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Lisa Congdon on Instagram To every trans gender nonbinary

Lisa Congdon on Instagram To every trans gender nonbinary


Hand lettering illustration by Lisa Congdon. Lisa Congdon on Instagram: “To every trans & gender non-binary person

Permission to Take an Intermission - Art Print

Lisa Congdon on Instagram: “Friends! Thank you for delighting me every day with

Lisa Congdon.

Our stories are so unique, so shrouded in history and super important as they underpin who we are today. When we feel unimportant, it's easy to feel as ...

Force of Nature Feature: Lisa Congdon

Meet our inaugural Friend, Lisa Congdon, and her magic stuff! 27-piece collection now live on our site! #EmilyMcDowellandFriends #LisaCongdon #Stationery ...

Who Run The World on Instagram: “Who's with me? ... 📷 @nooworks”

Protect the Vulnerable - Lisa Congdon Art

Lisa Congdon – "Permission to Take an Intermission"

Lisa Congdon (@lisacongdon) Recent Photos and Videos

hmmm how about we,,, don't identify as a literal slur,

Lyme, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Medication, and Nonbinary Trans Talk Part 2

Lisa Congdon (@lisacongdon) on Instagram: “Had to remind myself this yesterday

( snatched from @arachnethena ) this is why tucutes are harmful to the trans community

Lately I have been thinking about the many ways we get recruited into thinking that sharing

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Illustrator Lisa Congdon creates hand lettering that will give you a motivational boost. You can admire them online or own them as prints!

Sometimes you just have to draw some plants. Happy Friday, y'all.

This is my Golden Snitch Ball I painted in @spectrumnoir #aquatints from Harry Potter

Artists Illuminated: Lisa Theriault

Laura 🌹 Tags: #Gay#Lesbian#LoveIsLove#Transgender#

What's not to love about artist Lisa Congdon? Her bright, exuberant aesthetic is infused with a clear commitment to feminism and inclusion.

Wishing #peace #strength and #happiness upon us all. | Designs | Peace, Finding peace, Lisa

Pipes, Potatoes, Confetti, Squiggles, coloured pencil and ink on paper, 2018, 19.5” x 27.5”.

hmmm how about we,,, don't identify as a literal slur,

Here's a snippet of a horrifying medical experience from @breanna.pauline. Breanna is

This International Transgender Day of Visibility, check out our #TransgenderInclusion Manifesto which we launched

Diagnosing fibromyalgia by physical exam and the power of the guaifenesin protocol - Dr. Congdon and Eva of Wellacopia

Dad hat 👍🏼 Slytherin sweatshirt 👍🏼 Walk on frozen lake 👍🏼 Sunday -

I'm a non-binary jellyfish who is allergic to salt. How dare they not be inclusive. #offended #nonbinarylivesmatter #salty #iwillnotbesilent #ivehadenough ...


Quarry Query, projection mapping installation, 2019.

'Gay Glossary' launched by three creatives for Pride Month

Ashdbda---Tags~✨#art #artist #artstyle #aspiringartist #

An extract from today's book find - A Glorious Freedom: older women leading extraordinary lives

Boys have emotions just like girls.. they are people after all.. not

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Seraiah: Being Trans and Having Chronic Illness: Ehlers Danlos

Great day for a new episode! Poppers, or 'amyl' to many Australians

Pipes #spectrumnoir #metallicpencils #artsanity #arttherapy #drawinginbed #pwme #chronicillnessart #chronicillness #bedridden #instaart #spoonie #spoonieart ...

In May 2018, I simply taught myself new embroidery techniques by practicing a different type of stitch each day.”

To all my siblings in the trans community, whether you are trans male, female, intersex, non-binary, gender fluid, or even genderqueer—I love you with every ...

Inspiring Illustrations with Hand Lettering Will Give Your Brain a Motivational Boost | Illustration of all kinds | Hand lettering, Art, Lettering

Praised from the dark. Being alone on stage, you really don't see audience. The first 2 rows might be visible, however the rest is as obscured as the dark ...

in 9 hours. Download · #transgender ...

