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Most homesteads are surrounded by an abundance of trees growing in

Most homesteads are surrounded by an abundance of trees growing in


Most homesteads are surrounded by an abundance of trees growing in the wild. This is great for firewood and shade, but selectively planting certain trees ...

Creating and Utilizing “Edge” For Abundance

It's quite possible you may have some oak trees growing already, but the Burr oak produces an acorn that is naturally sweet and not as bitter as acorns from ...

9. White Willow

Originally when Ngepi Camp began almost 32 years ago, there was an abundance of trees and birdlife in the area. Today, it is believed that the current ...

The Ginko tree is the oldest living deciduous tree on earth. It was believed extinct and only a fossil record from 400 million years ago recorded their ...

12 Fruit Trees You Can Grow In Buckets

1. Macintosh Apples

Platanus occidentalis

Creating a Dreamy Homestead in Costa Rica: Shocking Abundance In Only Months of Growth!

Surrounding the homestead are ALL of the aspects of a holistic life – it's the centerpiece for all the parts of a happy, healthy and abundant life.

Mixed Apples

Tundra Trees

Help at an off-grid homestead and nature retreat surrounded by the Talladega National Forest, Alabama, USA

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The black walnut is beautiful, but juglone toxicity may be a problem for other plants

Red Cedar Invasion

A Few Favorite Perennials With Guest Natalie Bogwalker | The Small Town Homestead

The Evolution of Christmas: Photographs of Christmas Trees, early 1900s


Esther Aboi inspects Mathenge tree on her land. Her livelihood revolves around the Mathenge tree as her home, fences, animal sheds are made of the invasive ...

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Surrounding the homestead are ALL of the aspects of a holistic life – it's the centerpiece for all the parts of a happy, healthy and abundant life.

Top five fruit trees for backyard orchards

photo of a Kentucky Coffee Tree Recovery Strategy

Upland Vegetation Zone

As you walk through a forest, what do you see? Do you see the flora and the fauna as a whole? Do you single out your favorite tree, plant, or bird?

“I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual.”

Planning Your Homestead Orchard: Benefits of Dwarf Trees

7 Fast Bearing Fruit Trees

Now that the leaves are falling, my daughter and I are on a mission to find as many different leaves as possible so we can make leaf rubbings.

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Taste and buy wines at Schnebly Redland's Winery, Homestead Schnebly Redland's Winery

Abundant Permaculture Forest Garden (25 Years Old)

Death by Black Walnut: The Facts on Juglone Toxicity

red maple tree

When & How to Fertilizer Your Fruit Trees

Hand holding cluster of blueberries growing in garden

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ES- enclosed grazing land (25ha) with trees

25.44 Acres, more or less. Antelope County Livestock Facility Antelope County, NE

Homesteading in the Backwoods

Calendar of Events

Dwarf and semi-dwarf trees produce the same type and size fruit as standards,

Here Are 17 Hidden Spots Inside America's National Parks and Forests - Atlas Obscura

21 of the cosiest New England hotels for leaf peeping

General Sherman tree looking up.jpg

7 steps to replace lawn with food production using a sheet mulch no till gardening method

44.13 Acres, more or less - Knox County 51984 884 Rd. Verdigre, NE

Hanging Tree Homestead


There are more projects too. A slow-to-start spring sprung a bunch of activity on us all at once. But let me go back to the garden.

ES - trees around homestead

Remnant oak savanna at Stahl-Conrad Homestead

How To Turn A Twig Into A New Tree Follow Me on Pinterest Every homestead can use more ...

... market gardens and Enoggera was a thriving wine growing area. Hurdcotte was the name of the Homestead for one of the vineyards situated in the area.

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry assessment indicate that Turkana has the most Prosopis in the countrywide with 330,000 hectares.

While all of this progress in our community and on our homestead has been encouraging, the last theme we have been grappling this month is somewhat darker ...

These Are The 14 Types Of Trees We Plant In Kenya

Fall Trees & Shrubs

PHOTO 6: Newly planted Lysiloma at the Earth Learning food forest, surrounded by its

This loquat tree's first fruiting produced some of the largest loquats I've ever seen, despite growing under very adverse conditions. I'm interested in how ...

My Top 5 Tips for Establishing an ABUNDANT Hugelkultur! Plant Abundance

What Are Folks Saying About The Modern Homesteading Podcast?

Many homesteaders left then; however, livestock and, since 2015, bison grazing continues. The Soapstone Grazing Association operated a large livestock ...

View over Hill Park suburb from Orams Road motorway overbridge


Black walnut trees are beautiful, but can kill certain plants. Is your garden at

642 Acres, more or less. Bon Homme County, South Dakota

growing persimmon tree

A mature bunya pine showing classic conical growing habit

Agrandir ...

Great plants for bees include blazing star.

PHOTO 3: Tropical hardwoods forest grows in the absence of fire, and has more

Controlled burn around oaks at Stahl-Conrad Homestead

This Month On The Homestead: Flame Weeding, Regular Weeding, And A Clay Mixture

City Seeds Urban Farm St. Louis Garden

Rooted in History

1013 Willard Road Hartford VT 05059

View of lowslung colonial era house across gravel and lawn, house framed by trees.

How to Safely Use Tools While Harvesting Foraged Food

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The paw paws on our homestead haven't set fruit in the past few years and this may have to do with low genetic diversity. 2 or more varieties are best for ...

Lost Ways Video

Nome alaska hot springs

Even though every tree may not grow in your local area, you can still try to plant at least one from every category so that you have a good variety. In many ...

... ey don't always remember to plant more afterwards. One of the biggest factors that have impacted my life is the lack of protection I have from the sun, ...

Trees for healthier forests and people

The nine foot (3m) tall tree made several clusters of fruit.

Recovery strategy for the Kentucky Coffee-tree (Gymnocladus dioicus) in Canada

If you aren't a gardener, perhaps the allure of rolling up your sleeves and sinking your hands in the dirt is lost on you. I can see how it seems like a ...

These newly planted fruit trees are on a 3 acre homestead near dripping springs. Here the soil is deep and loamy. The area pictured was previously a dense ...

The Wayuu village of Boca de Camarones, in the south of the Guajira peninsula, showing the living hedgerows of columnar cacti produced from tall stanchions.

High Pine - a controlled burn is in progress.

Coloured panoramic view of house across river.