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Ongoing discharges may be to blame for dioxane in Ann Arbor drinking

Ongoing discharges may be to blame for dioxane in Ann Arbor drinking


Ongoing discharges may be to blame for dioxane in Ann Arbor drinking water - mlive.com

Dioxane detected in Ann Arbor drinking water from Barton Pond for first time

A map of the Gelman dioxane plume spreading through the Ann Arbor area, moving east

Ann Arbor officials say no dioxane detected in latest drinking water tests - mlive.com

Ann Arbor at pivotal point with Gelman dioxane plume

Ann Arbor to re-evaluate alternate drinking water sources

PFAS, dioxane top concerns at clean water forum in Scio Township. One resident asked Ann Arbor's ...

Forum tonight to discuss water quality challenges in Ann Arbor area - mlive.com

Ann Arbor calls on DEQ to tighten standards for dioxane cleanup: 'It's way overdue'

Map of expanded prohibition zone

SPH I is the building to the North of the 'SPH Tunnel' off Washington Heights. (Click for larger view)

City Of Ann Arbor Athletic Campus Flood Hazard, 2017;

Ann Arbor's new carbon filters only removing some PFAS from drinking water

Dioxane test results for Allen Creek raise more questions | Ann Arbor | Ann arbor

Flooding Just Upstream of Fingerle Sites on Mary St. in recent years, in under a 2" Rain

Proposed Berm Opening (2017; Right Click for Larger Image) (City of Ann Arbor)

... Recent Issues of the Environment Interview: http://www.wemu.org/post/issues-environment-pfas-contamination-throughout- michigan-and-washtenaw-county

Ann Arbor's new carbon filters only removing some PFAS from drinking water | Ann Arbor | Carbon filter, Ann arbor, Drinking water

In various public meetings over the past many years, DEQ has always said that the 2,800 ug/L dioxane value was based upon the GSI criterion.

Association of State Floodplain Managers 2007 (ASFPM)

Coalition for Action on Remediation of Dioxane (CARD) meeting this month we discussed the clear need for Near-Surface Groundwater (NSG) plan to monitor NSG ...

Attaining all applicable or relevant and appropriate State of Michigan remedial criteria is required in a Gelman clean-up. For DEQ to suggest otherwise ...

Map of Ann Arbor Fairy Doors

Matt Naud, the city of Ann Arbor's environmental coordinator, points to his home on a 3D map of the Pall-Gelman 1,4 dioxane plume.

'Violent physical hazing' prompts University of Michigan to remove fraternity · '

Pie chart of meeting time spent on each item. Of the Ann Arbor ...

City of Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor Solar Tax Needs to Stop; Carbon Emission Reducing Energy Will Stop Global Warming and Mega Rain Events that will Follow; City of Ann Arbor Solar ...

Pall Corporation announces it will close Ann Arbor business operations this summer

Ann Arbor DDA TIF Revenue projections

Michigan Water Crisis

“Danaher Creek, Montana, favorite fishing spot of the founders of the Danaher Corporation

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Rotary Club of Ann Arbor is having a special End Polio Event on World Polio Day October 24, 2018.

Pall Corporation, Wagner Road-Scio Township

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Hoop House Workday April 13th

Scio Residents for Safe Water

Evan Pratt, Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner

Rita and Mike during the talk (ACWG)

WideAngle image of Clean Water Town Hall, Overflow Crowd (ACWG, Click for Larger)

Drinking Water Quality Problems and Solutions | Water Resources | Drinking Water

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NODAPL protester Ann Arbor Tuesday. Photo Purple Walrus Press.

Map by of Pall-Gelman 1,4-dioxane plume. Map by Washtenaw

Campaign button for Ralph Nader, who ran as the Green Party's candidate in the 2000

The Sheldon and Wolf property is indicated in red. The green highlighted area denotes area

City of Ann Arbor Purchases Twelve New Sewer Flow Gauges as Part of the Sanitary Manhole Rehabilitation Project

Butterfly Garden Joet Reoma

2018 Ann Arbor Green Fair - SRSW, CARD, ACWG Staffed a Table

Jeff Brown

Ann Arbor Wastewater Treatment staff evaluating operations after 10K gallon raw sewage spill

If done right could be a nice park close to the city center. When it floods hose it off and go back to being a park like many progressive (and ...

Likely point of closure for the headrace (millrace) at Argo Dam.

SDS Anti Trump rally on UM Diag Friday. Photo Purple Walrus Press.

Ann Arbor skatepark, Wally Hollyday, Ann Arbor park advisory commission, Veterans Memorial Park

Convocation Center. Ypsilanti. Home of EMU Basketball. Photo Purple Walrus Press.

Top NRA Member Withdraws Ted Cruz Endorsement After Trump Comment


Hampton Inn, Ann Arbor planning commission, The Ann Arbor Chronicle

Eric ...

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Quiet Water Symposium Water Issues, Boarding Pass

Anti Trump protesters in front of Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor Friday. Photo Purple Walrus Press.

How ...

Chemical Process Safety, 2nd Ed, Daniel a[1]. Crowl, Joseph F. Louvar | Occupational Safety And Health Administration (29K views)

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All photos by Jeanne Christie, ASWM


Mike Gutow learned some hard truths about the deterioration of Michigan's water supply when he bought


Roger Rayle, a Scio Township resident who's been tracking how the state is overseeing Pall's 1,4 dioxane plume cleanup for many years, videotaped the March ...

Florida High-12 Communicator Too July, 2008

Thur morning in Ypsi. Photo Purple Walrus Press.



Kentucky basketball releases incredible Big Blue Madness video

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Lastly, high concentrations of total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus (TP) can cause eutrophication, or the enrichment of water with excessive nutrients, ...

Frankie ...

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Deepwater Horizon - Macondo Prospect Oil Field - Well A and Well B - well B

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[Clifton E. Meloan] Chemical Separations Principl(BookFi) | Distillation | Chromatography

(PDF) Chemical Process Safety | Aziza Ayu Arini - Academia.edu

Can and bottle deposits add up for environment

... Minnesota ...

A building at the Pall facility in Scio Township

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Agrarian ...

One way to investigate the influence of a water-quality trend is to assess the statistical significance of the trend. While trend analysis is able to assign ...