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Mummified mother and child found in Egypt among dozens of remains

Mummified mother and child found in Egypt among dozens of remains


Mummified mother and child found in Egypt among dozens of preserved remains

Ancient Egyptian Tomb With Dozens of Human Remains, Child Mummies and 'Soul of the Deceased' Statuette Discovered

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The team found many other vividly coloured and gilded cartonnages, parts of gold-painted

The tomb was also found to contain parts of two painted wooden coffins (pictured)

The entrance to the tomb, at the top of the staircase, had been found

The mission also recovered many amphora-shaped jugs, ritual offering vases and some vessels

Alexander III of Macedon was born in Pella, the ancient capital of Macedonia in July

The tomb is located near one of Aswan's major landmarks, the Mausoleum of the Aga

An ancient Egyptian grave with the remains of a woman and her unborn child inside

Egypt tomb: Mummified mice found in 'beautiful' ancient chamber

Egypt Unveils Dozens of Newly Discovered MummiesEgypt Unveils Dozens of Newly Discovered Mummies

Mummified mice and falcons are displayed at a newly discovered burial site, the Tomb of

A well-preserved statuette of Ba-bird, which represents the souls of the

Metropolitan Mummy with portrait of a youth Roman ( Ad Meskens./ CC BY-

Mummified mice found in 'beautiful, colourful' Egyptian tomb

Egypt: New discovery of ancient mummified creatures found near Pyramid of Giza

Preserved paintings and hieroglyphics depict Tutu and his workers

This coffin, found by archaeologists in 1907, has been found to contain a mummified

Coffins holding mummies on display at the Field Museum in Chicago

Ancient Egyptian pottery

The tiny body of a miscarried baby was found in a wooden coffin following CT scans

(Illustration - Shutterstock)

Some of the mummies were found wrapped in linen in burial chambers (Image: AFP/Getty Images)

A row of ancient mummies (Reuters/A. Abdallah Dalsh). Egyptian archaeologists ...


Egyptians Cracked Recipe for Embalming Resin Well Before Time of the Pharaohs | Smart News | Smithsonian

Hieroglyphs covering the coffin indicates the remains belong to Mer-Neith-it-es

A coffin fragment recovered from the tomb. (Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities)

Mummy Juice

PHOTO: A partially-uncovered skull of a newly-discovered mummy wrapped in linen

Dozens of cat mummies found in ancient Egyptian tomb | South China Morning Post

Scientists thought ancient Egyptian mummies didn't have any DNA left. They were wrong

Ancient Egyptian Tomb With Dozens of Human Remains, Child Mummies and 'Soul of the Deceased' Statuette Discovered

More than 3,000 years ago, an ancient Egyptian woman tattooed her body with dozens of symbols - including lotus blossoms, cows and divine eyes - that may ...

'Screaming Mummy' in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo

NEW DISCOVERY: Ancient tomb uncovered near Egypt's famous Giza pyramids | News24

A picture taken on February 14, 2018 shows the "Screaming Mummy" known scientifically

Mummy of Ramesses II, one of the most famous mummies from ancient Egypt

mummified children

Close up view of a mummy with crossed clasped hands. A bundle of cloth partially

The coffin being scanned in a CT machine

An excavation stands in front of a wall that has ancient Egyptian statues and hieroglyphs carved

King Tut's still-born baby girl found in his tomb. DNA tests also found she had Marfan Syndrome. One other baby was found w/the king that was much smaller ...

EXCLUSIVE: 'Dead alien baby and pregnant mother found inside tomb in Peru'


The Child Mummy.

Mummy Shows Ancient Egyptians Bleached Their Skin

Mummification (How an Ancient Egyptian Mummy was Made)

Peruvian child mummy with elongated skull undergoes analysis

Cancer Discovered in Ancient Egyptian Remains Shows These Days We Have It Much Worse

... Pompeii, early 1st century AD, most likely depicting Cleopatra VII, wearing her royal diadem, consuming poison in an act of suicide, while her son ...

Egyptian mummies dating back 2300 years unearthed

Ancient Egyptians may have given cats the personality to conquer the world

a close up of a rock

This dog mummy is approximately 23 centuries old and x-rays expose its skeletal remains. Perhaps it was once seen as ...

Tutankhamun's baby mummies analyzed

Mummified remains, more than 50,000 years old, unveiled in Yukon

This statue of Arsinoe II identified her with the goddess Isis – thanks, in part

Archaeologists in Egypt discover rare collection of mummified cats and beetles - World News - Mirror Online

Workers open a coffin containing three mummies was discovered in Alexandria, Egypt July 19,

Mummified King Tutankhamun

Archaeologists remove the cover of a ancient Egyptian sarcophagus in Luxor.


The severed, mummified head was discovered in an Egyptian tomb in 1915. Now,

Playing Assassin's Creed Origins with the experts at Chicago's Field Museum. Visiting ancient Egypt with an expert mummy conservator

Mummification in Ancient Egypt

Image split between an ancient Egyptian sarcophagi and a scan of the mummy within

Mummy of 'perfectly preserved' 3000-year-old woman found in sarcophagus in Egypt - Daily Record

5 Amazing Stories About Ancient Egypt That Deserve to Be Movies

King Tut: The science behind the discovery

The Identity of This Remarkably Well-Preserved Egyptian Mummy Remains a Mystery

Scientists Reveal Inside Story of Ancient Egyptian Animal Mummies

A statue inside the newly discovered tomb of high priest Wahtye in the Saqqara area near

Technology lets us see inside a mummy

Mummies Take Manhattan

(Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities)

(Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities)

American Research Center in Egypt on Twitter: ""The 2,100-year-old mummified remains of what was thought to be a 'hawk mummy' actually belong to a stillborn ...

Special Exhibition Mummies Opens at The American Museum of Natural History | AMNH

Archaeologist believes he may have found remains of ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti — hidden in King Tut's tomb

The tomb is located on the West Bank of the Nile and it belonged to Thaw