IT'S OUT!! The 2nd book of my trilogy, Alchemy's Air has been released

A year ago I was I my first gallery show! And this weekend #stitchfetish7

Honored to have attended and performed WITH @deltarae at the #womensmarch in Nashville. We got our hands dirty and we showed up early and it was encouraging ...

I Wrote in a Book and I Liked It. Gasp! Let's Discuss.

In an interview with @kehindeawofeso, @bukola_oyebode looks at the work of #KehindeAwofeso

Tubs, Nets, Slides, Piles, coloured pencil and ink on paper, 2018 19.5” x 27.5”.

Traveling With Prescriptions, Adventure, Arrests, and all the Drama

March 31st is International Transgender Day of Visibility! It's a great day to give love

Catch me performing in FEMME on Feb 14,15 & 17 alongside an incredible cast of strong, femme identifying babes as we fuck politeness and say the shit that ...

Inspiring Illustrations with Hand Lettering Will Give Your Brain a Motivational Boost

I feel like we have left mothers/birthing people behind. Even before having kids

To all cisgendered people who hear the news that Donald Trump is attempting to revoke civil rights protection from transgender people, imagine being in the ...

The Seventh and Final Chapter in my camper career has come to an end, and

#Repost @lisacongdon: Some Mary Oliver wisdom for your Friday. Sending everyone lots

Come have a Sip of Rawart!!!! .. #painting #canvas #girlsnightout #girlsnight #jaxevents #jacksonville #fridaynight #mixandmingle #wine #newbusiness #p ...

February 2019 Wrap-Up Round-Up & Giveaway

'Gay Glossary' launched by three creatives for Pride Month | Campaign US

I'm so grateful for the permission people have given me to recreate their work

@anewtide18 get @ me #Repost @oppagenda with @get_repost ・・・ Image

T O G E T H E R. Its the only way. 🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝 🖌@lisacongdon

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sorry about the weird cropping! and for any tucutes who wanna pull the “wdym

“Argyle” for day 4 of #cbpatternaday with #lisacongdon . Had not been for this challenge, I would have take time to know these traditional patterns.

Protect the Vulnerable border 12bd4 "

Treating ...

Seraiah: Being Trans And Having Chronic Illness: Ehlers Danlos Invisible Not Broken A Chronic Illness podcast

The Emotional Side of Chronic Illness a Therapists Perspective: Eva from WellaCopia Interviews Jodi Taub

Day 21/100 Inspo from a @creativebug class by @lisacongdon. I have

The Devil is a woman. 🔞VIEWERS DISCRETION IS ADVISED: A very gruesome video

One Friday Afternoon - Painting by Lisa Congdon // 3x4 feet, acrylic on wood

I just wanted to remind everyone I will be at @cfamj tonight

For whatever you are feeling today, yesterday or tomorrow, you are not alone.

A huge Thank You to everyone that came out to the opening of 'Origins'

#eyecollage • Browse images about eyecollage at Instagram-Imgrum

@lisacongdon 'ode.to.rainbows'🌈 TOO.DAMN.CUTE!

And don't forget, consent is needed every time. #consent #consentismandatory #supportsurvivors #empowersurvivors #believesurvivors #trauma #strength ...

Oh how we wished we were that flexible Thank you hugoduq for this beautiful performance on

... that everyone relates to—we interact with them in everyday life. Textiles also refer directly to clothing and the body, the politicization and policing ...


LGBTQI and all the colours of the rainbow are safe and celebrated at our salon!

Not a good sign for a Sunday morning before church...! #jennyfromcanada

Faking It: From Disability Placards To Service Dogs: Chronic Illness Podcast Invisible Not Broken A Chronic Illness podcast

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Media by s_c_e_

The other day, I posted a random tweet about how I wished there was a synopsis at the beginning of new books in a series. Based on the response I got, ...

“The greatest privilege that comes with freedom of speech is using your voice for those. “

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@anagrram is an amazing artist and cool friend, go check their work out!

Still for you . . . . . . #stillforyou #poem #poet #

Treating ...