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See more egypt t Temple and History

See more egypt t Temple and History


Abu Simbel

Still haven't seen Egypt yet, but I'd like to. More

Ancient Monuments of Egypt in 4K Ultra HD

temples of ancient Egypt

The Small Temple, Abu Simbel (by Dennis Jarvis)

10 Most Impressive Ancient Egyptian Temples

Memories of Egypt, More from Day 7 and the Judgement and Seven of Swords Cards

There are so many temples to see in Egypt, each more impressive than the next. Be sure not to miss the Temple of Isis, which was the last temple to be built ...

Ancient Egyptian architecture

Temple of Horus

The Great Temple of Abu Simbel

Luxor – so many ancient attractions in this small city. I could have stayed here for some more days and still feel like I haven't seen everything.

Hypostyle Hall of Karnak Temple in Luxor, Egypt

10 Most Impressive Ancient Egyptian Temples

Men and women were treated as equals in ancient Egypt. (Photo by Lizzie Shepherd

Temple of Amun-Re and the Hypostyle Hall, Karnak

Karnak Temple precinct

10 surprising facts about Ancient Egyptian art and architecture

Egypt holidays

Luxor Temple

Karnak Temple


10 Most Impressive Ancient Egyptian Temples

Egypt Cruise and Jordan Holidays

The Temples at Abu Simbel

Karnak Temple

Tourists return to Egypt as prices fall and security improves

But this cultural movement wasn't seamless and it's important to note that each of the six cataracts formed a natural boundary on the Nile because they were ...

The Temple of Hatshepsut

Ancient Aliens: The Temple ...

Front view of the hatshepsut temple near Luxor, Egypt

Explore the iconic sights of ancient Egypt and enjoy a 5-star cruise along the river Nile

23 Amazing fact about Ancient Egypt

20 Unique and Diverse Things to do in Egypt


Egypt travel Blog Egypt Travel Guide information

Journalists enter a newly-discovered tomb at the Saqqara necropolis, 30 kilometres south of

abu-sibel-attraction egypt

egyptian inventions

RamesseumRamesseum, Thebes, Egypt. Stephen Fullard-Emrys-Cameron

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Rosetta Stone – The British Museum Blog

Restored walls of a side chapel at the Temple of khonsu, Karnak.

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(Photo by Michele Falzone via Getty Images)

Temple d'Isis, Egypt - The temples of lower Egypt are more than monuments

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Abu Simbel Temple

Egypt's tourism industry is still reeling but hope is on the horizon | Travel | The Guardian

Ancient Egypt

Most temples in Ancient Egypt feature one or more colonnades like this one

Coloured statues and hieroglyphs inside the tomb at Saqqara

Ancient Egypt Temples

... Relief on the North Wall of a Chapel of Ramesses I ...

Ancient history

Edfu Temple of Horus

See Article History. Hieroglyphic writing. Hieroglyphics on a temple wall at Karnak, Egypt.

Royal Palace of the Temple of Ramesses II Discovered in Abydos, Egypt | Ancient Architects

Who were the Sea Peoples?


aswan, egypt tours, and temple of kalabsha image

Egypt's temples and monuments

Now seen as early evidence of prehistoric worship, the hilltop site was previously shunned by researchers as nothing more than a medieval cemetery.

A Comparative View of Ancient Mayan and Egyptian Civilisations

If history is your passion, another rarely seen place in Egypt is Serabit el-Khadim. Some believe that this locality was once the site of where Moses ...

An Early egyptian calendar in the Karnak temple located near Luxor, about 500 km south of Cairo.

A wonderful construction which Indian history has never seen till now. We don't know who built this, why it was built and how it was built.

Egypt Group in front of the Sphinx and Great Pyramids

The Temple complex is said to be only second to Pyramids of Giza in terms of the most visited historical sites in the whole of Egypt.


Explore Ancient Egypt

The Temple of Hathor is one of the best preserved Egyptian monuments

Egypt's tourism industry is still reeling but hope is on the horizon

Once upon a time Luxor was the great capital of Egypt and its easy to see why

Kom Ombo Temple


The Amazing Abu Simbel Temple

7 Things That Surprised Me About Traveling in Egypt (and One That Didn't)

Egypt. Luxor Temple

How The Oldest Depiction Of Sex Changed The Way We See The Ancient Egyptians

JC & I didn't stay here long. We simply walked around the compound, read some history and details of some of the sections, tried to guess what some of the ...