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Sutcliffe admitted he didnt do all the murders The Real Yorkshire

Sutcliffe admitted he didnt do all the murders The Real Yorkshire


Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe

Peter Sutcliffe

The Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe is being investigated over unsolved murders and attacks on women

Locked up for life: Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe

ITV News exclusive: Yorkshire Ripper admits 'I did some bad things'

The Yorkshire Ripper Files: How report claimed Peter Sutcliffe 'probably killed MORE women

Peter Sutcliffe has been recorded admitting the horrific attack in 1975

Peter Sutcliffe now Peter Sutcliffe fears he will be murdered ...

Peter Sutcliffe (pictured), dubbed the Yorkshire Ripper, murdered 13 women in the

From lonely weakling to the Yorkshire Ripper: How serial killer Peter Sutcliffe developed his murderous hatred - Mirror Online

The Real Yorkshire Ripper

Peter Sutcliffe has addressed speculation that he attacked two men, killing one of them (Image: Rex Features)

Peter Sutcliffe (Picture: REX/Shutterstock)

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe 'devastated' after ex-wife Sonia 'ends her visits' to him in prison

Yorkshire Ripper - The Secret Murders: The True Story of How Peter Sutcliffe's Terrible Reign

Peter Sutcliffe murdered 13

Peter Sutcliffe is currently serving 20 life terms after being convicted in 1981 for killing 13

Serial killer Peter Sutcliffe (Photo: Express/Hulton/Getty)

Peter Sutcliffe, 71, was quizzed in jail for six hours by a police cold

Serial killer Peter Sutcliffe was dubbed the Yorkshire Ripper by the press

Peter Sutcliffe with Jimmy Savile

The Yorkshire Ripper and wife Sonia on their wedding day. Sonia, now 65,

Peter Sutcliffe

Broadmoor Hospital and Peter Sutcliffe REX. Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe is ...

Carl Sutcliffe the brother of Yorkshire Ripper

'I did some bad things but not THAT' Yorkshire Ripper pens cryptic letter from BEHIND bars. YORKSHIRE Ripper Peter Sutcliffe has admitted ...

Patients' horror as Yorkshire Ripper is treated in hospital

Tracy (pictured as a teenager) suffered a fractured skull in the attack

Sex offender Christopher Smith admits to Yorkshire Ripper Joan Harrison murder

Peter Sutcliffe serial killers

The Sun - top stories

Peter Sutcliffe Yorkshire ...

Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper

Yorkshire Ripper writes letter to TV show saying: 'I did not murder any males'

Names more possible Yorkshire Ripper victims: top to bottom, L to R: Barbara Mayo, Gloria Booth, Mary Judge, Lucy Tinslop, Sally Shepherd, Judith Roberts, ...

The Yorkshire Ripper Files: A Very British Crime Story asks whether 1970s attitudes to women

Yorkshire Ripper in claim he did not murder men. Peter Sutcliffe.

MULTIPLE KILLER: Peter Sutcliffe, who was known as the Yorkshire Ripper

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe admits 'one or two' of the 17 unsolved assaults he's being quizzed about. Sutcliffe, 70, is suspected of a string of ...

Tracy Browne who was attacked by Peter Sutcliffe and survived (Image: Solo Syndication)

'Yorkshire Ripper' serial killer admits doing 'bad things' but says he never. '

Yorkshire Ripper pens chilling letter from jail admitting 'I did some bad things' but claims 'I never murdered any males'

I was terrified the Yorkshire Ripper would kill me like he did my mum

"Yorkshire Ripper killed my dad": OAP claims police were "99 per cent sure" but lost vital evidence

Carl Sutcliffe, Peter Sutcliffe's brother.

Andy Laptew interviewed the Yorkshire Ripper and flagged him up as a suspect (Image: Youtube/idj4)

Yorkshire Ripper's CHILLING confession letter: 'I did some bad things'

Peter Sutcliffe

Cold case: Keith Hellawell (pictured) said he believes Peter Sutcliffe could be behind

Peter Sutcliffe received 20 life terms for the murder of 13 women and the attempted murder

Sutcliffe admitted he didnt do all the murders

Sutcliffe's murder victims

Yorkshire Ripper, cop, new, evidence, murder, killer, 17, more BEAST: Sutcliffe is ...

Yorkshire Ripper moans he lost socks and shampoo during transfer from Broadmoor hospital to jail

Murder accused James Sutcliffe says he 'knocked' gun being pointed by Adrian Williams before Tyron Charles was shot

Peter Sutcliffe has cost £10m and is getting an eye check-up on the NHS | Daily Mail Online

Yorkshire Ripper confesses on tape to Silsden schoolgirl attack | Metro News

The Sun revealed Sutcliffe would be returning to prison last week, a move which he

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe in prison infirmary after heart scare

Joseph James DeAngelo, whom police suspect of being the Golden State Killer, has been

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe in prison infirmary after heart scare - Chronicle Live

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe faces attempted murder charges after admitting schoolgirl and student hammer attacks

Olive Smelt

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe confesses in chilling audio to brutal attack on schoolgirl Tracy Browne, 14, shortly before launching prostitute murder ...

A Look Into The UK's Most Horrific Crimes

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Carl used to think he was a "great guy and a bloody fantastic big brother"

Peter Sutcliffe, covered, being brought into Dewsbury police station to be charged with murder (Image: Getty)

His head covered with a blanket, Peter Sutcliffe, is escorted into Dewsbury Magistrates Court

Ripper Killed my Dad, Irene Vidler

Nick Offerman will tour in the UK this summer (Photo: JB Lacroix/Getty

Yorkshire Ripper 'no longer mentally ill, should return to regular prison' – psychiatrists

Image may contain: 2 people, text

The Yorkshire Ripper's rampage - why Peter Sutcliffe should never be freed

Peter Sutcliffe

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe has been quizzed in jail by detectives

John Sutcliffe, Peter Sutcliffe's father.

Ripper Killed my Dad, Irene Vidler

TV review: The Yorkshire Ripper Files; David Jason: Trains, Planes and Automobiles

A photofit issued by the police of Peter Sutcliffe, aka 'The Yorkshire Ripper', 1979 (Photo: Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Frankland Prison, where Peter Sutcliffe is serving 20 life sentences

Colchester teenager found guilty of two murders

File: Peter Sutcliffe the Yorkshire ripper handcuffed leaving court msi January 5th 1981

The Real Yorkshire Ripper story · John Sutcliffe called for a reinvestigation

Tracy Browne (pictured) was left for dead in 1975 by Peter Sutcliffe after he

British serial killer Peter Sutcliffe, a.k.a. 'The Yorkshire Ripper,' in police custody, 1983. (Photo: Express Newspapers/Getty Images)

Christopher Halliwell and Peter Sutcliffe Compared

Son of Yorkshire Ripper's first victim FORGIVES killer after meeting with Desmond Tutu

Dahmer's Inferno

Detective Chief Superintendent James Hodson on the hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper

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Yorkshire Ripper AGONY as testicle swells FIVE TIMES normal size - has killer got cancer

Victims of Peter Sutcliffe, The Yorkshire Ripper. L-R Top: Wilma McCann, Emily Jackson, Irene Richardson, Patricia Atkinson. Middle: Jayne MacDonald ...

Halifax-born James Sutcliffe, 29, has been handed a life sentence for the

Sutcliffe once worked as a lorry driver, and a grave digger

I remember Sheffield being in absolute panic stricken terror around that time