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My Git workflow Web Dev Ideas Desktop Desktop screenshot I cant

My Git workflow Web Dev Ideas Desktop Desktop screenshot I cant


Solved: This noob screwed up using GitHub Desktop... how t... - GitHub Community Forum

6 Awesome Ways to Take A Screenshot of your Code

How to set up the perfect modern dev environment on Windows

It'll take a few seconds to install the “Developer Mode” package, but after that, head back to the top level of the Settings app, and then “Apps & Features” ...

VersionPress is one of the most versatile and comprehensive Git plugins for WordPress. It sets up a repository on your server and enables you to revert ...

I add a small space in my Dock to separate apps I always have open with apps I seldom open

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Screen Shot ...

Introduction to Git and GitHub for Python Developers

Working Copy on the App Store

Have a file you can't open? CloudConvert can fix that. it supports over 200 file types, from popular document files like .doc and .xls to design files ...

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WP Pusher is a plugin that connects your WordPress site to any Git host, enabling you to transfer plugins and themes between the two. As a developer ...


You have ideas, but you can't quite figure out how to put them all together. MindMeister's mind maps make that easier. Double-click anywhere on its canvas ...

I switched from Windows to Linux. Here are the lessons I learned along the way.

Using Git Hooks in Your Development Workflow

As the name suggests, WordPress GitHub Sync enables you to sync your WordPress site with any Git host. It offers standard Git functionality, recording all ...

And… once you exit and re-open your terminal, you can get coding! Here's what the final result looks like when you're using a Jekyll project:

Here is how my library looks:

Using Python to blog from an iPhone

Do you remind yourself of important tasks and motivational quotes with sticky notes on your desktop monitor? Or maybe you've replaced those with Stickies on ...

Clone the repo locally by running git clone [email protected]: /guides-github-pull-request.git in your terminal

At its core, Git is a version control system. When it is installed on your server, it will keep a complete history of every file in whatever project it's ...

Simple Daily Workflow with Git

Switching branches with uncommitted changes: Git Essential Training (2012)

A dashboard: Lets you view your latest changes, and perform simple operations like staging a file and pushing a commit to your server, using a friendly UI.

Top 15 Best Web Development Courses on Udemy in 2019

I am, and have been, Permanently Intermediate in my skills. I do not dream in RegEx, and I am offended that others can bust out an awk script without ...

Now it's time to switch your shell to Zsh, if you like. I prefer it, for many reasons I won't go into here, but you can skip this step if you like ...


Create Android Project dialog

Want to share what you've worked on with friends or co-workers but think a plain screenshot is a bit bland? Screely instantly turns your screenshot into a ...

Copying and pasting code from the internet is one of the biggest open secrets in computer programming. And trust me, we all do it. That's because there are ...

Trello changed the way we think about organizing ideas. Instead of a standard list of tasks, its built around kanban boards with cards that hold your ideas ...

Pro JavaScript Development: Coding, Capabilities, and Tooling 1st ed. Edition

How you use Git depends largely on your workflow and the specific project at hand. Git is a versatile system that can be implemented in different ways, ...

Top 10 PHP Development Tools That Every Developer Have To Know


Ulysses and SF Mono.


This is how I like my mind maps.

How I landed a full stack developer job without a tech degree or work experience

Add Your Shortcut to Siri

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Diagram of the three trees of Git, working, staging, and history.

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Have a look in your git tab.

MindMeister screenshot


Working Copy on the App Store

Fill in following pieces of information about your organization:

Using Git Inside of Sublime Text to Improve Workflow

Best Code Editor

NET Core: CRUD Using Blazor and Entity Framework Core - DZone Web Dev



The interface for git-control is contained in its own tab, so you can have it fill up the entire workspace or you can split it off to the side, ...

Snagit makes it easy to add your screenshots and videos to email, training materials, documentation, blogs, or social media. Or get a short URL to share ...

GitHub, today valued at over $750 million USD, is self-described as a social coding platform. GitHub was started by Tom Preston-Werner, Chris Wanstrath, ...

Inside the GitHub Desktop app, in the menu, go to: Branch > Delete… to remove the local branch.

Messy desktop

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Nextfly Communications is Phoenix. Arizona's top website development and result oriented company. Get affordable

JavaScript for Absolute Beginners 1st ed. Edition

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

Java integrated development environment IntelliJ Idea is a popular tool among software companies and individual app developers. This feature-rich system ...

Getting Started with Arduino Web Editor on Various Platforms - Arduino Project Hub


#Cleaning Up

My wonderful world of iOS 📱

Web-based hosting platform Bitbucket is designed for app development projects that utilize revision control tools Git and Mercurial.

xcode appstore v2

laptop. Although NativeScript development ...

#Note from the Editor

As you see there is tons of stuff you can start using, but it's not a full featured OS, which means you're very limited to what you can use.

Contributing to Open Source Software with Git

In JetBrain's own words, “PhpStorm is a lightweight and smart PHP IDE focused on developer productivity that deeply understands your code, ...

Gifox gives you plenty of control over how fast your GIF plays, how many times it repeats, and how high the quality is. You can even add a fancy shadow to ...

iPad Pro screenshot: Docker, htop, vim in Mosh and Slack via iOS 11

This feature can be powerful if multiple workspaces can be open at the same time (in the same window).

Codecademy Screenshots

Perhaps tweet about it and let your followers know about your contributions?

Welcome panel, username and password

Step-By-Step Spring Boot RESTful Web Service Complete Example - DZone Integration

Build Your First Web App: Learn to Build Web Applications from Scratch: Deborah Levinson, Todd Belton: 9781454925668: Amazon.com: Books