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Solitary Experiments Phenomena 2013 Out of Line streaming on

Solitary Experiments Phenomena 2013 Out of Line streaming on


Solitary Experiments: The 20th Anniversary Compilation - Music Streaming - Listen on Deezer

undefined - Heavenly Symphony

Solitary Experiments - Future Tense (2018) [2CD]

undefined - The Beauty Lies.



We are pleased to announce that on Thursday 4th October, to celebrate National Poetry Day, The London Magazine will be collaborating on an evening of poetry ...

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Asymmetric dynamics of DNA entering and exiting a strongly confining nanopore | Nature Communications

NERATERRÆ – Interview

Disconnect Me (Remaster) - YouTube Stress Reaction, Glitch, Techno, Techno Music

I'd also like to share with Notablog readers the endorsements that appear on the back cover, from my long-time friends and colleagues Stephen Cox, ...

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Our revised limits on the size (L) of extra dimensions for different numbers of extra dimensions (n). The blue region is the region ruled out by our ...

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Generation of ion acoustic solitary waves through wave breaking in superthermal plasmas: Physics of Plasmas: Vol 24, No 10


I Know You Got Soul: The Trouble With Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop Chart | Pitchfork

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Early strain names are in purple, recent strain names with lab codes are in blue. The line kept in Lyon by Nigon, then Brun, is indicated ...

The growth rate c is plotted against the wave number k such that v / )

These tracks sound like living things, breathing and swelling like an enormous dreaming cat. They tap into the alpha waves and circadian rhythms of life.

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Residual Liquefaction of Seabed under Standing Waves | Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering | Vol 139, No 6

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Our limits on the fundamental (energy) scale in the extra dimension theories, for different numbers of extra dimensions (n). The blue area is ruled out.

Crystallization of a three-dimensional complex plasma under laboratory conditions: Physics of Plasmas: Vol 24, No 3

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ICSW 2019, New Board, Opportunities: Updates from Lysa John, CIVICUS SG

... an initial 2-D gravity–capillary solitary wave for $\unicode[STIX]{x1D6FC}=0.93$ at $t=0.35$ s, 0.47 s, 0.59 s and 0.71 s after turning off the forcing.

Model recapitulates hair cycling and its associated activator and inhibitor signaling dynamics.

Interplay between chemotaxis and contact inhibition of locomotion determines exploratory cell migration | Nature Communications

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Kim Stanley Robinson and Joanna Russ both coming from Modern Masters of Science Fiction, which couldn't make me happier.

This bar graph shows the percentage of people in each group of survey respondents who reported

Figure 7

VWC distribution after 24 hours freezing

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Annotated SRTM map showing the extent of the rift basins in the current study. Filled circles show the location of sampling regions within each basin, ...

Album of the week: Sound Stream – Love Remedy

... an initial 2-D gravity–capillary solitary wave for $\unicode[STIX]{x1D6FC}=0.93$ at $t=0.35$ s, 0.47 s, 0.59 s and 0.71 s after turning off the forcing.

Characteristics of Accelerations and Pressure Gradient during Run-Down of Solitary Wave over Very Steep Beach: A Case Study

Back in 2006 I vividly remember reading about behavioral economics for the first time. I had somehow run across an article about it from Harvard Magazine ...

Transcription termination controls prophage maintenance in Escherichia coli genomes | PNAS

Progressive decline in brood size at high temperature of down-shifted cultures as a function of the number of generations spent at 18°C. Top: design of the ...

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Osage: Hong Kong & Shanghai : Happy Chinese New year 2019

When it comes to the Bixby Marketplace, ...

LSE: Public lectures and events de London School of Economics and Political Science en Apple Podcasts

Overwintering_Area_in_Mexic. Overwintering_Area_in_Mexic

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How Do New Planets Get Their Names?

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... on this health. autonomic networking first international ifip tc6 conference an 2006 paris

Kidz Bop

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Comparison between experimental and numerical results of water content distribution after 24 hours freezing

Figure 11: Substructures in Earth's bow shock (image credit: A. Dimmock et al. (2019))

TP217-Impacts-of-terrigenous-material-deposition-on -subtidal-benthic-communities.pdf.page-1.jpg

Bladh / Urbaniak – On The New Revelations Of Being – Review

Diabetes: the first scientific research on online fake news

It seems like one out of 100 Player's Tribune articles are amazing. This one from former Clipper Darius Miles fits the bill.

... while honoring people's choice to exercise control over their off-Facebook data. This means products and services like Ads Manager, ads reporting, ...

SEOM 20002



Figure 2.

The Boys on the Block, and Me. “

Aliens, astronauts, time travel – you name it, there's a dazzling sci-fi film about it. That makes compiling a list of the best sci-fi nigh on impossible.

... in real-time – from check-in counters to baggage claim. Naturally, digital signage products and solutions were ...

a method is needed, and this varies with every artist and forms part of the work (D&G What is Philosophy: 167)

The Waterboys

How Democracy Works.


Selection of videos appearing on the first page of the r/asmr


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chicago in fog

RHESSI observes high-energy phenomena from a solar flare. Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio.

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Adiabatic collapse: distribution of the clump masses at the end of the simulation, t