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MakeAlong Outfit Variation Layered Princess doll clothes

MakeAlong Outfit Variation Layered Princess doll clothes


Make-Along Doll princess dress

How to adapt your Make-Along sewing patterns into this fun layered princess outfit.

Now for the last piece, when it's time to get fancy, top off with a pinafore layer with bows sewn to the bodice and an open-in-the-front skirt, a Robe ...

Make-Along Doll princess dress

Make-Along Outfit Variation: Layered Princess | doll clothes | Princess outfits, Doll clothes, Dolls

new elsa doll sewing pattern

Here are some fun trips down the rabbithole:

Emma's petticoat

Tutorial for Apron Dress for the Make-Along doll | Wee Wonderfuls | Bloglovin'

As far as tiny details in doll clothes go, I'm a moderate. These art dolls have slimmer arms and smaller bodies than the dolls I sell patterns for so the ...

The Make-Along Pattern Subscription will send you the pattern for the doll and a new outfit every month for a year's worth of fun!

Clara from the Nutcracker

free sewing pattern for an elf hat and collar for a wee wonderfuls make-along …

Make-Along Outfit Variation: Layered Princess

handmade doll Clara from the Nutcracker

Cloth Doll Re-boot

Make-Along Doll at Wee Wonderfuls. Handmade original doll with sewing patterns for outfits

Happy New Year!

Or, pair the long waisted bodice with the pantaloons to make cute rompers. These are some of my favorite outfits to make for dolls.

Make-Along Outfit Variation: Layered Princess | doll clothes | Princess outfits, Doll clothes, Dolls

Free Cardigan knitting pattern for Make-Along and Elsa dolls

Regency era doll clothes for my Jane Austen inspired art dolls

I was so pleased with this dress fabric/spencer color combination but still want to tackle this sleeve

Sew something special this Christmas! $8 complete sewing pattern for 3 dolls. Felt Dolls

Wee Wonderfuls

wee wonderfuls doll clothes pattern and tutorial : romper

Last spring I designed a cloth doll I called Prairie Flowers. She is a simple cloth doll, 11 1/2 inches tall, made from 100% woven cotton material.

Six years on, Nancy Ann and the dolls she inspired

dress fabric from L to R: thrited blouse, 80s vintage calico, scarf, skirt, scarf

This is Bethany, made from Laura Tegg's freely available Weebee doll pattern. Laura has several clothing patterns that are free for this adorable doll, ...

No photo description available.

1940s Vintage McCall Sewing Pattern 6484 Little Girls Princess Cut Coat Size 8 Childrens Sewing Patterns

By Hook, By Hand

this week's dolls

She is a wonderful little five inch doll with a growing wardrobe. Check out the link to Ann's pattern. I've made this doll (many times!), here are a few of ...

elf hat for Make-Along doll

By Hook, By Hand

Here are a couple of very simple dresses you can make for your Bleuette or crochet Bleuette, using the basic camisole as the bodice.

I often come back to these drawings and channel them into dolls. The Pixie from my book and this Blackberry Fairy I made for Phoebe come to mind.

vintage enfantin - Page 12

Wee Wonderfuls – crafty blog about toymaking, quilting and finding inspiration

I would suggest starting with the dress and/or the cap. These are pretty simple outfits, so adding a few stitches would not be difficult, to get the fit you ...

New dolls in the shop

... a cloth doll pattern I called Prairie Flowers, which is available here on the blog (look down the left sidebar for the doll and her clothing pattern).

Doll clothes sewing pattern the "Make-Along Doll" at Wee Wonderfuls Softies,

She likes the bed I made for the Ann Wood dolls, but fortunately for all of them, she cannot wear their clothing :-)

... inspired by children's book illustrators and one of my favorites is Hilda Cowham. Her girls are floppy mops of curls, with the 1920s drop waist dresses ...

Image may contain: plant and outdoor

Image result for American Girl Doll Clothes Patterns Free Printable Barbie Wedding Dress, Barbie Dress

thrifted blouses

Image may contain: plant and flower

Wee Wonderfuls Handmade Doll Softies, Dolls, Handmade, Vintage, Fashion, Doll Clothes

It is Laura Tegg's Weebee doll. Not only is the doll pattern free, but Laura has several clothing patterns ...

Of all types of dolls, small dolls are my favorites. The kind that fit snuggly in your hand; that you can put in your pocket or carry in their own little ...


Dolls-cuties from the Russian needlewoman Rag Doll Patterns, Diy Doll Pattern, Pretty

Elizabeth's boots & bonnet

And this adorable hoodie and the overalls are also from Laura's free patterns.

Wee Wonderfuls Make-Along Doll Clothes Pattern Set


Courtesy of Joyce, a Crochet Hitty pattern for you!

So, if you are fortunate enough to have collected some of these patterns, great! If not, I have several patterns for clothing for this new doll.

Make-Along Doll Apron Dress, Full Set, Dress Making, Hand Knitting,

Patterns Clothes for Barbie dolls

Don't be put off by the shape of her head. I tend to like dolls with slightly oversize heads, and this doll is no exception. I like a lot of forehead, ...


Photo: Gwen Riechmann · Doll Clothes & Accessories

Closeup of Jane's crochet trimmed bonnet and crochet camisole. You may recognize the style of the camisole, I love the way the side-to-side crochet fits the ...

Additional Outfits for your Ann Wood cloth doll

Elizabeth Bennet (costume inspiration ...

Thanks for reading,

Wee Wonderfuls Make-Along Doll Pattern

The dress was one I just *had* to wear out for the dinner the night I finished it - despite the fact it is a summer dress, and it's still winter.

www.inspirace-barbie.cz picture iva cergot strihcergot02.jpg Doll Sewing Patterns

Vic Princess seam dresses

Hooded Cape Pattern & Tutorial

My thoughts on the pattern are as always to do with sizing and ease. I chose the size on my upper body measurements due to the shape of the dress, ...

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As mentioned in my last post, I've had the idea of creating a Bleuette doll in crochet for a long time. Bleuette is a doll with quite a history, ...


doll clothes sewing quick and easy apron dress Apron Dress, Dress For You, Crafty

However, the way the characters are constructed is the same throughout so it doesn't offer a great deal of variation in terms of skills.

Priceless Gifts

Value Pack of 4 PDF Patterns and English Instructions of dresses for Blythe

... a very credible painted doll. Gail has a way of inspiring confidence in the most timid :-) She is a natural teacher and a wonderfully gifted dollmaker.

1518799785IMG_3114 (2).JPG

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Pattern Testing: Sew Over It Vintage Shirt Dress (and a giveaway!)

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Now I'm no fabric expert (although after Love to Sew's Fabric 101 podcast, I'm learning), but I knew I would be dealing with something relativity light and ...

I love dolls in dainty undergarments. Undergarments are the first thing I make for a new doll. Not only does it get her decent quickly, but it also lets me ...

This for fancy dress This for more everyday wear ...

I love my viscose dobby Melilot so much! It's definitely one of those special wardrobe pieces that you reach for on the days when you need a pick-me-up.

The new Wreck-It Ralph movie gave Disney a reason to celebrate the women who have voiced princesses over the last 30 plus years. Princess is not defined by ...


My test doll for the Feel Better Friends Volunteer-in-training

Bird & Flower Embroidered Dress

... of the world's largest archipelago. Indonesia is a travellers' paradise, with cuisine as vibrant and thrilling as its scenery.

I love books and pretty illustrated craft books are the perfect accompaniment to a sewing room so when I was asked to look the Tilda's Fairy Tale Wonderland ...

Vic Valentine dress past