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Matt and Kat on set Season 2 Shadowhunters in 2019 Matthew

Matt and Kat on set Season 2 Shadowhunters in 2019 Matthew


Dominic Sherwood, Matthew Daddario, & Emeraude Toubia BTS of Shadowhunters season 2

Matt and Kat on set. Season 2

Shadowhunters Cancelled — Shocked Cast Reacts To Series Finale Movie | TVLine

Shadowhunters: The definitive oral history from first meetings, broken bones, Malec and the fandom


Shadowhunters cast offer oral history as season 3 finale airs | Metro News

Farewell to Shadowhunters: Matthew Daddario Breaks Down That Botched Malec Proposal

David Castro & Matthew Daddario BTS of Shadowhunters Season 2

Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 10: Clary Dies, Jonathan Reborn | TV Guide

Alec Lightwood/ Matt Daddario #shadowhunters

'Shadowhunters' Cast & Producers On Show's Faithfulness To Novels – Deadline


Matthew Daddario images Matt at ABC Freeform Upfront wallpaper and background photos


Emeraude Toubia, Katherine McNamara, Matthew Daddario & Harry Shum Jr Tease Final Season of 'Shadowhunters' in NYC

Check Out the Hilarious New 'Shadowhunters' Season 3 Bloopers (VIDEO)

Matthew Daddario talking about Malec kiss in the wedding scene. "He smooches that man right on the face."

Shadowhunters: Harry Shum Jr. Breaks Down that Malec Dance Scene | TV Guide

Shadowhunters: Magnus Proposes to Alec Season 3, Episode 20https://metro.co.uk/video/shadowhunters-magnus-proposes-alec-season-3- episode-20-1918560/

Matthew Daddario and Katherine McNamara talk relationships, conflicts, and laws of Fiduciary responsibility in Shadowhunters Season 3.

Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 10 Spoilers: Jace and Alec's Dark Turn | TV Guide

Matthew Daddario❤️

Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario Tease a “Devastating” 'Shadowhunters' Series Finale

'Shadowhunters': Harry Shum Jr. & Matthew Daddario on What's Next for Malec (VIDEO)

Discover ideas about Mortal Instruments Books. May 2019

The Men of Shadowhunters Spill Final Season ...

Katherine McNamara & Matthew Daddario Get Ready for Shadowhunters' 50th Episode!

'Shadowhunters' Stars Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario on the Finale, Malec, and Weddings

Matt and Kat

Shadowhunters Season 3B '

Shadowhunters Cast Plays 'Who Would You Rather Kiss?'

NYCC 2017: Interview with Katherine McNamara & Matthew Daddario – Basic Stuff Magazine

Harry Shum Jr. And Matthew Daddario Read Thirst Tweets And Yes, It's As Great As It Sounds. "

Shadowhunters - The Best Shadowhunters Behind-The-Scenes Moments Of All Time - 1002

Shadowhunters Updates

Kat and Matt

'Shadowhunters' cast and fans react to the show's surprise cancellation

"Shadowhunters" is ending after Season 3, Freeform announced, in a "purely economic" decision.

'Shadowhunters' Spoilers: Malec Wedding Kiss? — Matthew Daddario Interview | TVLine

Alisha Wainwright & Matthew Daddario

Katherine McNamara & Matthew Daddario Tease Conflicts Between Clary & Alec on 'Shadowhunters' Season 3 | Shadowhunters, Television | Just Jared Jr.

'Shadowhunters' Final Season to Start in February

Shadowhunters - EXCLUSIVE TWITTER CHAT With Dominic Sherwood - 947

Katherine McNamaraVerified account

'Shadowhunters': Can Alec Balance Malec and His Shadowhunter Duties?

Shadowhunters: Here's where else fans can spot their favorite actors in 2019

Dominic Sherwood

Shadowhunters Cast

Harry Shum, Jr. Had To Really Teach Matthew Daddario To Dance For Malec's Dance Scene in 'Shadowhunters'

Dominic Sherwood and Matthew Daddario. "

Matthew Daddario Tumblr's “Answer Time” Full Interview Q&A

Shadowhunters Season 3B

Getty Images

The cast of 'Shadowhunters' commend fans for their passionate support, express love, gratitude before final season

Matthew Daddario makes the crowd laugh at Pandemonium Con. (Jack R./Basic Stuff Magazine)

Shadowhunters - 11 Behind-The-Scenes Moments On The Set Of S2E5 - 1009

'Shadowhunters' Legacy! Freeform Announces Premiere Date for the Final Episodes

Shadowhunters Season 1, Ep 12: Magnus Stops Alec's Weddinghttps://metro.co.uk/video/shadowhunters-season -1-ep-12-magnus-stops-alecs-wedding-1918554/

Shadowhunters' Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr. Talk Malec Wedding in Series Finale | TV Guide

Continue ...

Shadowhunters Season 3B

Alec Makes a Heartbreaking Decision for Magnus on 'Shadowhunters' | Television | madison.com

Matthew Daddario and Esther Kim/ “Thank you @johnvarvatos, @ToddSnyderNY, and @InterviewMag + @Topman for a great week. We had a great MFW!”

Real Life PARTNERS of Shadowhunters Cast 2018

Matt and Harry

'Shadowhunters': Matthew Daddario and Dominic Sherwood tease Malec's future and try to lie about Clary's fate

'Shadowhunters' Interview: Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario Talk Characters, Camille, and Stunts

'Shadowhunters' Stars Harry Shum Jr., Kat McNamara & More in the TCA. '

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments (2016)

Katherine McNamara and Dominic Sherwood in Shadowhunters season 1

Shadowhunters Finale Ending Explained

'Shadowhunters' Finale Spoilers, Air Date, Cast News and More — ' Shadowhunters' Finale Will Be 2.5 Hours Long

Shadowhunters Midseason Finale: Did [Spoiler] Really Die!

Katherine McNamara, Dominic Sherwood, Matthew Daddario & More Were Just As Shocked About 'Shadowhunters' Being Cancelled

Katherine McNamara on Shadowhunters Midseason Finale, Malec, and Fan Theories

Shadowhunters ...


Kat Matt and Harry

'Shadowhunters': Go Behind the Scenes of the Final Episodes (PHOTOS)

Shadowhunters Season 1, Episode 7: #Clace Share a Kisshttps://metro.co.uk/video/shadowhunters-season-1-episode -7-clace-share-kiss-1918552/

Freeform Shadowhunters

Shadowhunters' Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr. Talk Malec Wedding in Series Finale | TV Guide

Kat and Matt

'Shadowhunters' Cast Attends Teen Choice Awards 2018 After Wrapping Final Episodes | 2018 Teen Choice Awards, Alberto Rosende, Anna Hopkins, ...

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'Shadowhunters' Cast Blindsided by Freeform's Cancellation — See Their Reactions

Shadowhunters Cast Geek Out Over New Couplings and Season 3 | New York Comic-Con 2017 | SYFY WIRE


'Shadowhunters' Stars Katherine McNamara, Matthew Daddario & More Arrive in Brazil for CCXP!

Will Tudor looking earnest (and adorable) at Pandemonium Con. (Jack R./Basic Stuff Magazine)

Matt Daddario Brasil