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Seriously looking towards attempting doing these betta fish ideas

Seriously looking towards attempting doing these betta fish ideas


Seriously looking towards attempting doing these betta fish ideas.

Seriously eager for attempting doing these betta fish ideas.

Really looking forward to attempting all of these betta fish ideas.

Betta fish sleeping at bottom of aquarium on gravel

Bettas are among the most beautiful of freshwater aquarium fish, but unfortunately their lives are

Really getting excited about trying out these betta fish ideas.

2 Betta fish in tank with bubbles: How to Breed Betta Fish

I am just seriously anticipating attempting doing these betta fish ideas.

Successful Betta fish care requires knowing the facts about their behaviors and tank setup.

Basic Betta Fish Care 101- What You Really Need To Know

Red and blue betta fish swimming to the surface of its fish tank to take in

Everything You Need to Know About Betta Fish

I am seriously getting excited about attempting all of these betta fish ideas.

Betta at bottom of tank

Blue Betta swimming

Although bettas can tolerate small spaces and poor water quality, they do best in small aquariums (at least two gallons) with regular water changes.

Betta fish can have tank mates and even live in a community tank under certain conditions

Close-up of Tsunami in his 5-gallon aquarium.

Why is my Betta Fish Staying at the Bottom of the Tank? Are they sick? (Advice for Lethargic Bettas)

So will your friends, hit share and let them know all this information about bubble nests and betta fish care.

The beautiful betta is pretty resilient and inexpensive to purchase and maintain, and they can bring ...

If you want your Betta to be healthy he needs a tank bigger than one gallon

How to Take Care of a Betta Fish

So you want a betta fish? Do you know what they really need to be happy and healthy. Click to read the post.

Does your betta require a heater and filter in his tank?

Whether or not fish feel pain has been debated for years. But the balance of evidence says yes. Now the question is, what do we do about it?

A betta fish, Siamese fish, in a fish tank decorated with pebbles and trees

Image titled Play With Your Betta Fish Step 1

Image titled Grow a Bond With Your Betta Fish Step 1

9 Reasons Why Fish Are Really Sad 'Pets'

Even for many of us who already own and maintain sizable aquarium systems, the idea of keeping fish in a tiny enclosure can be rather appealing.

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How to Determine the Sex of a Betta Fish

Red and blue betta swimming in a planted aquarium

Breeding Betta Fish: From Selecting a Pair to Raising the Fry | Fishkeeping World

Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Aquarium, Betta Fish Tank (29049)

Betta fish sleeping while floating


Can you put a Male and Female Betta Fish Together? Can Betta Fish Live Together?

Basic Betta Fish Care 101 - Betta Fish For Beginners [2019 Guide]

A betta fish swimming in a fish tank with pebbles and trees with a Black background

I Tried to Adopt a Goldfish—This Is What Happened

Really anticipating trying doing these betta fish ideas.

These are called bubble nests and they are a completely natural behavior of a betta fish – in fact bubble nests are a good sign that your fish is both ...

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Sure, I had heard the cautionary tales:

Why You NEED A Betta Fish NOW!

Female Betta in Aquarium

7 Freshwater Fish That Are Perfect for a 10-Gallon Tank

How to set up a Betta fish tank (Basic planted Betta tank)

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fish natural selection

Many fish owners do not realize that their betta fish can be played with just like with any other pet. Although your fish may not fetch like a dog, ...

Look at the body of your betta for horizontal stripes and faded colors. When your little swimmer becomes stressed, her vibrant colors can fade, ...

Male betta fish sleeping at the surface of his aquarium next to a plant

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A betta fish into a low maintenance aquarium

Betta Fish With Filtered Tank

Top 10 Betta Fish Toy Ideas – Don't have a bored betta

Goldfish or Betta fish? Learn more about the care necessary for each before you make

A clean home = a happy betta fish. Photo: Paulo Ordoveza

Now i'm actually looking towards attempting these betta fish ideas. Fishies important

Tiger Barb Fish Care: Ultimate Guide To Tiger Barbs. Feeding, Breeding and Compatible Tank Mates

Betta fish having a nap during the daytime

Dirty Tank? Let's Clean It Up!

Why Isn't my Betta Fish Eating? All Possible Answers - Your betta doesn

Image titled Determine the Sex of a Betta Fish Step 1

Betta Fish With Velvet


Can betta fish live with goldfish?

9 Expert Tips_ The Ideal Betta Fish Tank Temperature

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Stress is a major cause of death for betta fish.

Green mustard dragon Betta. Love the vibrant turquoise body. One of the most eye catching because the the lemon yellow fins and the black outline.

A betta fish, Siamese fish swimming in a fish tank decorated with pebbles and trees

9 Reasons Fish Are Sad Pets

You will need the space to house 50 or more male Bettas and be able to take care of them properly.

How to keep Female Betta Fish from killing each other | Fish Fan Friday

How To Treat Erratic Betta Fish Behavior

Natural Remedies for Constipation or Bloat in Freshwater Fish. Betta fish are susceptible to constipation.

View Larger Image Need Help Stocking A 10 Gallon Tank 16 Awesome Fish Ideas Use

Female Amano Shrimp

Image titled Determine the Sex of a Betta Fish Step 4

Close-up on betta mouth and gills

Betta Fish Food and Feeding

Aqueon Betta Falls Kit

Wow they are really hard to see.

In in this guide, you'll learn how to provide your Betta with an

Feel free to note me if you have any questions regarding bettas or any other tropical fish. If you do not note me and leave a comment instead I cannot ...

Pigeon Betta Berry Blue

Step 4) How To Condition Bettas For Breeding