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Sanaa en Yemen too bad its not too safe Beautiful architecture

Sanaa en Yemen too bad its not too safe Beautiful architecture


Sanaa en Yemen, too bad it's not too safe. Beautiful architecture.

Old Sana'a.

A Traveler in Sana'a, Yemen – Sana'a Guide

Sana'a, Yemen

Sana'a Old City Panorama | The capital of Yemen - Sanaa. Legend has it that it was founded by Noah's son, Shem, and it is one of the oldest continuously ...

Traditional Yemeni Dance, Dar al-Hajar, Dar al Hajar, Wadi Dhahr,

A Must-See in Yemen - Old City of Sanaa

صنعاء القديمة Old sana'a #sanaa, #Old sanaa

Travel To Yemen? I know, it's probably not the destination that ...

Street, Sanaá, Yemen in 2019 | Yemen | Yemen sanaa, Arabian peninsula, Places

Sana'a. Memorable architecture ...

Three Days In Sanaa, Yemen

Old Sana'a, Yemen. The old fortified city has been inhabited for more than 2,500 years and contains many intact architectural gems. It was declared a World ...

Sana'a is so strange and marvelous. If Yemen weren't in permanent crisis, the city would be awash in archaeologists, one of whom might even settle the ...

From the first moment I saw an image of Sana'a, I have dreamt of going to Yemen. Since 2011, during the Arab Spring, Yemen has, unfortunately, been plagued ...

The traditional architecture of the Old City of Sanaa. The Old City is also a

Yemen: the Unesco heritage slowly being destroyed

It's not any individual building that makes Sana'a so incredible, but rather the cumulative effect. The towers are full of curious details.

Residents pick over the wreckage of a bombed home in Sanaa, Yemen's biggest city

Dar al-Hajar, Dar al Hajar, Wadi Dhahr, Sana'a,

Old Sana'a, Yemen.

The city with the Hadhramaut Mountains in the background

An insider's guide to Sana'a: 'We live in a prolonged war zone'

UN experts say Saudi coalition violated international humanitarian law in Yemen attack

The Yemeni-born chef adds ground beef and creamy fava beans to one, chunks of fish and vegetables to another.

Donald Trump slammed as 'morally wrong' for vetoing bill to end US support for Saudi-led Yemen war

Sana'a – Thursday, November 15, 2018

Architecture of the capital of Yemen, Sana'a

Why I Traveled To Yemen For My Vacation

Eight Days in Aden – a Forgotten City in Yemen's Forgotten War | Crisis Group

This is a stack of homes in Sana'a, Yemen, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world

There is a new edition of the Italian traveler's El Yèmen, based on his travels to Ottoman Yemen in 1977-1978. Mohamed Shaaban writes about this book on ...

Like many Yemenis, Abdul Rahim Mohammed relies on the goodwill of local restaurants for his subsistence and that of his family (MEE/Zakaria Dahman)

The walls of medieval Sana'a at Market Gate, North Yemen.

Sanaa Daily Life Tour, Sanaa

Saudi-led airstrikes hit Yemen's rebel-held capital - People's Daily Online

... rebels keep watch over Sanaa on Friday during a demonstration that seeks to celebrate the motto 'Death to the United States and Israel'. Beeld Reuters

Exclusive – Ramadan Loses its Holy Luster as Houthis Pile on Misery in Sanaa

A shot of an ancient neighborhood in Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, taken long

Yemen banner.jpg

The rubble of a power station hit by a Saudi airstrike in the Yemeni capital,

The Beautiful Sana'a

A woman mourning after a bombing in Sanaa. Médecins Sans Frontières staff say that many

Saudi-led airstrikes hit Yemen's rebel-held capital (8)

The highway from Marib to Sana'a has been closed for years as this is the front line between Houthi and Coalition borders. Normally, a journey that would ...

The scariest thing I'll see in Yemen looms up at me before the plane has even landed. I have dozed my way from Abu Dhabi across most of the Arabian ...

Shibam Hadhramaut is also called the "the Manhattan of the desert", and is

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NOTE: Travel to Yemen is difficult because it's not a safe destination. Yet, it's full of very friendly, proud and hospitable people.

Modern Sanaa Tour, Sanaa

yemen, sanaa, whitewash mudhouse

... I was unlucky to live near Nuqum Mountain, east of the capital, as it has been suffering from almost daily airstrikes. But the reality is it does not ...

A Rare Look at Yemen's War, Where Children Starve and Hospitals Are on Life-Support

26 killed in Yemen rebel training camp by air strikes of Saudi-led coalition

My Last Day In Yemen

The important Antiquities in Yemen

The Counter-productive Isolation of Proud and Hungry Sanaa

Bab al-Yemen, Sanaa: Address, Bab al-Yemen Reviews: 4.5/5

Sana'a Stone Castle

This blog is dedicated to sharing my published works and travel accounts, announcing and documenting the cultural activities that I organize and sharing ...

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From Arizona to Yemen: The Journey of an American Bomb - The New York Times

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Yemni Swag.

A Rare Look at Yemen's War, Where Children Starve and Hospitals Are on Life-Support

【K】Yemen Travel-Sanaa[예멘 여행-사나]와디다하르 돌 궁전/Wadi Dhahr Rock Palace/Dar al-Hajar/Village/Khat/Panorama

From Sana'a our next stop was the Haraz Mountains. Located just west of the capital, these mountains are famed for their medieval fortified villages that ...

panorama over Sana'a's mud-brick city, North Yemen

Very proud to be joining the wonderful @MwatanaEn @MwatanaAr team as Legal Director on accountability, redress and other things #Yemen international ...

He works 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, making homemade dishes from his native country in his tiny restaurant on the edge of San Francisco's Tenderloin ...

A mother holds her malnourished son at the malnutrition treatment center in Sanaa (Picture: ...

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In Pursuit of a Political Solution in Yemen: Perspectives From the Frontlines | Council on Foreign Relations

A man stands amidst the rubble at a factory damaged during fighting and air strikes in

Guards walk on the wreckage of a building destroyed by air strikes in Sanaa. Photo


Australia's generous aid to Yemen mustn't be undermined by its weapons sales | Jason Lee | Opinion | The Guardian

Introduction. As the foreign military intervention in Yemen approaches its ...

Layla M. Asda (26) and her family wanted to escape the war in Yemen. They wanted to live in safety. So they said goodbye to their country and went to ...

Yemen Webdate Blog

Full view

Sanaa Old Town Tour, Sanaa

Bab al-Yemen Gate, Sanaa


After five years, as much as I hate zoos, I decided to visit the animal zoo in Sana'a again. For only 100 Yemeni Riyals for each, we entered the small and ...

The Yemeni capital Sana'a at dawn the fog still covering the skies. Photo: Essam Al-Kadas

In this July 29, 2018 photo, a boy collects water from a fountain on

Yemeni demonstrators climb the gates of the U.S. Embassy in Sanaa, Yemen, on Thursday

Lovely Trip to Yemen


Wadi Dhar Rock Palace, Yemen | by Yahya Arhab / EPA

Photo / Vicki Virtue Visitors flock to Yemen's famous Rock Palace. Photo / Vicki Virtue