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THE BRITISH ARMY IN ITALY 1944 Ammunition is passed into the turret

THE BRITISH ARMY IN ITALY 1944 Ammunition is passed into the turret


THE BRITISH ARMY IN ITALY 1944. Ammunition is passed into the turret of a Churchill

British Sherman Firefly Namur.jpg

A German gun crew relaxes next to their 88 mm. The famous flak gun became

American troops in M3 medium tanks storm the western regions of North Africa.

Ortona, Italy, 1944: Canadian troops arrive after a hard-fought battle for the Adriatic port city. The conflict is known as 'Little Stalingrad' for its ...

The M24 Chaffee Light Tank

British troops moving through a smoke screen past Monastery Hill into Cassino, Italy, 1944

The most commonly used field artillery piece used by the U.S. Army in World War II was the M2A1 105mm howitzer. In this 25 March 1945 photograph, ...

The 'Tankman'. Sergeant A G Williams of 17/21 Lancers in the turret

The Italian Campaign

[Photo] British soldier preparing ammunition for a M7 Priest self-propelled gun, Anzio, Italy, 31 Jan 1944

American howitzers shell German forces retreating near Carentan, France. July 11, 1944.

A British M10 Achilles Tank Destroyer killed with two turret shots, Northern France Summer 1944

arty_1 Right. At the ...

Royal Army Ordnance Corps

M4 Sherman

Italian Prisoners of War in Pennsylvania: Allies on the Home Front, 1944–1945 - 9781611479980

A gun crew from the 575th Field Artillery Battalion loads their M1 8-inch gun near Berstheim, France, in late 1944. The 8-inch gun had the longest range of ...

The Army's M4 Sherman Tank: 'Blunder' or 'Wonder' Weapon?

M18 Hellcat


Defensive Operation of the 3rd Battalion, 157th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division along the Moletta River Line, Northwest of Anzio, Italy, ...

The 6th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers at Cassino, May 1944

British troops move on the Normandy shore from their landing craft on June 6, 1944

Sherman Firefly Tank: World War II

Brad Pitt plays the commander of a five-man crew in a U.S. Sherman tank

Full-sized image #1 of the M4 Sherman (Medium Tank, M4)

The British A34 Cruiser Tank Comet Mk.I Type A was used in North West

Esprit de Corps writer David Pugliese rides in a M60 tank during the Aquino Tank Weekend

U.S. and German Field Artillery in World War II: A Comparison

British forces land in Sicily. Photo: Sergeant Stubbs, War Office Collection © IWM

Vanguard 15 the sherman tank in british service 1942 1945

The M103 Was America's Tiger Tank

Full-sized image #1 of the M26 Pershing Heavy Tank / Medium Tank

Nurses of a field hospital ...

After the Allied campaign to penetrate the Gothic Line in the autumn of 1944 failed,

German soldiers on the Esplanade du Trocadero view the Eiffel Tower. In June 1940,

100 Facts About World War Two

German prisoners captured at the beachhead of Anzio, Italy, leave a landing craft on

The British Soldier Who Killed Nazis with a Sword and a Longbow

The Chieftain's Hatch: French Panthers

German Wehrmacht General Anton Dostler is tied to a stake before his execution by a firing squad in a stockade in Aversa, Italy, on December 1, 1945.

1/35 scale Dragon Italian Paratroopers Anzio 1944 ...

What the WW2 Sturmgeschütz Assault Gun tells us about contemporary tank needs

Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger, Sd.Kfz. 181, 'Tiger I'

Carro Armato M13/40

Penetration from 1000 meters improved to 65 mm. These shells appeared in the summer of 1942. Before then, usage of converted German ammunition was ...

church of Sant'Ignazio

Hungarian Starter Force

... 1/35 scale Dragon Italian Paratroopers Anzio 1944 ...

... A group of men from the 28 (Maori) Battalion in 1944 at Hove Dump

Kasserine Pass: America's Most Humiliating Defeat of World War II

British Army Platoon Commanders plan toattack Gemmano 5th Bn Sherwood Foresters advancing towards the ...

Academy M-18 Hellcat U.S Army

Troops of the 1st British Infantry Division, attached to the Fifth Army, advance up

Slide 1 of 65: Nurses pass through a British Army transit camp on their way

The British had extensive stocks of ammunition for it since WWI. The issue was that the shells didn't get any newer with time.

The M4 (105mm) assault gun was a prodigious consumer of ammunition since it was normally used on firesupport missions like normal field artillery.


A pre-WWII design, these little vehicles could be penetrated by .50BMG rounds from the M2 Browning machine gun at ...

M10 in Italy.

M4A2 Sherman and infantry advance through Impruneta, Firenze, Italy. 1944.

From higher ground, a 14th Armoured Regiment (Calgary) Sherman tank covers the progression

A History of the Army Air Corps

Stuart recce tank, LdSH (RC) at a crossroads in Italy, ca 1944. (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4166584)

30_History_serb gunners.jpg

American infantrymen ...



ALT:Albert Niklaus, US Army

King Tiger with Serienturm in Bovington

American soldiers fire a 40 mm anti aircraft gun and two German airplanes are sho...HD Stock Footage

Soldiers of the 55th Armored Infantry Battalion and tank of the 22nd Tank Battalion, move

The Deadly 88 - Was Germany's Flak 18/37 the best gun of World War Two? - MilitaryHistoryNow.com

( african_americans_wwii_035.jpg)

(Alf van Beem Photos)

11667478_731737770289351_4072471761471811410_n British ...

Infantry and tanks moving along a track towards the Hitler Line, Italy, May 1944

The 100 Greatest War Movies of All Time

... the Third Reich's chemical stockpile was gone but the Feucht facility's infrastructure for handling such a wide variety of ammunition made it ideal to ...

Obice 240mm - Passo del Giogo. 240mm How cannon on the route to Giogo Pass ...


Under cover from archers, a storming party crossing the drawbridge of a medieval siege tower

Division and Corps headquarters were alert to the 3/157's predicament and were endeavoring either to reinforce the battalion position or to have a ...

Turret blown off a burnt out Sherman in Italy - 1944 [796x731]

... 1/35 scale Dragon Italian Paratroopers Anzio 1944 ...

Soviet T-72 main battle tank, with a 125-millimetre gun. A

In Hell's Half Acre at Anzio, troops in early April 1944 dig in another hospital tent against German artillery and air attacks. In a single episode two ...

Road to Rome