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Modular structure within groups causes information loss but can

Modular structure within groups causes information loss but can


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This figure shows three flow charts labeled A, B, and C. Chart A

(B) Module template database and protein–protein interaction (PPI) database for inferring homologous PPIs. (C) Homologous PPIs and proteins of the template ...

Accuracy Values for Different Percentages of Binding Site Residues within a Module

A comprehensive evaluation of module detection methods for gene expression data | Nature Communications



Couzin, I.D. (2018) Collective animal migration, Current Biology 28(17), R976-980.

(A) Clustering matrix of 736 human modules with 1,384 proteins. The profile of the CPC supermodule with six experimental modules identified by various ...


(a) Schematics showing the linear domain organizations of Scc2 and Scc4. The same colouring scheme is used in the corresponding crystal structures of Scc2 ...


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Mutational Pleiotropy and the Strength of Stabilizing Selection Within and Between Functional Modules of Gene Expression | Genetics

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Product Architecture Model for Multistory Modular Buildings | Journal of Construction Engineering and Management | Vol 142, No 10

Reported timeline of champion solar module energy conversion efficiencies since 1988 (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

41. 39 • Temporary Structures and ...

Design spoke with SHoP and FCRC for a post-mortem on the project–and to find out what the future holds for modular design in the context of tall buildings.

Table 1. Features of Both Interventions.

It is flagged as a slow module due to its high resource consumption, both in terms of CPU cycles and in terms of memory usage. Quite counter-intuitively ...

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Try DOE Wizard in EngineRoom's 30 Day Free Trial

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In this example, we have placed a Contact Form Module at the bottom of every


In 2014, the developer sold a 70% stake to Greenland Group, a Shanghai-based developer, which likely will not use modular construction in the remaining ...

Figure 3

Basic 5G network architecture and various deployed opto-electronic modules.

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After a uniquely pleasant but dry summer and autumn, it has been raining and snowing in central Europe for weeks with no sign of letting up.

A schematic diagram of an analog DC input module is shown in Figure 9.

Many hazardous oncology drugs, such as alkylating antineoplastic agents (eg, cyclophosphamide), can bind to and cause irreversible DNA damage in humans.2 ...

The Power Of Divi's Global Modules And How To Use Them

Most modules have a label on the back giving the performance under standard test conditions (STC).


Monocrystalline modules are beginning to take a share of the Indian market despite the South Asian

In space!

(From left) Inception modules A,B,C in an Inception ResNet. Note how the pooling layer was replaced by the residual connection, and also the additional 1x1 ...

Projects accross industries

Figure 1. Relation between environmental variability and ...

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Open Source Endpoint Manager in it's early days

Figure 5: CPU

Figure 2: The relation between procedural, physical and process models.

Information Architecture Strategies

Reliability and thermal performance

The NOTCH1-MYC highway toward T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia | Blood Journal


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In the header, specify the SafeKit version, problem type and priority as well as the module name and the OS

Records of school facilities that are no longer available or used can be archived for future reference.

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Background on Process Control and Safety Instrumented Systems

(From left) Inception modules A,B,C used in Inception v4. Note how similar they are to the Inception v2 (or v3) modules. (Source: Inception v4)

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Mediator recruitment in med2∆ med3∆ med15∆ yeast.

(1) For viewing the detailed status of the module on a given node, click on the node

Structural properties of the HD domain with and without the LNR modules in atomistic simulations.

Bulkheads in the USS South Dakota. Terraform state benefits from “bulkheads” too. Image from Wikipedia.

6 Reasons Housing Construction Is Ripe For Disruption In The Fall Of 2018

Discrete DC output modules control the on/off states of DC output field devices. Power is supplied by an external power supply. A schematic diagram of the ...

Is LeTID degradation in PERC cells another degradation crisis even worse than PID? | PV Tech

Figure 3.

Sialidase from Micromonospora viridifaciens contains an N-terminal CBM32 (red) X20 linker (yellow) and a C-terminal catalytic GH33 module (green) ...

Differences of network metrics between CAE patients and healthy controls (CON). (A) Shows the group differences under different thresholds; ...

Figure 1

Group decisions: When more information isn't necessarily better | Santa Fe Institute

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Smart grid


Define interfaces of the child modules – For purposes of ADD, an interface of a module shows the services and properties provided and required.

Mechanoreceptive nociceptors have a high threshold for activation—they respond to mechanical stimulation that is so intense it might damage the tissue.


The modular building known as B2, at 461 Dean Street, was supposed to cost

Comparison between the IR temperature distribution of a conventional Peltier module (top) and a module built using the arcTEC structure (bottom)

Diagram illustrating what Splunk can index: Customer-Facing Data, Windows, Linux/

Figure 3. Modular structure ...

Records of school facilities that are no longer available or used can be archived for future reference.

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Arguments for Setting Automatic Cost Adjustment to Always

Semantic coherence and information hiding.