgrading one, a few, or all devices to Fleetsmith Managed, Fleetsmith's subscription-based ...

Are You Out Of Touch? New Apple Macbook Pro 2018 Concept Rumours

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday granted Apple a patent for a portable device with a display capable of dynamically changing its shape, ...

Future MacBooks may have 'glass keyboards', secondary displays: Details here

Image Source: Handy Abovergleich

Mophie Juice Pack Access for iPhone XS Max: Plenty of power and wireless charging

Future iPad could add siri, tactile feedback & New willow glass

Apple May Have Fixed MacBook Pro's Flexgate Flaw

Apple patent application details tech to improve mobile underwater photography

Apple Exploring New Glass Panel MacBook Keyboards That Could End Sticky Key Problems - MacRumors

New MacBook 2019 release date, price & specs: Touch Bar

Apple is looking to end sticky key problems with new glass panel keyboard technology | KitGuru


Apple's Wild New Patent Covers TV & Advanced 5D Technology


Patent 2

Better Place dashboard (image 001)

Mac laptops could someday open via capacitive touch | Apple News | Mac laptop, Mac, Laptop

Apple patent is for interactive, augmented reality displays on iPhones, iPads — Apple World Today

Apple Patents Switch-Less Force Touch Keyboard, Could Lead to Thinner Macs

Photo: USPTO/Apple

Patent 1

Apple panel patent

... Mac mini refresh, lower-priced MacBook, larger Apple Watches and more goodies likely coming this fall

1 - Apple Looking to Deliver a Little More Buzz in iOS Devices A new patent application ...

face id truedepth apple

Maps and Siri may one day work even better together especially on the Apple Watch