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New research questions famed burial of first Christian AngloSaxon

New research questions famed burial of first Christian AngloSaxon


Prittlewell tomb as a very early Anglo-Saxon Christian burial, due in part to thes... Read More... Read More

New research questions famed burial of 'first' Christian Anglo-Saxon king | National Geographic

'First' Christian king ruled out in famed Prittlewell Anglo-Saxon burial

'First' Christian King Ruled Out In Famed Prittlewell Anglo-Saxon Burial - 2019

Fox News Flash top headlines for May 10

Anglo-Saxon bed burial with gold cross

The Prittlewell Princely Burial Treasures go on show at Southend Museum

New research questions famed burial of 'first' Christian Anglo-Saxon king


New research questions famed burial of 'first' Christian Anglo-Saxon king : Archaeology

Mystery Surrounds Woman Unearthed by Archaeologists in Early Christian Cemetery | National Geographic


Sæberht of Essex

Prittlewell royal Anglo-Saxon burial

Hagia Sophia: Archaeologists Uncover More Secrets at Ancient World's Largest Christian Cathedral

The Anglo-Saxon invasion and the beginnings of the 'English'

Edward the Confessor, the penultimate Anglo-Saxon king of England, depicted here in

Defining your research question before you begin climbing your family tree will ensure that you are


Burials constitute a large part of the archaeological record from Anglo-Saxon England, and this study-day uses the rich East Anglian burial record to ...

Death and Burial[edit]

These burial treasures open a window into early Anglo-Saxon East Anglia

A bronze-coloured brooch decorated with multiple faces.

Ancient advanced weapon technology theory debunked by new research | National Geographic

The Trumpington Cross (CAM-A04EF7)

Saxon burial from Ashtead with spearhead and knife (image SCAU)

The Wilton Cross

Formulating a Research Question Worksheet

The Magnificent Treasures of Sutton Hoo, The Final Resting Place of Anglo-Saxon Royals

New research questions famed burial of 'first' Christian Anglo-Saxon king - Stats

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

Follow a day in the life of a theme-park Jesus

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Post-excavation events[edit]

Scientists liken Anglo-Saxon burial site to King Tut's tomb

New research questions famed burial of 'first' Christian Anglo-Saxon king. Read https://www.nationalgeographic.com/culture/2019/05/new-research -questio…

Anglo-Saxon gold pendant found in Norfolk declared treasure

Who was King Alfred the Great?

'Britain's Answer to Tutankhamun' Discovered: An Undisturbed Tomb of an Anglo-Saxon Prince

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Anglo-Saxon England.

Timeline: Tracking the Treasure

... Archaeology-Early-Anglo-Saxon-Kingdoms-England-Mercia-Kent-

The new sculpture at Sutton Hoo. ( National Trust )

Culture & History

Burial sites from 5th and 6th centuries yield unexpected treasures

St Augustine of Canterbury, who was sent by Pope Gregory to convert the Anglo-

Two gold pendants from a grave at Winfarthing, Norfolk (NMS-E95041)

Record conservation study of Tutankhamun's tomb solves mystery and raises new questions

Anglo-Saxon paganism

Anglo-Saxon graves and tree-trunk coffins unearthed in Norfolk

... a collective name applied to the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of south, east, and central England during late antiquity and the early Middle Ages.

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The first page from Bede's book, 'History of the English Church and People'

Impressive Middle Saxon Artifacts Uncovered at Anglo-Saxon Island Discovered in English Field | Ancient Origins

Review - Water and the Environment in the Anglo-Saxon World

Anglo-Saxon bones dating back 1,000 years ( Dean and Chapter of Winchester Cathedral )

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Figure 4: Symbols of Matthew (left) and Mark (right) on the

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Gardener unearths Anglo-Saxon carving in job lot of rockery stone

Figure 3: Christ on the lid of the coffin of Saint Cuthbert. © Durham

An 8th-century copy of the Rule of St. Benedict

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... King-Alfred-Coin-Watlington-Viking-Silver-Hoard-Anglo-

c975 AD, Edward the Martyr, Anglo-Saxon king of England and the elder

Anglo-Saxon, Viking & Medieval Studies

Burial site hailed as UK's Tutankhamun's tomb

NEW: Anglo-Saxon Crops and Weeds: A Case Study in Quantitative Archaeobotany by Mark McKerracher. Paperback; 203x276mm; viii+204 pages; 53 figures, ...

Mass grave

Figure 6: The Great Urswick stone. Photo: Lilla Kopár.

The Gosforth Cross, showing scenes from Anglo-Saxon mythology

Sutton Hoo ship burial helmet

A New Study Has Shown The Oldest Hand Axe And Remains Of A Fire In Europe Date Back Over 800,000 Years Ago

In 1950, Tollund Man's discoverers “found a face so fresh they could only suppose they had stumbled on a recent murder.” (Christian Als)


Photo Gallery: Scientists Reveal Britain's German Heritage

His and hers grave goods: many pre-Christian Anglo-Saxon burials contain artefacts that are broadly specific to a particular sex.

Anglo-Saxon Treasure Staffordshire Hoard Sword Scabbards Crosses Jewelry Helmets

Staffordshire Hoard reunited for the first time

Belt Buckle, Sutton Hoo, gold, 13.2 x 5.6 cm (The British Museum