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Magnus and Alec at their wedding Shadowhunters MALEC in

Magnus and Alec at their wedding Shadowhunters MALEC in


The Malec Wedding Made Shadowhunters Stans Everywhere Emotional AF

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Magnus & Alec || Unconditionally [+ 3x21/3x22] (Malec wedding) (Series finale)

Shadowhunters - A Malecsplosion: The Most Amazing, Magical, Romantic Moments From Episode 12

Shadowhunters episode 12

SHADOW HUNTERS - "Malec" - On the eve of Alec and Lydia's wedding relationships ...

#Malec #TMI #shadowhunters | Alec and Magnus at the wedding

Shadowhunters Bosses Imagine What's Next for Malec After That 'Glorious' Wedding

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Magnus at his and Alec's wedding /pt. 2

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Magnus Shows Up to Alec's Wedding on Tonight's 'Shadowhunters'!

Alec at his and Magnus' wedding / pt. 1. Find this Pin and more on ⋄ The Shadowhunters ...

Shadowhunters. Mondays 8:00 PM on Freeform

Our Favorite Fan Art of Cassandra Clare's Magnus and Alec from the Shadowhunter Books

Shadowhunters Magnus Crashes Alec Wedding

Shadowhunters Malec and Alex. Magnus and Alec ...



Shadowhunters - Episode 12 Promo: Alec's Wedding Day Choice!

Shadowhunters Wedding & Season Finale Photos. Launch Gallery

So maybe the wedding happens in 3x21, because then the first bts might be from 3x22. My first thought was that the wedding is in 3x19, mostly because of the ...

Malec Magnus and Alec Lydia and Alec's wedding Shadowhunters TMI The Mortal Instrumenta

Lay It All on Me by deathdario

Is this your first heart?

'Shadowhunters' Series Finale Trailer: Will Magnus & Alec Get Married? (VIDEO)

Magnus and Alec didnt kiss at the wedding ,

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Magnus Shows Up to Alec's Wedding on Tonight's 'Shadowhunters'!

Will Shadowhunters' Magnus And Alec Get A Happy Ending In The Series Finale? - CINEMABLEND

Alec came out to his family publicly at his wedding, when he was a force by his parents to marry someone he didn't love. Alec realized that he was in loved ...


Shadowhunters Executive Producer Michael Reisz On "Malec"

'Shadowhunters' Photos and Extended Synopsis Released For 'Malec' | Fangirlish

Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr. Shadowhunters

Shadowhunters bosses tease kids for Malec after wedding finale | Metro News

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Their heart to heart is touching as Jace explains his very confused and messed up feelings for Clary. The best line of the night happens here: “And Clary is ...

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments Soundtrack

lemoncielart. Alec Lightwood & Magnus Bane from The Shadowhunter ...

Shadowhunters: 6 reasons Malec happening is important for Alec's future

Shadowhunters and Malec's True Love. Seher. By. Seher. on

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Magnus & Alec || The Power of Love [+ 3x21/3x22] (Malec wedding) (Series finale)

Magnus's hands are around Alec's waist!!! #malec #kiss #wedding #scene #photo #bts #Magnus #hands #around #Alec

Alec Lightwood

There's an argument to be made that the ring could be Daddario's own (another on-set picture shows the actor with a slight tan line where the ring should be ...

Shadowhunters: The Show and Tell Problem With Malec

Magnus takes a huge risk and goes to Alec's wedding! Shadowhunters - The Journey Of Malec ...

And the celebration comes later, because there's no time for that when they're fighting Jonathan or Asmodeus or whatever else the Shadow World has in store ...


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Shadowhunters Executive Producer Michael Reisz on the Art of

"I think that his initially his decision to get married is a mistake," says Daddario, right, with Shum Jr. "He's doing it because he thinks that that's a ...

Is this your first heart?

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Malec Is Back in New Trailer for the Final Season of Shadowhunters

I Can't Lose You: Season 3B Official Trailer - Shadowhunters. It looks like a wedding is on ...

Shadowhunters Has a Wedding to Plan in Series Finale Trailer | E! News UK

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'Shadowhunters' fans talk about their favorite moments and Malec emerges a clear winner

#SaveMalec, what's next for TV's hottest #LGBT couple? - Film Daily

magnus alec wedding shadowhunters pics 02

Fix Shadowhunters

This is how it's going to be on their wedding day though Magnus stressing around and Alec reasuring him that everything is perfect as long as Magnus is at ...

The 2.5-hour #Shadowhunters Season 3 finale will feature a rescue mission to Edom, an epic Morgenstern showdown, and an iconic Malec wedding.


's edit first wedding x last wedding first song x last song first #malec. '

Shipworthy - Malec

THE👏🏻WEDDING👏🏻 - - - - - - - - - -

Clary stood up and picked up her dress as she walked up to Izzy

Alec isn't only going to be conflicted about his feelings for Magnus going into his wedding day though. He and Jace still don't see eye to eye about how to ...

Shadowhunters Malec Wedding Kiss - tDiE Graphic T-Shirt

Top 10 Malec Moments in Shadowhunters

Magnus and Alec: Season 3B Official Trailer - Shadowhunters

Hodge is a dirty, dirty double crosser. He knocks Lydia out and steals the cup. He then contacts Valentine asking for him to break the punishment that keeps ...

Shadowhunters Season 3B Will Prove 'Heartbreaking' for Magnus and Alec

Alec Lightwood Magnus Bane Malec (2018) Drawing (25x20x0 cm)

'Shadowhunters': Harry Shum Jr. on Malec Obstacles and Getting That Spell Book Back

"Shadowhunters" Malec (TV Episode 2016) - IMDb

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