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Sam Bertram

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Sam Bertram, from Marlborough

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Sam Bertram, from Worthing

Artist: banishment

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Sam Bertram, from Billings MT


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#AdventureTime #Marceline - #AdventureTime #Marceline

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Abenteuerzeit Gras Finn Mertens Fern The Human - #Abenteuerzeit #Fern #Finn #Gras

let's modernize the world together: Photo

My h e a r t-


fern x finn | Tumblr

18w 27. 🦄. 🦄

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I think my Finn obsession is starting to extend to Fern.

Electric Light and Power Companies, 1950 :: :: Vintage Ads :: Mid-Century Modern :: Atomic Spot remover, 1950. Sam Bertram

Finn x fern Imágenes

Predicta Chalet color TV by Michael Lipscomb Scott - I love this design! Sam Bertram

AFROWAY connects people to their interests.

9w 63

Burney R-100 Rear-Engined Streamline – Photos and Film

beemo as a human - adventure-time-with-finn-and-jake

Ross Tran

RADEBAUGH - Vintage Mid Century Futurism Print - Legendary Futurist Imagineer Arthur Radebaugh - Met Stark

popomodoro: "some adventures are harder than others"

mirrormaskcamera: saddle shows Finally someone had the good sense to take a photo of just the cheerleaders shoes! (via Saddle Shoe Habitat). Sam Bertram

Smeg 50's robot - mijn nieuwe soulmate in de keuken. Sam Bertram

Great cover for Other Worlds mag from April 1952 featuring "The Golden Guardsmen" by S. Love the transparent rocket idea and execution. Sam Bertram

Cartoon robot Robot Eyes, Robot Art, Cute Cartoon, Robot Cartoon, Robots Characters

Batedeira planetária Coleção Smeg style by Smeg. Sam Bertram

Vtg 1950s / 60s Brass Rabbit Ears TV Antenna Atomic Space Age Mid Century Modern 1950s

This is a rare sighting: a car phone in I wonder who the Thunderbird driver is calling? Car phone service first started June in St. Sam Bertram

Pyrotomic Ray gun Lamp and Lampshade by CreativePal on Etsy. Sam Bertram

Boil water faster than on a stovetop with the SMEG Retro Style Electric Retro Kettle. Designed for convenience with style, the compact 7 cup kettle features ...

“ Plague Trio by IrenHorrors ” Steampunk Art. Sam Bertram