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Nick Sutton on Tomorrows Papers Today Comic books Comics

Nick Sutton on Tomorrows Papers Today Comic books Comics


Comic Book · Comic · Comics And Cartoons · Saturday's Daily Express: May tells EU bosses 'grow up' #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers

Nick Sutton on Twitter. “

Nick Sutton on Twitter. “

Comic Book · Comic · Comics And Cartoons · Thursday's Sun back page Find the laundry basket #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers http://

Nick Sutton on Twitter. Daily Mail, Bbc, Paper, Comic Books, Comics ...

Saturday's Sun back page: Rom was never my friend #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers https:

Comics · Twitter · Comic Book · Comic · Saturday's Morning Star: TTIP deal on ice #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers https://

Comic Book · Monday's Daily a Star: Big Bruv boobs battle explodes # tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers #cbbuk

Comic Books · Comics · Mirrors · Wednesday's Daily Mirror front page: Osborne's brutal Brexit budget #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers #euref

Thursday's Sun back page: Disunited #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers #mufc https://

Comics · Twitter · Comic Book · Tuesday's Morning Star: 75% don't want war # tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers https

Monday's Sun back page: Froome Vroom Doom #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers https://

Comic Book · Saturday's Racing Post: Desert Delights #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers https://t.

Nick Sutton on Twitter. “

Comic Book · Comic · This week's New European via @mk1969 A Brexit Christmas Carol #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers https

Nicholas' art was prominent in practically every genre at Charlton. He drew countless war, romance, crime and western stories for over two decades.

Doug: Welcome back to the conclusion of the tale that ended the run of the original Superman. Two weeks ago we reviewed the first installment from Superman ...

C.Burns_Mr. Blister3-1

Tim: What I can tell you is that when I was in 20s at some point, I went to a spinner rack and found a reprint of Amazing Spider-man annual number two.

AMERICAN SPLENDOR #3, Harvey Pekar,Gary G. Dumm, Greg Budget, Robert Crumb,Vintage Humor Underground Comics magazine, UG Comix

Alex: Was that the first Superman you drew in that Challengers of the Unknown?

Avengers Omnibus HC (2011- Marvel) 3B-1ST ...

... today's story, but to share similar remembrances of first comics past. The cover image above is from my copy, which is certainly not my original -- this ...

Poster by Janet Page.

... Carol & Stephen, before one of them invariably says: 'Er, no, Kenny, you stay and look after the lab' Honestly, check out a couple of episodes on ...

Alter Ego (1999 Magazine) 146

Pat Bagley's cartoon makes a good backdrop for your other mandatory reading assignment today, which is an editorial written for the Guardian by the staff of ...

Edinburgh international book festival 2013: week two live blog | Books | The Guardian

This series continues to follow the two-strip format with the back-up now the first chapter of a saga featuring Beta-Ray Bill, the alien Thor.

... ideals espoused by Elizabeth and Olive. After his death from skin cancer in 1947, Elizabeth and Olive raised their children by Marston together and ...


The Wire

Amazing Adventures (1970 2nd Series) UK Edition 13UK

The first campaign pack for the Adventures of Luther Arkwright roleplay game is now available: Parallel Lines

232 | Crime Comics And Pulp Heroes

C.Burns_Mr. Blister3-1

That's full on 2000AD before its time!

Doug's First Comic Book: Avengers 19

Alex: Yeah, and poor Harry Osborne.

2: You remember I mentioned the Fairford Festival in that long screed of adoration the other day? It now has a Facebook Event page, should you want to keep ...

Holmes Tome

He decides to spill his tale of woe to Tommy... ya see, that night a spacecraft headed from Earth to Mars (using time-saving experimental atomic engines) ...

AMERICAN SPLENDOR #4, Harvey Pekar,Robert Crumb,Gary G. Dumm,Gerry Shamray,Michael T GIlbert,Vintage Humor Underground Comics mag,UG Comix

Image for Ted Rall's LinkedIn activity called I've Always Wanted to Be Oppressed By

Children's Literature and Comics/Graphic Novels at MLA 2019

Marvel Tales Reprints Was The First Time Al Saw Steve Ditko.

Image for Ted Rall's LinkedIn activity called Google Maps is an Enigma Wrapped in a Logic

Behind the Music: Fantasy, Fiction, and Fandom

Amazing Spider-Man Spider-Man No More TPB (2018 Marvel) Epic Collection ...

And you thought you'd put some hours in today. So let's wish Joe well and celebrate his incredible career and body of work, shall we? Whaddya say, Doomsy?

A round up of the best front pages and cartoons about the latest corruption scandal to hit world football's governing body

I'll see you tomorrow for a pretty serious, but also I hope joyful post, where I'll be talking about Tom's autism, my own autistic genes and the fan spaces ...

Comics! By Howard Chaykin.

Alex: Yeah, it's actually hard to follow those stories. I looked back at them.

AMERICAN SPLENDOR #5, Harvey Pekar,Robert Crumb, Gary G. Dumm,Gerry Shamray,Greg Budget,Vintage Humor Underground Comics mag,UG Comix

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Unconventional Comics panel

Bryan's tribute to Leo Baxendale in Grandville: Force Majeure


... the first celebrity billionaire nominee and the first female nominee” to run for Prez of the U.S. All three displayed a selection of their cartoons.

ERB-dom (1960 Burroughs Fanzine) 54

My podcast with Liz Myles, Hammer House of Podcast, continues every month (twice a month if you're a Patron). We're watching all the Hammer horror movies in ...

Titles, Dark Comics And Antiquated Design Techniques

... in the paper and serve as a reminder that, unlike comic books or even magazines, in their original form, these strips were quickly read, or not read, ...

photo ACfruitB_zpso03659x2.jpg

AMERICAN SPLENDOR #11, Harvey Pekar,Robert Crumb,Spain Rodriguez,Gary G Dumm,Gerry Shamray, Greg Budget,Vintage Humor Underground UG Comix

Holiday Books Gift Guide: Engaging nonfiction about sports heroes, movie stars, physicists, L.A. and more - Los Angeles Times

Expecting logic and consistency from him is a fool's game, as Ward Sutton points out in a multi-panel delight that you should go read.

Nemesis the Warlock: Volume 2


In the mid-90s, Kaz once told me that he thought another reason why alternative-type cartoonists were beginning to get more regular work in mainstream ...

It lands at the feet of a passerby, who picks it up (raise your hand if you pick up papers that mysteriously drop from above and land at your feet).

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(Duke, incidentally, houses a cartooning collection of comic books, newspaper strips, and political caricature second only to the Billy Ireland Cartoon ...

Richard Thompson, Cul de Sac, Feb 2011

... the new Middle Grade graphic novel by my friends Leah Moore and John Reppion and artist Sally Jane Thompson has been nominated by the Metro newspaper as ...

224 | Goran Parlov, Netflix Heroes And Foreign Religion

The company continues its plan for its single-issue series Kaijumax and comics featuring the Rick & Morty property.

Brave and the Bold 61,Silver Age, DC Comics, Starman,Black Canary, ORIGINS,Gardner Fox,Murphy Anderson,Legends of Tomorrow,Golden Age heroes

An audience with Chris Riddell

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The Wire


You'll find short stories, essays, comics, including some by Bryan, music biography, poems, ...

Dagar the Invincible (1972 Whitman) 5

This is Karen Green, librarian extraordinaire. A comic strip about her by my pal Nick Sousanis won an Eisner Award this year.