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Scythian Gold Amulet of an Ibex 17 cm L JUWELEN OUDHEIDjuwelen

Scythian Gold Amulet of an Ibex 17 cm L JUWELEN OUDHEIDjuwelen


This gilded silver Anglo-Saxon brooch is of a type archaeologists call 'great square-headed brooches'. The cast decoration shows strong influence from ...

King and Dragons: Bactrian Gold Pendant - Tillya Tepe, Tomb II - Second quarter of the 1st century - Bactria, Afghanistan

An ancient Roman masive gold finger ring set with a carnelian intaglio of a woman with braided locks of hair.

Etruscan Jewelry | Etruscan Revival 'Ram' Motif Emerald Yellow Gold Antique Ring at .

Dacian gold bracelet, dated to the 1st century BC or 1st century AD, from Sarmizegetusa Romania

Bridle ring with ibex/ram and mask Near Eastern, Iranian, Luristan, Iron

kus ibis

Serpent bracelet gold, ancient Egyptian, Cairo Museum

Ornament with Eagle

sadighgallery:Achaemenid Persian Ram-Headed Gold Bracelet. Ancient Persia, 5th - 4th Century BC These styles of bracelets can be traced back to Persepolis, ...

Tedzami ущелье

Belt clasp

Art des Steppes - Les Musées Barbier-Mueller Sieraden Trends, Sieraden Ideeën, Oude


Headdress and necklaces worn by one of the female attendants buried in the Royal Tombs of Ur.

Gold Horse Ring of Ramses II BC) Dynasty Louvre Museum. Ramses had it going on/

Navneetha Krishna (under Naga hood) | Bronzes of India – A personal collection Shiva

Scythian Gold Bracelet. Skythen, Antiker Schmuck, Alerte, Diamantarmbänder, Armbänder Für Männer

Abnehmen Ernährung Bauch Klasse

#sword #chape #panthers, #scythian 4-7 century B.C. #bronze

Brooch of silver, pennanular with pin loosely looped on ring, part of Viking Age…

Gold Assyrian crown from Nimrud - the Queens' tombs III. This gold crown was part of the treasure known as the 'gold of Nimrud', in the National Museum in ...

82* К. Deller - H. Klengel - R. Caplice 800. Je

Ancient #Roman silver finger ring with snake's head terminals. Their eyes are made of

Plaque with a centaur holding a rabbit Greek East Greek Orientalizing Period 660640 B.C. Electrum #

Himalayan Buddhist Art - Art Bouddhiste de l'Himalaya

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One of a Pair of Gold Earrings with Garnets Jóias Antigas, Joias Antigas, Joias

GOLD AND LAPIS LAZULI NECKLACE, circa 1880 - jewelry, ethnic, bracelets, artesanal

Achaemenid Empire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Oude Sieraden, Oude Sieraden, Viking Sieraden, Dieren Mode, Rusland

GOLDEN LYRE OF UR The first lyres were harp size and predated the Egyptian Pyramids. Shepherd and later King David used a lyre to to soothe and comfort the ...

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Roman Magic Abraxas Amulet, 2nd-3rd Century AD

-800 -700 Bracelet aux figures de lions, Ziwiye Kurdistan Iran | Ouro / gold / de l'or!! | Ancient Jewelry, Ancient persian et Ancient art

A Pair of Lion Terminals from an Armlet

Bracelet with Snake-Head Endings and Arabic Inscription, One of a Pair | The Met

Image result for ankh snake

Dieren Mode, Antieke Kunst, Rusland, Pottenbakken, Symbolen, Etnische Sieraden, Viking Sieraden

Gold Belt Buckle and Strap End | Langobardic | The Met

Sumerian Shakespeare. The Great Fatted Bull, translation of Tablet #36 in the Library of Congress

Pair of gold earrings with disk and boat-shaped pendant | Greek | Hellenistic | The Met

Princess Khnumet diadem, egyptian, middle kingdom (12th dynasty)


Пермский звериный стиль

Fragment of a tomb painting with two women and a boy (y1993-6)

Art d'Asie

Pair of Roman Bronze Chariot Handles in the Form of Venus - DAC.022 Origin

Un rico tesoro. Anillo y monedas de oro halladas en el Whydah, un barco pirata naufragado en 1717.

Eliane Ott

Deusa Divina, Deusa Da Lua, Deusa Celta, Mitologia Celta, Deuses Pagãos,

The Birth of the Virgin (left panel) / Nacimiento de la Virgen // Before 1550 // Michiel Coxcie // From a triptych //

Nemrut or Nemrud 2134m/7001f mountain in SE Turkey notable for the summit where a

Foundation figure of king Shulgi of Ur, carrying a basket | Neo-Sumerian | Ur III | The Met

Moda Mori, Moda Descolada, Arte Futurista, Ilustração De Mulher, Roupa Romântica,