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Surabaya 1937 Dutch East IndiesA country vanished Indonesia

Surabaya 1937 Dutch East IndiesA country vanished Indonesia


1--The East Indies

Map prepared by the Japanese during World War II, depicting Java, the most populous island in the Dutch East Indies.

desindesobligatie. Heru Susmono · Indonesia - 1937

1870s - Dutch East Indies Indonesia Java - Resident's house Surabaya - Stock Image

... Dutch East Indies. Indo-Europees Verbond (IEV). FOTO/wikimedia

A poster with Malay-language text, reading Loetoeng Kasaroeng in large letters; an

World War II in the Dutch East Indies After the Dutch surrender to Japanese troops and the handing-over of Java: von Starkenborgh, Dutch Governor-General, ...

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Soerabaja 1897, 1914 ...

ONCE UPON A TIME in the Dutch East Indies. Indonesian ...

Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies - Wikipedia My Family History, History Class,

pink areas were the Dutch East Indies

Map of the Dutch colonial possessions around 1840. Included are the Dutch East Indies, Curaçao and Dependencies, Suriname, and the Dutch Gold Coast.

Dutch Ethical Policy[edit]

Goona Goona Love Powder, drama performance vintage ad in Indonesia

Japanese identity card issued to Louis Victor Wijnhamer, Jr., a local Indo-European man, during the occupation.

A black-and-white poster


Postage stamps and postal history of the Dutch East Indies

Abolition of cultivation system[edit]

When the Dutch government eventually granted independence to their former colony, the Dutch (Netherland) East Indies in 1949, a large community of some ...

M'n vader, Jan A. Blom, in de KNIL. 1937, Indonesia.

Walers to the Dutch East Indies 1816 - 1939. Indonesia 1945 - 1980's

Indonesia Infographic

The Emergence of Movie-going in Colonial Indonesia, 1896-1914 De opkomst van de filmcultuur in koloniaal Indonesië, 1896-1914

Japanese One Gulden note- Occupation currency Dutch East Indies- now Indonesia.jpg

1941 de Java-Bode (Dutch East-Indies) front page reporting Japanese attack

Nurturing Indonesia: Medicine and Decolonisation in the Dutch East Indies

Dutch East Indies (1800–1949)[edit]

Chapter Notes and Further Reading For A Brief History of Indonesia cover

Delpher Boeken - History of the Netherlands East Indies Klerck, E.S. de 1938

Ouw Peh Tjoa (White and Black Snakes, 1934)

Delpher Boeken - History of the Netherlands East Indies Klerck, E.S. de 1938

Indonesian Archipelago

We were younger and I sometimes better adapt to these situations because we didn't think like adults! I personally thought that I could not afford losing my ...

Weg uit Indie

A voyage by sailing ship from Surabaya ...

Historical Dictionary of Indonesia

Road near Oedjoong, Surabaya (Soerabaja, Soerabaia), East Java, Dutch East

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Installing the Netherlands Indies Civil Administration[edit]

Railway companies in the Dutch East Indies

Memories of the Dutch East Indies: From Plantation Society to Prisoner of Japan

Agrandir ...

Dutch East Indies

The following images convey a sense of a range of experiences of plantation life through the lens of the Dutch planters.

State of East Sumatra

Terang Boelan (Full Moon, 1937)

RI Transfer Signing.jpg

Bromo, MountMount Bromo, an active volcano in eastern Java, Indonesia. © Valery Shanin/Fotolia.com

Tata tertib yang dipasang di hotel-hotel Surabaya tahun 1930an

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A defiant Bung Tomo in Surabaya, one of the most revered revolutionary leaders. This famous photo represents for many who took part, both Dutch and ...

Delpher Boeken - History of the Netherlands East Indies Klerck, E.S. de 1938

Overview of modern Dutch Navy ships in 1940 (Interwar ships, pre-ww1 ones are not depicted).

Profiles of Indonesian Survivors, WAM Exhibition Under the Guise of Asian Liberation: Indonesia and Sexual Violence under the Japanese Military Occupation.

Eastern hemisphere geographic grid

Map of Indonesia showing location of Battle of Java sea just north of Java


Kebun Binatang Ragunan merupakan kebun binatang pertama yang terdapat di Indonesia. Pada awal didirikan di

E-Proceeding of The 2nd International Nusantara Cultural Heitage Symposium by rudielfendes - issuu

In September 1940 Imperial Japan signed the Tripartite Pact with Nazi Germany and fascist Italy.

Perspectives on Traditional Settlements and Communities | Indonesia | Religion And Belief

Reprint of a 1650 map of New Netherland.

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Delpher Boeken - History of the Netherlands East Indies Klerck, E.S. de 1938

Union Films

Outline of the Japanese entry in Batavia, as depicted by the Japanese

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[Robert_Cribb,_Audrey_Kahin] Historical Dictionary of Indonesia Pages 501 - 550 - Text Version | AnyFlip

BIG I Regional Indonesia | Plate Tectonics | Ciencias de la vida y de la tierra

COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM De Boroboudour op Java TMnr 60050687 - Borobudur - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dutch Bank Transactions with Chinese Traders in the Dutch East Indies: The Java Sugar Trade and the 1917 Sugar Crisis | SpringerLink

Vintage Vehicle Advertisement in Dutch East Indies. Buick 1941. Chrysler 1941. Ford 1937

Country Dutch East Indies. Matjan Berbisik Matjan Berbisik Wikipedia

The circulation of paper money in the Netherlands Indies and Indonesia, 1940-1950.

It reads, “Giant-Orangutan in Artis Amsterdam.” From the collections of the Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD), ...

Car of the head of the plantation Subam Ayam, Benculu, 1929.

Indian and British troops move cautiously along a jungle track round the town of Gresik.

The Surabaya synagogue, on the island of Java, Indonesia, 2007 (Jono David

Wilhemina Tower at Surabaya, Java, Indonesia (then the Dutch East Indies).

The occupation

267 7 thee difficulty of comparing international defence outlays 123 *, the conclusion therefore mustt


He had an official gun permit issued by the Dutch East Indies government but not one by the Indonesian government. According to my father, my grandfather ...

Delpher Boeken - History of the Netherlands East Indies Klerck, E.S. de 1938

Dutch East India Company (1610–1799)[edit]

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A few hundred Australians and Dutch started a deadly guerrilla campaign on Timor in March 1942. It tied up an entire Japanese division of over 12.000 men ...

Western colonial power and Japanese expansion in Sout-East Asia, Bussemaker, H.Th. - PDF

Manpower, steam tractions and contact wires The fascination of thundering trains in The Dutch East I

Automobiles of Netherlands East Indies

soerabaja - Google zoeken Sejarah Indonesia, East India Company, Dutch East Indies, Surabaya