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Oh good grief Feminism and Shit Fact opinion Intersectional

Oh good grief Feminism and Shit Fact opinion Intersectional


Hundreds of thousands of people gathered on the National Mall the day after President Donald Trump's

Oh good grief!

Oh good grief! | Feminism and Shit | Fact, opinion, Intersectional feminism, Feminism

Young feminists

Good grief. The Real World, Intersectional Feminism, Hard Truth, Gender, Boi

Germaine Greer looks at the camera

Germaine Greer

The Death of the Author and the End of Empathy


The Biggest Moments of the 2018 Oscars



A bake sale sparks rape threats - and you wonder why we need feminism

How white women use strategic tears to silence women of colour


Old Guard versus the New Wave

Quillette Podcast 35 – Eric Kaufmann and Sunder Katwala Discuss the European Election Results

In the progressive Bay Area, activists have a term for the feel-good, liberal marketing behind Manny's: ...

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As for the ignorant conceit of 'cultural appropriation,' it is equally limiting and equally primitive. Roxane Gay, a frequent contributor to the New York ...

Subtitle Focus Review of Four Works by Judith Ortiz Cofer; Image Image

CFP: Reclaiming the Tomboy: Posthumanism, Gender Representation, and Intersectionality. CFP: Special Issue on Indigenous and Sovereign Games.

Evie in Am I Normal Yet? is a massive film buff - largely as she rarely left the house for two years due to her OCD. During the book, she gets introduced ...

Blackbird Fly

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March 28 ...

Anders Carlson-Wee (Pic: Twitter)

I sort of like to think of it as the Roylecomment on Cultural Marxism

Children's Literature and Comics/Graphic Novels at MLA 2019


Autonomy, Activism and Art Direction

December 18, 2017

Who's Afraid of Ludwig Wittgenstein? Explaining the Lack of Women in Philosophy

Why Are Women Under-Represented in Physics?

The second group is men-have-penises/women-have-vaginas.

(Ages: 3-8) Themes: Neighbours, Gardening, Sunflowers. Grace's neighbour has the best garden in the whole street. It has a veggie patch, chooks, ...

What was Second-Wave Feminism? https://www.reddit.com

F-Word: Making American Journalism Great and Different

December 16, 2017

The Politically Homeless Life of a Gay Conservative

”Cultural Performance and Survival from the Amazon Rain Forest”

He decided to share his feelings on the issue in a letter to his campus newspaper. The letter starts off by claiming that his female peers are not his ...

Abstracts of the International Interdisciplinary Conference on Gender Studies and the Status of Women (WomenBeing Conference 2017) | Theorem Conferences ...

Logical, Emotional and Ethical modes used by Dr Mahathir

The Narcissistic Fracturing of LGBT Literature

A Public Bank For Public Good!

December 13, 2017

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The Second Sex by Simone De Beauvoir Second Wave Feminism, Beauty Myth,

... Page 167 of Find More Intersectional Creatives


... like the sign below, they seem to be oblivious to the fact that women have genitalia, and hence construct breasts as the female equivalent of the penis.


Film screening, presentation and

O'Reilly is old enough to have an opinion? To care about emotional states? Has he watched his former channel Fox news lately? Who is putting peer pressure ...


Attendee Art Work

Mr. Nixon, the first C.I.A. officer to interrogate Hussein after his capture in December 2003, reveals gobsmacking facts about that deposed Iraqi leader ...

Independent sample t-test for MAT pretest scores .

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH—The North Carolina Writers' Network 2017 Fall Conference runs November 3-5 at the Holiday Inn Resort in Wrightsville Beach.

Minicast Exclusive: Teachers on Trial

'A Fantastic Woman' Wins for Best Foreign Language Film

“The relationships we have with our neighbors arose out of a relationship of much division, strife, and conflict,” Quinault President Fawn Sharp told me.

Wendy Cope Wendy Cope, Feminist Af, Feminist Poems, Humour, Faith In Humanity

F-Word: Collusion is in Plain Sight

... Page 115 of An Interview with: Rene Matich

... Ohio , Ok. , Tx . , Az . , Ca. , Born in NYC (Queens) . But the best most pleasant accent I have heard is from Acadiana .

... Page 133 of An interview with: Thokozani Mbwana

F-Word: The Opportunity Cost of Trump TV

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Let's turn the high seas into the world's largest nature reserve | Enric Sala from TED Talks Daily on RadioPublic

The End of San Francisco

Mean difference scores representing the difference between own values and perceived values of source.

Why I fight for the education of refugee girls (like me) | Mary Maker from TED Talks Daily on RadioPublic

And the Menominee Nation and its allies are trying to block the Back Forty zinc and gold mine in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

... on the sign for the men's washroom is, in fact, male. It shows that the styles we associate with masculinity are not universal across time and space.

The mission to create a searchable database of Earth's surface | Will Marshall from TED Talks Daily on RadioPublic

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Attendee Art Work

How Baltimore called a ceasefire | Erricka Bridgeford from TED Talks Daily on RadioPublic


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Small Shop owners on the sides of Khan El Khalili

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I noticed a large fire at what I thought was Nth Parramatta. It was a factory fire at Seven Hills. I had to go and have a look.

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Khan El-Khalily

Funny how school never teaches you the important things like taxes, mortgages or how to cope with the emotional turmoil of getting sorely disappointed by ...