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Since apparently it was too much to ask for to have a global power

Since apparently it was too much to ask for to have a global power


Since apparently it was too much to ask for to have a global power standard her

How Trump Is Ending the American Era

China's Great Leap Backward

Inside the Two Years That Shook Facebook—and the World

Does the Illuminati control the world? Maybe it's not such a mad idea

Making novel nuclear reactors extremely safe requires critical thinking and obstinate truth-telling; so does convincing others that you have ...

What's So Great About American World Leadership?


Britain's true motivation behind the Balfour Declaration - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Illustration by Davide Bonazzi

And then, 22 years after waking up in a rushing river, we're kicked out of the pond and told by the world to go make something of our lives.

Since the last reduction in the German feed-in tariff for medium-sized PV systems at the beginning of April, not much has changed in terms of module prices.

April 23, 2018

National & World Affairs

Questioning the Presumption of a US-China Power Transition

The Strangest Thing About Trump's Approach to Presidential Power. Many presidents have ...

With large oceans to the east and west, America's geography often allowed the United States

Closed Captioning TV Trend. '

In his work with the White House, is Mohammed bin Salman driving out extremism, or merely seizing power for himself?

Of the people that have played Red Dead Redemption 2 on PlayStation 4, just 40 percent have completed Chapter 3. A month after the game's release, ...

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Relying on willpower is a recipe for failure. Getty Creative Images


Balance of power (international relations)

Since those who rule in the city do so because they own a lot, I suppose they're unwilling to enact laws to prevent young people who've had no discipline ...

5 Grammar Mistakes that Make You Sound Like a Chimp

DALYs compared to doctors

How Much of the Internet Is Fake? Turns Out, a Lot of It, Actually.

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The resultant set-up has the ricketiness often seen in structures ordained from the top down rather than built from the bottom up.

10 Surprising Facts About How Our Brains Work

If you're a true cinema lover, chances are you've stumbled upon the magical world of Hindi movies or Hindi films (a.k.a. Bollywood movies) at some point.

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The Thinker (Le Penseur) bronze sculpture by Auguste Rodin at the Musee Rodin

THERE IS a counterintuitive mindset behind Michael Hyatt's productivity system. Productivity is not about doing more faster. Rather it's about achieving ...

The customer is always right?

The tabloids were on the second day of boil and one – Today -had discovered the reason for the reactor fire. A power station worker, it said, “dozed off on ...

WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 14: A flag at the U.S. Capitol has been lowered

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12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

Fallout 76 players launched so many nukes at once that they crashed a server

Not Fade Away

World War II: Axis Powers in the 1930s

Why Customer Complaints Are Good For Your Business

Shoot to thrill: A child plays Fortnite: Battle Royale

At the height of the Roman Empire, Latin was the lingua franca of most of

Here's why poor people are poor, says a conservative black academic - The Washington Post

Are religious people really less smart, on average, than atheists?

The Definitive 'Jurassic Park' Dinosaur Power Rankings

The memory is vivid.

Letter from a Region in My Mind

The Return of Global Russia: An Analytical Framework - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Bearing Witness: My Journey Out of Mormonism

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Live Aid concert

The Last Time CO2 Was This High, Humans Didn't Exist

World War II: aftermath in Europe

This factor is the primary reason why the major economic powers of the past half-millennia have been Japan, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the ...

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The 100 Greatest Choruses of the 21st Century

Only accept politicians who have proved they actually care about people other than themselves…

A history of Justin Trudeau saying sorry

Love quote idea - "If I could have anyone in the world, it would still be you" {Courtesy of YourTango}

50 Shades Of Gaslighting: Disturbing Signs An Abuser Is Twisting Your Reality

Inside Facebook's Secret Rulebook for Global Political SpeechInside Facebook's Secret Rulebook for Global Political Speech

As it happens, apparently several million other humans are asking the same question. When I google for information, the list of links offering answers is ...

Becoming a 100X Leader

... a report of Islamic terrorists blowing themselves to smithereens, igniting car bombs and IEDs, shooting or stabbing so-called infidels and heretics, ...

Because there are so many gray areas about the outer contours of presidential power in the Constitution, and Congress currently appears unwilling to order ...

waxwork beckhams

Never was so much owed by so many to so few

Chernobyl disaster: how the Soviet Union's cover story was blown

Music is good for our health, so why are musicians suffering so much?

Many social sciences and humanities faculties in Japan are to close after universities were ordered to “serve areas that better meet society's needs”, ...

Make Photovoltaics great again!


Member states of the United Nations

These Are Time's 100 Most Influential Animals of 2016

The following chart shows the value of a complete MTGO playset since March 16, 2012 (the oldest data point I have), annotated with some of the most ...

best music videos 2019

10 Signs You Have A Spiritual Gift

Figure 6.13 The Contingency Model of Leadership Effectiveness

The great experimentCan China become a scientific superpower?


We have the chance to edit ourselves. Our work need not bear the imprint of too much of our human reality.

A year after it began, has #MeToo become a global movement?

Citizen-soldiers versus “base hirelings”