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Sanctions wont affect Russias Su35 fighter jets supplies to

Sanctions wont affect Russias Su35 fighter jets supplies to


Sanctions won't affect Russia's Su-35 fighter jets supplies to Indonesia – official

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Deliveries of Russian Su-35 to Indonesia Might Fall Under US Sanctions - Reports

Russia reassures Indonesia that sanctions won't affect deliveries of Su-35s

Sanctions Won't Affect Russia's Su-35 Fighter Jets Supplies to Indonesia — Official. 28 Maret 2019. Sukhoi Su-35 fighter (photo : sunshydl)

Russian Sukhoi Su-35

Indonesia to Stick to Su-35 Deal With Russia Despite Looming US Sanctions

China's purchase from Russia of Su-35 fighters, like this one, and a

TASS: Military & Defense - Russia completes deliveries of Su-35 fighter jets to China

Chinese military set for capability boost with delivery of Russian Su-35 fighter jets | South China Morning Post

Turkey likely to buy Russian Su-57 fighter jets if US decides to stop delivery of F-35 jets

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A Russian Su-35 bomber lands at the Hmeimim military base in Latakia Province,

A Russian Air Force Su-35S

An SU-35 military jet at the MAKS-2009 international air show in Zhukovsky, outside Moscow, August 21, 2009. Sergei Karpukhin/REUTERS

FSMTC does not see any threat from US sanctions for contracts with China on Su-35 and S-400

India is a long-time customer of Russian military hardware, including the Sukhoi Su-35MKI. But the U.S. is trying to edge into that market, ...

UN sanctions on Libya to cost Russia US$4 billion

Russian Su-35 Fighter Jet Sees Export Orders Soar

Su-57 Fifth Generation Air Superiority Fighter

Could One of America's Allies Take Down the F-35 Program?

Russia's Rostec Refutes Reports On Contract On Su-35 Supplies To Indonesia Being Stalled

(U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Michael Battles)

Dmitry Terekhov/Wikicommons

In this May 11, 2018, file photo released by Xinhua News Agency, two Su-35 fighter jets and a H-6K bomber from the People's Liberation Army air force fly in ...

Russia Suggests Iran To Buy Su-27SM3 Fighters. Iran Wants Su-30SM Or Su-35 - Reports

Russia says US is trying to 'squeeze out' competitors in the global arms trade | The Independent

File photo

Procurement Of Russian Su-35s In Priority List: New Indonesian AF Chief

US Pledges Sanctions on Egypt If Purchasing of Russian Fighter Jets Occurs | Egyptian Streets

Deliveries of Su-35 multi-role fighter jets to Indonesia might fall under US sanctions

A Russian Sukhoi ...

Some U.S. allies caught in crossfire of sanctions on Russian arms | ABS-CBN News

Italy Slows Down Purchases of US F-35 Jets to Cut Spending - Reports

... in Bahrain – “more or less ignored by the Russians”. The latter are instead focusing on their concept of a PAK FA, intended to match the F-22 or F-35.

Su-35 fighter aircraft (photo : edebiyatcicash)

Sukhoi T-50 Maksimov.jpg

US imposes sanctions on China for buying Russian weapons

Some U.S. allies caught in crossfire of sanctions on Russian arms

Increasing military cooperation between Islamabad and Moscow would not negatively impact Russia's ties with India,

Image: A U.S. F-35A fighter jet lands at Chungju Air Base on

Goodbye, Patriot and F-35! Turkey Receives Russian S-400 and Su-57 With Open Arms – Orinoco Tribune

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US Sanctions may delay delivery of Su-35 to Indonesia

Taiwan Wants New U.S. Fighter Jets: F-15s, F-16Vs And Even F-35s Are “Options”


China hits back at American sanctions over Russian fighter jet and missile purchases | South China Morning Post

Russian Su-35 Deployed by China, 'Headaches for US Forces'

Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker-E Fighter Jet

Russia to sign a contract to supply SU-30SM fighter jets to India

UAC Aircraft Corporation

China on Saturday summoned the US ambassador to lodge an official protest over sanctions imposed by Washington on a Chinese military unit for purchasing ...

The U.S. has begun to warn the Egyptian government over a reported plan to purchase the Su-35 fighter jet.

Su-35 fighter jet purchased by Russia, ordered by Indonesia

Russia's Su-35 Fighter Has a Problem

US Will "Punish" Egypt for the Purchase of Su-35

Russia Leads Multirole Fighter Jet Sales Market

Russia's Su-35 chases off US F-22 fighter in Syria

Contracts for weapons

Both Russia and the United States are working hard for India defence business. Selling new weapons to Pakistan will affect India's decision making in ...

Russia's Role as an Arms Exporter

File photo

According to experts, the purchase by Turkey of Russian air defense systems and su-57 would ensure the independence of the region from the sharp ...

A Russian Air Force Su-35S during takeoff

Russian S-400 anti-aircraft weapon system in Crimea

Sada El Balad: Egypt، Russia seal $2 billion deal for supply of Su-35 fighter jets

Boeing Block III Super Hornet

Sukhoi Su-35 fighter (photo : Vitaly Kuzmin)

A Russian Air Force Sukhoi Su-35 performing at MAKS 2009 air show in Moscow

US sanctions Chinese military unit for buying Russian jets, missiles | News24

US halts F-35 equipment to Turkey in protest of its missile purchase from Russia

China is furious over US sanctions on its military purchasing practices. Picture: REUTERS

How Russia Plans to Save Its Massive Military Buildup

US sanctions China for buying Russia war planes and missiles; says move meant to target Moscow's 'malign activities' - Firstpost

The F-35 Dispute and Tensions in the U.S.-Turkey Relationship

India Signs Spares' Supply Pact With Russia for Sukhoi Fleet

Russian use of Iranian air base shows Moscow's renewed military might


Media: Indonesia has Postponed the Purchase of Russian Fighters Due to US Sanctions‍. Su-35 ...

Russia's S-400 air defense system stands on display in Kubinka Park near Moscow.

RIAC :: Russia — India Cooperation against the Background of Sanctions: Adverse Effects and New Opportunities

A Chinese paramilitary officer stands guard before a row of Russian Su-27 fighter jets

Turkey cannot confirm plans to purchase Su-57 Russian jets

In Summary, if was offered, I would not take the offer of the MiG-35. It can expand PAF assets but then again, what PAF need is numbers and soon quality.

'Remedy the mistake or bear the consequences': China hits back at US over

Sanctions on Russian arms: Some US allies caught in crossfire | Asia News | China Daily

A Sukhoi SU-27 fighter demonstrates its prowess at an airshow: China used the Russian technology to develop its own Shenyang J-11b aircraft © Reuters