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MEMS Chip Combines Accelerometer with HighAccuracy Temperature

MEMS Chip Combines Accelerometer with HighAccuracy Temperature


LIS2DTW12 MEMS chip The STMicroelectronics LIS2DTW12 combines ...

MEMS Chip Combines Accelerometer with High-Accuracy Temperature Sensor for Superior Precision

MEMS Chip Combines Accelerometer with High-Accuracy Temperature Sensor for Superior Precision

The STEVAL-MKI190V1 Adapter Board


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... is an ultralow power digital output #MEMS #Accelerometer, it can provide a 12-bit output at 100 mg/LSB scale factor. ...

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A choice of four reduced-power modes lets users optimize power consumption in wide-ranging application scenarios. Very low noise, down to 90μg/√Hz in ...

... 1000 mV/g – High accuracy – High temperature stability – Low power (less than 700 uA typical) – 5 mm x 5 mm x 2 mm LCC package – Low cost ($5 ~ $14/pc. ...


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... with extended temperature range and AEC-Q100 qualified, and IISxxx products, that are part of ST's longevity program and will stay in production for ten ...

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AKF392B-MEMS digital output accelerometer

Its advanced, low-noise, temperature-stable design enables dependable telematics services such as e-tolling, tele-diagnostics, and e-Call assistance.

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Measured noise density level of MEMS accelerometer. | Download Scientific Diagram

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... Bluetooth 3 Axis Angle Vibration Measurement Accelerometer Gyroscope Magnetometer Module Arduinos Sensor BWT901CL For PC Android ...

... a Bluetooth Low Energy chipset, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, pressure sensor, temperature sensor, and a digital MEMS microphone.

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SEM microphotograph of fabricated MEMS accelerometer.

Sent this little #logger up on my #kite with an #accelerometer and #pressure #Sensor. It was a crazy windy day, but my eagle peaked at ~100 Meters!

Design of the enhanced Model 2220 series incorporates Silicon Designs' new proprietary high-performance MEMS chip, along with high-drive, low-impedance ...

TDK InvenSense High Accuracy, Low Power, Waterproof Barometric Pressure and Temperature Sensor IC

Gravity: I2C Triple Axis Accelerometer - LIS2DH

SparkFun Altitude/Pressure Sensor Breakout - MPL3115A2

Epson inertial measurement unit (IMU) combines a QMEMS gyroscope with a MEMS accelerometer to create the a high-precision that measures just 24-by-24-by-10 ...

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