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Stonekettle Station Objectionable Content Current Events Content


Stochastic Terrorism: Stochastic Terrorism: Part 1, triggering the shooters.

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I mean, what exactly does somebody like Trump pray for?

Friday, February 29, 2008

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#IBelieveHer and That Still Isn't Enough People


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Facebook group I invited him to specifically identify any progressive legislation now pending in the US Senate that Ms. Stock would be willing to commit to ...

Stonekettle Station: Zero Sum | Stonekettle Station | Current events, Articles, Politics


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Stonekettle Station – Conspiratorial Much?


Stonekettle Station: Thieving Bastards Harsh language. well worth reading, this and the article · News ArticlesCurrent EventsSoldiers

Welcome To The Slippery Slope! Fordham's Coffee Shop Bigotry | Ethics Alarms


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person to person relationship

obamacare bt.jpg

If ...

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by DoReMI • December 25, 2018


As a veteran, I'm telling you that allowing teachers to carry weapons is an asinine idea. -CharlotteFive

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If you find that amusing, head on over the Stonekettle Station for Smile, You're On Occam's Razor.

You ...

Mediagazer: How hacktivist group RedHack subverted the Turkish government's notorious censorship tactics in order to release a government email archive (Efe ...

... Wesley Fryer. If you enjoyed this post and found ...

Rush saw his shadow today. Six more weeks of stupidity… | Margaret and Helen


Families Belong Together March!

Is This Exciting Or What!


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Protester's in Charlottesville, Virginia. August, 2017. Photo by Andy Campbell.

Just for fun, I'll “see” your “Mission Accomplished” and “raise you” this great piece:

When cornered, at least one of my Twitter devotees reported me. Take a look at what they thought was offensive.


First, the Grimm Liquidation Event. Grimm had been filmed in Portland for many years and was finally ending so there was a weekend long ...

... of Creativity Learning". Don't miss Wesley's latest technology ...

Gerrymandering suppressed the Blue Wave

Bill Roth ADN

Facebook Still Doesn't Consider Rape Jokes To Be Hate Speech

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In the recent issue of Foreign Affairs, Tom Nichols (professor at the Naval War College) appraises: "How America Lost Faith in Expertise And Why That's a ...

What We Know About the Belleville Shooter So Far

"A fall 2006 cover of Forbes ...

Once upon a time in Spain, 'twas sweltering.

10,000 on ignore, Book 14: Coming Home

Monday, December 27, 2010

The 2014 controversy over Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, explained

We finally met the outstanding Jim Wright, the blogger better known as Stonekettle Station, and bought one of the wooden asterisk ornaments he made for the ...

It takes a village: Got 'em Back on their heels….. stay angry and focused

obama bergdahl

It was beautiful. The Rotunda is the best feature. Many others, but I was trying to have fun.

Lesson learned.

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David Gerrold

Pages 50-51 of the Anchorage Bowl Park, Natural Resource,and Recreation Facility Plan, adopted by Adopted by Ordinance AO 2005-122, April 18, 2006.

... digital, ...


#62 - Jan 6, 2016

Just like the past five years in the Syrian Valley in Honduras, the communities, peoples and organizations that make up M4 have met from September 22 to 25 ...

(UPDATED) The Days and Nights of Mike Pence


President Obama: A Champion For Students

Trumpsgiving - A Thanksgiving Story

... as sexist and tagging my university (@uva @UVA_History) he can silence the critique of right wing (and often antisemitic/Holocaust denying) Polish ...

And by my logic that means that I won a shit-ton of Hugo Awards last night. And so did you if you are a nobody in the sci-fi world! WE WON!

Why watch Baldwin play a fictional angry Trump when you can just watch Baldwin BE an angry old man in person.

Declining trust in our expert castes: what are underlying causes?

Eight Things About Donald Trump

(CSPAN ...

City residents over the age of 16 are prohibited from wearing masks in public places, even on Halloween. And after Wells allegedly spooked the carriage ...

Protesters at LAX

Trump Admin Departures

bought a Xmas tree, and actually allowed the children to decorate it (even though I do admit to running a rations station with regard to baubles, ...

Water Fluoride Protest

The Bob Cesca Podcast: Count of Monte Crisco

I could, of course, publish nifty pictures and data charts from this for a long, long time without running out of material. Comparisons of Americans working ...

I ...


John McLean's Notes of a twenty-five year's service in the Hudson's Bay Territory - UBC Library Open Collections

Simon Maloy: GOP's Quiet Obamacare Disaster: How This Week's Biggest Story Got Overlooked

He states subsequently that frequent gamers seem to have “lower grades ...

gonehometoyavin4withpoe: We need more nazi pun…

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